6 Tips to Get More TikTok Likes – Know How to Get More Likes on Tiktok 

Social media has been an exceptionally excellent tool for acquiring money and Tiktok has become the leading app for the creators to earn a luxurious livelihood. It is also one of the most popular apps in the world right now. There are approximately 1677 million users on Tiktok and in 2021 it was the most visited site, taking over Google as well. Gaining Tiktok views escalates the chances of one getting recognized. This leads to more fame and thus more money from this platform. 

Getting likes on tiktok is not easy and you need to know appropriate strategies, smart hacks, and methods to find a way to increase likes on your TikTok content. There are many ways to increase TikTok likes organically however simple hacks can lead to successful results on TikTok in less time like buying tiktok services which includes paid likes, views and followers.If you want quick results and instant followers, increasing TikTok followers to enhance the growth rate of your account is a great idea.  In this article, we will answer how to get more likes on TikTok smoothly and without any complexity.

When you increase the number of your likes, it expands your audience thus attracting views and increasing more TikTok followers to your content on TikTok. When your engagement accelerates, Tiktok takes notice of your account and you make money if you have monetized your content. As a creator, if you are uploading countless videos every day and using hashtags yet still no progress comes then you need to dive into the truth about increasing TikTok likes which we will discuss below.

How Much Tik Tok Pays?

Creators can make millions on Tiktok however it depends on multiple factors such as the number of followers, likes, views, and engagement rate. TikTok does not give data explaining how much the platform pays per likes, followers, or views but it has pushed forward two programs to appreciate the creator’s work.

  • Creators Fund
  • Creativity Program Beta

Creators Fund

Tiktok introduced Tiktok Creator fund in 2021 which is a program specifically set to encourage and appreciate creators on the platform. It aims to give the creators money based on their engagement, growth, views and number of likes they have gained on their content. Tiktok itself refuses to disclose the amount of money given to the creators, however, some of the influencers have stated that tiktok pays $20-$40 for million views

Tiktok Creator Fund lets you earn money but in order to do so you also need to increase your likes. It is because you need a minimum of 10,000 followers. If you gain likes, you open the doors to invite more followers which can lead to being eligible for this fund from Tiktok.

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Creativity Program Beta

This program was launched to pay creators for tiktok likes and views to creators. Creators Fund did not satisfy the creators as the sum of money paid was less which led to heavy criticism of the platform. Creativity Program Beta is meant to “generate high revenue potential” according to Tiktok. It aims to pay creators more money than creators’ funds had promised. This program is new and the platform has not released any data on how much it pays. 

Despite Tiktok not disclosing this crucial information, there are certain estimations and reports placed forward by observing multiple influencers which we will discuss below:

According to Demandsage research,

Tips To Get More TikTok Likes

Tiktok likes are the driving force for creators to become successful and gain more interactions. In order to know about the tips on how to get more likes on tiktok, we must know how the tiktok algorithm works and why it is important to accelerate the likes on this platform.

1- Understanding Tiktok’s Algorithm 

TikTok calculates the importance of a tiktok account via the data obtained from For You Feeds on the platform. What shows on For You Feeds determines the algorithm of Tiktok. In short, it is a worthy accomplishment if your video shows up on the For You page. 

It’d mean that now you are being recognised. Moreover, it would demonstrate your potential in front of a wider audience leading to a number of likes and followers rushing towards your content. This is why it is important to appear on the For You Feeds.

Tiktok counts the number of interactions in order to show your content on For You Feeds. It looks at how much accounts interact with your content, your engagement rate and a number of followers and likes. Let’s look at some tips that can assist in increasing likes on your tik tok content. 

  • Explore TikTok Creative Centre
  • Buying TikTok Likes
  • Improve Your Hashtag Game
  • Keyword Insights
  • The Magic of the Popular Music Sound

2 – Explore TikTok Creative Center

In order to gain tik tok likes, it is crucial to be aware of the ongoing trends on Tiktok. Getting on trends will uplift your account and help it get recognised. For instance, a new tiktok trend could be about friends shopping in a grocery store and taking multiple pictures.

 As a creator, your work is to be cognisant of time and make a video regarding the ongoing trend before it fades away. Trends come and go quickly so if you fail to make the video in time it would be no use to your Tik Tok account. This is when the importance of the TikTok creative center shines through. 

  1. The creative center has lined up ongoing trends from 7 days to 30 days. Furthermore, you can search by sorting through likes, comments etc. 
  2. You can change the location of the country to see trends in your or some other country.
  3. You can discover new trends through hashtags which have a separate section on the top. 
  4. You can also search trends by the name of your favorite creators and popular songs.

3 – Buying TikTok Likes

People tend to listen and pay more attention to people with more likes as gaining likes serves as a social proof. Every like on your page establishes and enhances your identity on the platform which is why increasing tik tok likes is important. A great way to enhance the number of likes on your TikTok account is buying authentic tiktok likes from a genuine site. 

Buyrealfollows offer real and fast tik tok likes that will be delivered to you in a short time. Buy TikTok likes from buyrealfollows as it promises to assist the creators in amplifying the image of their accounts.  You can also gain tiktok followers and views from this authentic site to increase your engagement as well. 

4 – Improve Your Hashtag Game

One of the smartest ways to gain TikTok likes is by knowing which hashtags to add and when to add them in your content. Hashtags regulate the content and help uplift the videos on the top. Use Hashtags that are already popular for instance #funny #TikTok4fun #viral etc. 

These will ensure that your video ends up in the top viral videos on Tik Tok and gains a great number of likes. However, this is not enough to get likes, views, and better engagement. 

Creators should also know how to insert relatable hashtags in order to attract tiktok users to their page. For instance, if your video is regarding makeup and fashion then hashtags should be related to fashion such as #makeup #streetstyle #homebeautyhacks etc.  

5 – Keyword Insights

Keywords play a significant role in regulating your content and it’s the duty of keywords to ensure that your content appears on For You feeds. In the Creative Centre of Tiktok, you can also find a keyword searching tool. It has separate sections for keywords organized by country, industry, and keyword type as well. 

For instance, if you want to search for a keyword popular in Australia regarding beauty products then this will list the most popular keywords that you can use in your videos. This will also assist in gaining followers however that can take a long time.

6- The Magic of the Popular Music Sound

One of the smartest tips to increase tiktok likes is by using the most popular song at that time. Social media is all about trends and the creators who align their content according to the trends skyrocket to the top of the algorithm. Tiktok music has revolutionized the music industry as well. 

Most of musical artists tend to make music to appease tiktok audience as it is more likely that a song gains success fast through tiktok. A Global entertainment study in 2021 highlighted that tiktok was 2.5 x more likely to lead people to discover new music

When a song goes a bit viral, the creators hop on trends and gain interaction. For instance, a new trend using a particular sound and makeup style goes viral and you would see the creators hopping on the trend. There would be a surge of creators making the same content. 

This is because trends have limited time, they come and go. A creator can use the popular sound at the time and use it to their advantage. 

Tiktok sounds are not only music but also dialogues, either original or trimmed parts from movies etc. When such sounds go popular, creators use their imagination and make their content more creative. There is a lot of inclination towards the use of popular sounds because 1 out of 3 viral tiktok videos focused on a person speaking in the first 3 seconds. 


In this article, we have explained the tips, tricks, and hacks in order to answer how to get more likes on tiktok. We have detailed multiple tips that can ensure that you gain more tiktok likes in a short period of time. Additionally, we have discussed tiktok creative Center so you can have an easy and comprehensible guide before you work towards gaining more tik tok likes. 

Understanding these tricks and the perfect time to apply them is important as well. We hope that this article will help you maximize your tiktok likes and gain greater engagement for your account on Tiktok.  

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