How to Be Successful on Instagram in 7 Steps

Growing your Instagram account can feel like a lot of work, but it’s easier than you think. Being Instagram famous depends on how well you know your audience and their likes and dislikes. Having a consistent style, knowing when to post, and planning content is just the tip of the iceberg. We have asked many people about how to be successful on Instagram. We have collected information and made a list for you.

Sometimes you put in all the effort but the results are just not showing. What are we supposed to do at that time? Well, we’ve got some tips for you. One of the tips is to get real followers. Keep on reading to know more.

7 Steps on How to Be Successful on Instagram 

Instagram is always up to something new, it keeps adapting new features to compete in the social media landscape. Keep on researching and studying the new updates that are launched by the app. While keeping your social media strategy consistent. Let us help you with some tactics that will boost your presence on this platform.

High-Quality content 

Creating high-quality content is the basic rule for everyone. If your content isn’t high-quality people will less likely to watch it or spend time on your account scrolling. Moreover, Instagram also prefers high-quality content, so if you want to make your mark online you need to keep posting quality videos and images. Do not feel overwhelmed by the competition you have on Instagram, just give your best and let the algorithm do the rest.

Keep your audience engaged

The real power behind your success is your audience. If you will support your audience they will support you in return. Always be there for them, answer their questions, make them feel special by replying to them in the comments or your DMs. Engage with them, post relatable stories and questions while maintaining a consistent brand image.To increase your audience engagement you need to follow other strategies like creating your social media , for that you need high number of followers.You can easily buy Instagram followers in reasonable rates from social media services. It will make your account look more famous and more people follow and comments on posts .

Posting at the right time

Posting at the right time another key to your success, posting at mid night or after that means you’re posting when your followers are sleeping and this automatically means your content will not get the reach you’re looking for. So, instead of doing this, you need to study your analytics and post when most of your followers are online. You can also read a detailed article about what is the best time to post on instgram here:

Schedule your content in advance

Now that you have researched and found the best time for you to post on Instagram, it is time for you to start planning the content you will put out. Planning and creating content is an important part in being consistent. Have your content all ready for the eyes of the world. Now when you have all that content laid out for you account, you will not need to worry and most importantly you will be consistent.

Make (more) Reels

You must have seen Instagram flooded with reels by now. Instagram prefers short videos now, the engagement in reels have sky rocketed. We have investigated many successful accounts, and most of them got famous because one of their reels got viral. The world is feeding on video content. People are living through the experience of others just by consuming their content.

This is an important part of getting famous, making more reels will help you get into the spot light and spot light is not so bad when you want to get famous. You can also buy real views for your reel.

Show your human side

Showing yourself or a human face in a reel or story will get you 25% chance of getting a higher click through. It is not necessary to show yourself, you can also feature other people in your reel. You can also buy Instant story views for your account to increase your popularity.Show your audience what goes on in your life. People like to see behind the scenes and the creators in action.

Add text to your Reels

Adding text to your reels will make tgem accessible for people who are hard of hearing and deaf. A study has shown that 20% of the people while scrolling on Instagram keep their sounds turned off. If you add timed text to your reel it will help you get more views. You can check out how to add timed text, it will emphasize your points in a video. 

Use alt text

Alt text provides a description of what the image that you posted is about. Instagram uses AI to create alt text but you can also customize it to your needs and better results. 

Use the right hashtags

Getting you Instagram account optimized is not difficult. To optimize an account you will need to use relevant keywords in you handle, bio and name. You also need to use the right hashtags and location tags. People might skip the hashtags now but let me tell you that hashtags are still important. Having a specific niche and using hashtags related to it will help you attract like minded people/ community on Instagram. You can also create a brand hashtag, this will give you a social proof and user generated content. 

Partner with creators

If you partner up with a creator on Instagram also known and influencers they can give a boost to your Instagram account. Instagram users are always out on the hunt for new brands. Influencers already have thousands of real  followers. Which can get them brand deals and in return brands get customers. People trust influencers entirely.

Choose the right Category 

Instagram bio gives every account an option of choosing a category so people can easily find and understand what your account is about. 

Instagram has updated the tags and you can tag other people who you collaborate with just like before but enhanced tagging allows you to show the category of other accounts that you are tagging. 

Top Instagram Accounts which Are Successful 

There’s a saying that a picture is worth 1000 words. With 2 billion active users each month on Instagram, makes the platform very popular all over the world. Instagram allows brands/individuals to tell their story to the world, but these stories need to be seen. Some brands have built up a sizable following for themselves. They are marked as successful because of their real followers.

You can also get paid instagram post likes for your Instagram account to make it more famous and noticeable among other famous accounts. There are brands like Nike, Adidas, Instagram itself, Cristiano Ronaldo they have over 200 million followers. Having this many followers seems unreal for some but brands can reach a higher audience by working with other brands and influencers.

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With so many successful accounts in each category it is hard to list only a few. You can not only count followers to judge the success because Instagram accounts with more followers belong to celebrities and they get their followers because of their status. People who have made themselves a brand on their own without any influence are the real successful individuals on Instagram.

Khaby Lame

Khaby lame began posting videos on tik tok and then Instagram, he made short comedy skits that pointed out people who made things more complicated. He has over 70 million followers on Instagram and 140 million plus followers on tiktok.

Addison Rae

Addison Rae is an American social media star, she makes beauty and dancing videos. She first posted dancing videos on tiktok and became famous. She now has a comfortable following on Instagram as well, she has over 40 million followers on Instagram.

Emma Chamberlain 

Emma chamberlain first started her YouTube in her teen years. She won the streamy awards in 2018 and was in top 25 most influential people on the internet in time magazine.

Logan Paul

Logan Paul is an American internet personality, he started his journey in 2013 Logan Paul used to make film and upload funny content. When he started receiving success he got into acting and signed as a guest star on Law and Order. He also has a boxing career and keeps people updated on Instagram about his next move.


Gaining success anywhere in life or social media takes time, a good strategy, and a consistent pattern that works. Without these it will be very hard to reach your goal. As long as you want online success you will have to do what we have stated. You need consistent high-quality content for you beloved audience.

Engage with like minded people and your audience, keep a check on trends, what’s new and what isn’t cool anymore. While these things are very important for anyone with an online platform it is also true that things and experiences are different for everyone. So study your analytics and go get the success you’ve been wanting for  so long.

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