Best Instagram Trending Hashtags 2023 To Get More Likes 

Hashtags are considered to be the base for your marketing strategy because they can add leaps and bounds to your marketing strategy by getting you visibility in the most underrated way. Instagram trending hashtags are a vital source to get your insta content to go viral or get seen by a massive audience on Instagram.

Some trending Instagram hashtags are –

  1.  #foodporn
  2. #motivation
  3. #followforfollow
  4. #sunset
  5. #beach
  6. #model
  7. #instagood

Choosing which hashtags to use on your insta post is a tricky task. You can’t randomly choose any trending hashtags to use on your Instagram posts to increase the number of likes. There should be relevancy in your content and the hashtags that you are using.

Using irrelevant hashtags can get you a lot of audiences that are not interested in your content or product, and it can badly affect your overall engagement rate on your profile or Instagram content. So it’s better to research the hashtags that are relevant to the market product.

Let’s take a simple example; if your content is related to food photography then you must use trending hashtags that are related to food pics like #foodcam,#foodphotogrpahy, #foodporn #foodie #foodgram to gain more viewer engagement.

Using these relevant hashtags will make your post appear in the search results of those users who are interested in food content, and there is a 90% chance that your post will be discovered by the relevant audience and you will get positive engagement on your account.

To use Instagram hashtags properly so they can get you a lot of positive engagement on your content you need to know how they work and how you can choose these hashtags for your content. Hashtags are simply the combination of letters, words, and emojis, and using these hashtags gives the ultimate boost to your content. 

How Instagram trending hashtags 2023 Works? 

The algorithm of Instagram decides which hashtags are most popular at a time by checking the number of posts that are appearing on that specific hashtag. The more the posts on a hashtag, the more trending hashtag it will become.

To find out which Instagram hashtag is famous right now you can simply follow these steps 

  1. Write famous hashtags on Instagram search bars and it will show you multiple options like  “ #instagood ” or “#instagoodtoday”.  If you search for one of these tags on your Instagram search tab, related trending hashtags will appear for you.
  1. Then you can simply click on the hashtags to check which posts are getting viral on these hashtags.
  1. After that, you can use any of these trending hashtags under the caption of your post, which you want to get trending.

But keep in mind that the trending hashtags do not remain the same throughout the year, a particular hashtag remains trending for some time and then a new insta hashtag becomes famous. some hashtags trends only on special events like #christmas, #eid, #holi, #blackfriday because these are the hashtags that are massively used by influencers or marketers in getting more likes on insta posts or to sell their products by converting users into buyers.

Top Instagram Trending Hashtags for 2023

Using top Instagram hashtags under your post can give a boost to your insta post and help you to get more followers and authentic likes because a post with a trending hashtag receives a 12.6 % engagement rate than those posts which are without any hashtags (source)

Here are some of the most trending hashtags for 2023 and why they are famous from time to time.

1 –  #mentalhealthawareness 

For the past few years, people are more focused on their mental health issues and promoting self-awareness among people and using Instagram as a medium for that is quite an effective way to inspire people. Many influencers used these hashtags in their relevant content in the past 2 years, according to the report of Hootsuite these specific hashtags are being used for than 500 million times by Instagram users.

2- #fitness 

As now people are more inclined toward health and fitness nowadays, hashtags related to fitness are being used by fitness influencers and other marketers who are promoting fitness products. #fitness is being used over 470 million times over the past year.

3- #photooftheday 

These hashtags are mostly used by photographers to showcase their best work on Instagram. This hashtag is used by 800 million people over time and is at the top of the list of Instagram trending hashtags in 2023.

4- #instagood 

This hashtag is a general category hashtag and you can use this in any of your Instagram posts to make it get more likes and get more Instagram followers.

4 – #tbt or #throwbackthursday 

This hashtag is mostly used by Genz because its a slang that is used to share old pics or nostalgic moments with their friends and followers. This hashtag is used by 581 Million users on Instagram.

5- #vegan 

With the increased popularity of vegan foods and vegan-free products, this hashtag has been trending on Instagram for the past 2 years. there are over 126 million posts that are trending on this hashtag. 

Top 2023 Instagram Trending Hashtags by Category

Using the right hashtags can get you a lot of views on Instagram reels and pics. If your niche or category is related to some specific food, brand, or service then you must use relevant hashtags for your posts to get viral. We are going to mention some of the trending hashtags for different categories.

  • Hashtags for Food 
  • Hashtags for Likes and Follow
  • Hashtags for Fashion 
  • Hashtags for Travelling
  • Hashtags for Tech 
  • Hashtags for Weddings 
  • Hashtags for Fitness
  • Hashtags for Small business 
  • Hashtags for Music 
  • Hashtags for Nature 
  • Hashtags for Instagram Reels 

Hashtags for FOOD 

  1. #foodcam
  2. #foodblogger
  3. #foodie
  4. #foodporn
  5. #foodvideo
  6. #foodcoma
  7. #foodculture
  8. #foodstagram 
  9. #foodgram
  10. #foodlover 
  11. #foodvlogger                                       

Hashtags for Likes and Follow 

  1. #followforfollow
  2. #likesforlikes
  3. #instalikes
  4. #instafollows
  5. #l4l#f4f
  6. #tagsforlikes
  7. #doubletap
  8. #follow4like
  9. #spam4spam

Hashtags for Fashion 

  1. #instafashion
  2. #lifestyle
  3. #fashioninspo
  4. #styleicon
  5. #styleinspo
  6. #ootd
  7. #lookgoodfeelgood
  8. #fashionista
  9. #fashiondive
  10. #whatiwore
  11. #fashiongram
  12. #grwm

Hashtags for Travelling

  1. #travel
  2. #instatravel
  3. #travelphotography
  4. #travelgram
  5. #wanderlust
  6. #instatrave
  7. #travelblogger
  8. #exploring
  9. #nature 
  10. #adventure

Hashtags for Tech 

  1. #instatech 
  2. #gadgetsgalore
  3. #android 
  4. #VR
  5. #makelifeeasier
  6. #technews
  7. #techreview
  8. #techgeek
  9. #techworld
  10. #futuretech 

Hashtags for weddings 

  1. #weddingphotograpghy 
  2. #bride
  3. #bridalphotos 
  4. #weddingdresses
  5. #weddinginspiration
  6. #prewedding
  7. #bridalshower 
  8. #indianwedding

Hashtags for Fitness

  1.  #instafitness
  2. #healthiswealht
  3. #ketodiet
  4. #ketofitness 
  5. #musclebuilding
  6. #workout
  7. #gymfortheday
  8. #crossfit
  9. #fitnessmotivation 

Hashtags for small business

  1. #supportbusiness
  2. #startup
  3. #smallbusiness
  4. #homemade
  5. #enterpenurerlife
  6. #handmade
  7. #supportsmallbusiness
  8. #smallbusinesssupport
  9. #localbusiness
  10. #smallbusinessowner

Hashtags for Music 

  1. #instmusic
  2. #musiclover
  3. #musicofrsoul
  4. #musicislife
  5. #musicofinstagram
  6. #instamusicians
  7. #pop
  8. #dj
  9. #newmusic
  10. #musicvideo

Hashtags for Nature 

  1. #naturephotography 
  2. #wildlife
  3. #naturelove
  4. #instanature
  5. #naturegrapghy 
  6. #hiking
  7. #mountains
  8. #explore
  9. #outdoor
  10. #naturelover
  11. #forest

Hashtags for Instagram Reels

  1. #instareels
  2. #trendingreels
  3. #instamusic
  4. #instatredingreels
  5. #reelsofinstagram
  6. #fyp
  7. #foryoupage
  8. #instagrmareels
  9. #reelsteady

Hashtags for Instagram Contents 

  1. #instacontests
  2. #giveaway
  3. #instagiveaway
  4. #instacontestalert
  5. #wininstacontest
  6. #wincontest 
  7. #freebie
  8. #instafreebie

Top Instagram Hashtag Generators for You 

  • Sistrix 
  • In fact 
  • Influencer Marketing Hub 

Whether you are an influencer or marketer, finding 6 or 20 trending hashtags for your posts is a time-consuming process, and even autocorrect doesn’t fix the spelling mistakes in hashtags. You can ask any social media manager and they will tell you it’s their least favorite task to do so. 

But there is plenty of hashtags generator for you on the market to make your life easier .here are some of the most popular Instagram hashtag generators which can make your Instagram marketing process easier.

1- Sistrix

This is an easy tool to find up to 30 hashtags for a single query. you just have to put a query in the search bar and you will get multiple options for trending hashtags for specific niches.


It is free for up to only 25 queries, after that, you have to register yourself on


inflact is a feasible tool that is used to generate Instagram trending hashtags 2023 .you just need to put a keyword in the search option and it will give a list of different hashtags with the same keywords.Inflact presents keywords in 3 different categories frequent, average, and rare.

It also gives you organic hashtags for your posts to make them appear in more search results on Instagram.


It can only generate 30 hashtags per search, which may not be enough for some users 

Influencer marketing hub 

Influencer marketing hub is a famous marketing tool platform, one of the tools that are offered by them is Instagram hashtag is the most fun to use because instead of putting keywords into the search bar, you just need to upload the photo and it will give you relevant trending hashtags on Instagram.

After uploading pics it gives a list of keywords and then you have to select 5 relevant keywords of your choice. After selecting keywords it gives a list of hashtags based on your chosen keywords.


It may dont generate very specific niche-related keywords which some users find annoying.

Types of Instagram Hashtags

Using Instagram trending hashtags 2023 in your post or reel gives a boost to your Instagram profiles and instead of buying reel views on insta, just use relevant hashtags for exposure. Every category has its trending hashtags, before using any hashtag make do your research or you can use the above-mentioned hashtags generator for fast delivery.

There are 4 main types of Instagram hashtags that you should use before starting your page on Instagram as a marketer or influencer.

  1. Branded hashtags 
  2. Community hashtags 
  3. Location hashtags 
  4. Campaign hashtags 

Branded hashtags 

These hashtags are specifically used by different brands who are trying to promote their products and business on Instagram. Using relevant hashtags under the description of your products or services is a great way to reach a relevant audience. According to a Hootsuite study, brands that use relevant Instagram trending hashtags in 2023  will receive more likes and followers on their Instagram accounts than those who don’t use them.

Examples of branded hashtags are #svestonwatches used by the Sveston watch brand, and #hudabeauty used by the famous makeup brand Huda Beauty. you can create your own Brad’s hashtags and use them under your posts to make them go viral and trending on the Explore page. 

Community hashtags

These are the hashtags that are famous within specific niches or communities. using these hashtags gives you engagement from like-minded audiences. For example, #foodblogger this hashtag is used 90% of the time by food bloggers on Instagram. This hashtag indicated that it is related to a specific niche and specific audience , of course, you can use the Foodblogger hashtag on any pic, it should be related to food and blogging. 

Same  #ketodiet hashtag is specifically used by people who are promoting keto diet products or keto meals. 

  Location hashtags 

These type of hashtags allows marketers and users of the same location to connect. if you want your content to rank in a specific region, country, or city then you will have to use location-based hashtags to reach the relevant audience. A prime examples of these location hashtags are 

#bali and #lifeinbali, these hashtags are used by the users who visit this place or by those who want to promote their travel business in a specific place through Instagram.

If you search about life in Bali you will see millions of posts related to this, and there is a high chance those posts will get more likes than any other pics or reels with nonrelevant hashtags.

Campaign hashtags

These hashtags are seasonal, campaign hashtags are created or used by brands and influencers to promote the campaign for their new products.

For example 

#icebucketchallenge; this hashtag was generated to give awareness about the ALS condition and to generate donations for people who are suffering from this disease and this campaign raised over $200 million worldwide. 

4 Tips for Using Hashtags on Instagram

Using hashtags with proper strategy can boost your insta profile super easily, to use Instagram hashtags in an effective manner here are 4 main tips to follow;

Make Research

 before putting any hashtags under your post, do proper research about the hashtags. Check the relevancy and popularity of the Instagram trending hashtags 2023 that you are going to use. 

Use a Mixture of Hashtags

Using a mixture of hashtags that are relevant to your niche and also broad can help you get a more authentic and relevant audience who is interested in your content. broad hashtags are like #food #recipe and specific hashtags are #ketorecipes and #veganfood, a mixture of these types of hashtags can put your content in trending posts on Instagram.

Create Branded Hashtags 

Being a marketer and influencer it will be a great initiative for you to create your own branded hashtags to promote your services and products. Collab with other influencers and marketers to promote your branded hashtags. Another way to promote your branded hashtags is by creating a giveaway contest on your Instagram page. Collaborating and Giveaway alerts do wonders for brands and services on Instagram.

Read this detailed article about The Ultimate Guide to Using Instagram Hashtags to Grow Your Followers

Place Hashtags Strategically 

Don’t just put hashtags in your post’s caption. strategically use them, there is an update in the Instagram features according to which you can add relevant hashtags under the comment section and pin it. It will look more natural and gives you more likes and engagement.


As hashtags on any social media help you to get found by the wider audience which is authentic and relevant and as we are in 2023 and everything on social media is so competitive, it is very important to adapt to new trends and strategies for your Instagram content. Using trending hashtags for making your content go viral is not as easy a task as it seems. You need to be more creative and use those hashtags that look natural under your posts.

There are a variety of hashtag generator tools available online which can give you results in seconds and also we have mentioned above different hashtags according to each category. We are hoping this article will help you to make your content stand out on Instagram.


What hashtags are trending right now on Instagram?

#love and #instagood are the most trending hashtags right now o Instagram.

What are the top 5 hashtags on Instagram?

#love, #instagood, #fashion, #photooftheday, and #photography are the top 5 hashtags on Instagram that are widely utilized all over the world.

What hashtag gets the most likes?

#love and #photooftheday get the most likes as people use these tags to display their everyday life with their families and friends etc.

How do you find the most trending hashtag on Instagram?

One of the ways to find the most trending hashtags on Instagram is by finding famous influencers and checking the hashtags on their posts. Secondly, keep up with trends so your explore page can show you the most trending hashtags which you can use for yourself as well.

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