How to Get Likes on YouTube: Legitimate Tips

YouTube is an undoubtedly famous and valuable social media that has not once lost its appeal. It has been utilized for education, health, entertainment, and knowledge purposes, free of cost for many years. YouTube carries 2.70 billion active users and out of these 122 million people visit youtube website every month. There are 51 million channels on Youtube. A lot of people invest their time and effort to earn money via Youtube. Creators make content and build a perfect audience that can genuinely interact with them and eventually help them gain recognition and good earning. Increased youtube views and likes are the main key to great engagement and growth which can help rank your content to the top. In this article, we will extensively discuss how to get likes on YouTube and tips to enhance the overall growth rate of your channel.

Youtube has given giant and evident platforms to many creators, musicians, artists, bloggers. Most importantly, this social media has unbolted unique opportunities that have been and still are available to common man. Moreover, it has altered countless lives and helped people to settle in a short amount of time by making good youtube videos. 

Tips to Get More Likes on Youtube

Accelerated likes on youtube can change the entire image of your Youtube account and make you stand out on the platform. People tend to quickly click on videos that have the most likes in comparison with videos with lesser likes. It’s human psychology to go with videos that appear appealing and have more interactions. This is due to the reason that increased likes serve as social proof and reflect that a good number of people have agreed with the content in the video. This is why increasing likes on YouTube matters. Below, we will discuss the significant and good tips to get likes on youtube

  • Strengthen Your Keyword Game
  • Time Stamp Convenience
  • Convincing Titles and Thumbnails
  • Buying Youtube Likes
  • Hashtags and Links
  • Captions/ Translation

Strengthen Your Keyword Game

Youtube is not only a social media platform but also the second largest and most powerful search engine on the internet. The right keyword serves as a perfect strategy that will surely get you ranked in a short amount of time. There are two places where you must use keywords:

  1. Title Keywords
  2. Description Keywords
  3. How to Find Keywords

Title Keywords

Title keywords hold great importance because it makes your video appear on the main page when someone searches for the similar content. Youtube is a rich app and its users consume 1 billion hours of videos on youtube almost everyday according to 2023 study. You can imagine that a big amount of people would be looking for the content and there will definitely be a serious competition. Your video can be spectacular however it can fail to show up on the user’s screen if you don’t use the right keywords.

For instance, your video is about Ocean discoveries, then you need to find the best hashtags and add them in your title. The title is the first thing that a user would be looking at when they add their keyword in the search. If your keyword title matches with their keyword then it will be a success. Moreover, be creative with your titles and ensure that you catch user’s attention so they click on your content right away.

Description Keywords

Titles are not the only thing that matters when it comes to increasing likes and gaining more subscribers on YouTube. The description of your YouTube video is also significant and deserves your utter attention. In your YouTube’s description, be creative and concise as you have a limit of 5,000 characters. Use the best keywords that seamlessly attract not only the audience but also search engines so your video can get ranked. 

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How to Find Keywords

  • Utilize Youtube Search: First, the youtube search engine serves as a built-in tool that can show you the list of what people are searching for or what is trendy. For instance, you can type the best poem or rhymes in the search bar and it will list the most searched keywords. By choosing one of them, you can see a list of videos and their titles mentioning the specific keywords. You can pick out the best of the keywords from youtube search and add them in your tiles and description for optimisation purposes. 
  • Keyword Tool Dominator: Keyword Tool Dominator is a tool that can list the most searched keywords on youtube for you. You can adjust some settings and add a filter which will help you discover the best keyword to use for your youtube title and description. Let’s take an example of ASMR, a list of most searched and famous asmr will open up when you type it in the given space. You can select the country as well. 

Time Stamp Convenience

In order to increase your likes on your youtube content, as a creator you need to understand that the viewer is dependent on you for entertainment, education etc. Additionally, it is your duty to make your content convenient, reachable and understable for your audience. Creators who care about their audience and put in effort for their ease surely get better results. For instance, time stamps are beneficial for many youtube viewers as they could be students with a particular interest, professionals who want to save time or even just a regular viewer who wishes to see only what interests him/her. 

Clicking on time stamps can save people’s precious time and provide them knowledge in a short period. This is a convenient feature that you can provide to your audience which can lead to people being grateful for effort and liking your content eventually. Let’s take this example of an ASMR video that has stamps. Using stamps can be of great help and viewers would like your content if you can provide them with any kind of ease. 

Convincing Titles and Thumbnails

When a viewer is looking for a video that can answer the query in his mind or entertain him/her, it is much likely that he/she would go with attractive/interesting thumbnails. When a viewer types their topic in the search bar, YouTube shows a list of videos that the platform has collected via optimization and ranking. These videos are the best searched and most popular content. The viewer would rather click and like an interesting topic name and thumbnail rather than one that lacks creativity and knowledge. This is why it is important to pay attention to your thumbnails.

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The psyche behind clicking pretty and satisfying thumbnails is that as humans we tend to get attracted to what the videos can offer. Thumbnails are visual summaries of your videos and if you wish to increase youtube views and likes on your video you must be creative with your thumbnails and titles. 

Buying Youtube Likes

One of the quickest ways to increase your likes on YouTube is by buying them from an authentic and genuine site. It is important to ensure that the site from where you decide to buy your likes promises authenticity and efficiency of their services. You can buy instant YouTube likes from Buyrealfollows, a site that extends the opportunity to gain authentic engagement for your youtube channel. 

Hashtags and Links

In addition to creating good titles and thumbnails, hashtags and links can ensure that your content regulates and gains as much interaction as possible. In order to understand the importance of hashtags, you must know that the youtube algorithm holds great importance. It is the algorithm that ranks your videos and makes them appear in recommendations of other users but how can that work for you?

Hashtags: The answer is in using the right hashtags. The hashtags will make your content appear in the list for the audience you wish to entertain. There are many tools on the internet that can help generate hashtags for you such as Wordstream. This tool is quick and easy to use. You just have to add your topic or a keyword and it will provide you a list of most efficient and popular keywords. Below, there is a description of a Youtube channel that has perfectly placed relevant hashtags at the end of the description.

Links: Another great tip to get likes on youtube is by making a list of relevant links. This requires a close examination and understanding about what your audience wants and what it is looking forward to. For instance, if you make hour-long travel videos and receive comments praising your work mostly in winter then you can note this point. In the description, you can add links related to travel videos in rain from your channel. A person who loves your content and wants more would find it convenient to click on the link in description to see more of your work. This is a smart promotion move that can help you gain likes on youtube. 

Captions/ Translation

As we mentioned before, making your content accessible can help you gain likes and undoubtedly increased engagement. Putting captions and subtitles on your videos is a great way to ensure your audience that our account is not restricted to one group of people. It also shows that you are concerned about your audience and care about their feedback on your content. This is well received by youtube users and 80 percent of people prefer video switch subtitles. Hence, if your video appears among videos of the same content but lack subtitles then there is a great chance that people would like your videos.

Another important reason why you should use captions is because there are people who have trouble with hearing, thus captions help. Moreover, when you translate videos, it helps in ranking. It is important to keep in mind that more than 60 percent of people on youtube are non english speakers, so if you want to get their likes, you need to cater to their needs as well. When you do this, it will give a greater number of likes hence the youtube algorithm will rank you higher. 


In this article, we have aimed to give a detailed explanation about the importance of youtube likes and how you can gain them. We have presented the best and most reliable tricks and tips about how to get likes on youtube. Further, through examples and by mentioning the best tools, we have shown that gaining likes on youtube is easy if one understands how to attract the audience. We hope that this article will be of great help.

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