How To Get More Views On TikTok ? – 6 Tips To Increase TikTok Views

With billions of active users and being one of the top social media platforms in the world, TikTok also provides an active opportunity for its users to become creators and earn thousands of dollars a month. The only way you can start earning on TikTok is to get views and engagement from other users. 

TikTok has worked in mysterious ways into changing people’s lives with just a video, people going viral, and their businesses booming with orders overnight, there have been some amazing success stories on this platform. You must be wondering how to get more views on TikTok so you can also be one of those successful people. In this article, we have answered your question thoroughly. 

What Counts as a TikTok View?

Every social media platform measures its views differently. Youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok views are measured differently; we know that if someone watches Thirty seconds of a video it is counted as a view. However on TikTok, the very first-second the video starts it counts as a view. It is relatively easier to gain views on tiktok and harder on other social media platforms. 

Stop wondering how to get more TikTok views and let me tell you the second you open tiktok and start recording, the very millisecond your video starts on tiktok is counted as a view. Every time someone re-watches or replays your video it is counted as a view, there is no limit on it.

6 Tips to get views on TikTok Videos

  •  How to Optimize Content

Increasing tiktok views is important as it can positively enhance the engagement rate of your tiktok account. SEO can help significantly with gaining views on tiktok. All social media platforms have some kind of Seo standards that mean a lot in going viral and being successful on social media. TikTok optimization includes a bit of technical SEO. 

Different social media platforms use different optimization strategies but the basics are always the same. SEO is used to improve and increase a platform’s viability. To know how to get more TikTok views there is no short way, you have to build a profile, based on long-term actions and activities. Your main goal is to get your content ranked and to do that you have to learn TikTok seo. Make sure that you update your information, upload good content, and do not violate tiktok community guidelines. You can always buy more TikTok followers to complement your profile.

  • TikTok SEO

As I explained a little bit above how optimization works. Let’s get into it a little further, with the growing digital age we see how keywords and analytics play an important part in the optimization of your content. People have started using TikTok as a search engine, Research has shown that more than 40% of people search on TikTok to decide where they want to eat. 

So, how do we know what TikTok likes and dislikes? Thankfully TikTok has shared TikTok likes and dislikes in detail. TikTok appreciates user interactions, infographics, and settings that show preferences like language, country, device, and all. TikTok will only let you go further if you have good engagement, any amount of ranking doesn’t do any good only engagement does. 

  • Make short videos

Making short-to-the-point videos is better for creators these days. Videos that are longer than a minute make the audience become stressed and they tend to skip the video. This can give a message to the algorithm that they are not interested in the video. 

The best-performing videos on TikTok are shorter than 1 minute. These videos receive more engagement and attract more audiences. 

  • Follow top trends asap

When I say act in milliseconds, I mean show in milliseconds. As soon as you see a new trend that pulls you towards it, hop on it. Tons of people watch trending videos on TikTok that are made on treading sounds or even trending filters. Always remember to give it a touch of your personality to make it stand out in the audience. Always keep a mentality of “How should I make the video look interesting and more like me?” 

  • Make reaction videos

Making reaction videos are a great way to communicate and vocalize your opinions to society. You can share your opinions about the videos you’re reacting to. Sometimes you don’t have new content to post and have no time to lay out a whole new idea. That is the time when making reaction videos is perfect. 

  • Add Keywords to Your Caption

Optimizing content has a massive impact on a user’s account. Writing relevant captions and adding relevant keywords seriously make you discoverable on the app. You can narrow down to keywords that relate to you by the topic of your video, the location, trending sounds, and hashtags. All these things will bring you into the limelight. 

Why is getting maximum TikTok views essential?

Getting maximum views on TikTok indicates that people like your content and want to see it more. Having more views indicates that your videos will have more exposure and a larger audience. Once you start reaching a wide range of audiences TikTok acts in your favor and it starts to promote your content that is gaining somewhat traction on its own and lands your video on the “For You” page. 

This creates many monetization opportunities for creators. Brands reach out to creators who have gotten their videos on For You page for collaborations and brand promotions. 

How to take help from TikTok analytics 

TikTok analytics are divided into three different categories: overview, content, and followers. 

  1. In the overview section, you will be able to see how much your account has grown, how many followers you have, video views, profile views, shares, comments, and all that kind of stuff. An overview shows what tricks work for you and which ones don’t. It helps you to increase your tiktok followers.
  1. For deeper insights you can check out the content tab, it shows extended analytics for every video you post. You can see how many views you have gotten in that video, how many people watched the full video, and how many skipped it. Which countries are watching your videos, the source of viewers, and all that good stuff you need for keeping a tab?

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  1. The last one will help you in checking your community, and the followers you have gained on your TikTok. This is important because it will help you understand what type of content you should make, and it shows the age of your followers, and what countries they are from. This information can help you create content that can resonate with your audience and give your account a boost. 

How much TikTok pays on 1k likes

TikTok has updated its Creativity program and made remarkable positive changes. TikTok normally pays $0.02 to 0.04 per one thousand views. This payment is from the TikTok monetization scheme, Creators can earn through branded content also. Typically a brand can pay $100 to $200 per post, to an influencer who has 1000 followers. 

The beta program is for United state TikTok creators who have at least 10000 followers and 100k views in the past 30 days are eligible for it. Tiktok pays 500 dollars for 1 Million views. There are more rewards for people who have kept their views consistent, and over time the payment also increases. 

Most Viewed videos on TikTok

TikTok hit the heights of success during covid when everyone was indoors and bored out of their heads. People started showcasing their creativity and talents, which were appreciated by the consumers. TikTok made everything fun people could jump on a dance challenge, sing covers, and get noticed by the artists. However there are a few videos that are the most liked videos on TikTok, and everyone loves them. 

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Bella Porch’s lip-syncing to M to the B’s

This is the most-viewed video on TikTok to this date. Bella Porch made a video with cute faces and bobbling her head to the song and people went crazy. Her video has gotten 61.1 million likes on TikTok. Since then she has become very famous, she is a social media personality and a singer. 

Khaby Lame Banana peeling video 

The video of Khaby Lame became viral where he can be seen showing another person how a banana should be peeled. His idea was to show that people make things complicated when they are not. This video has more than 38 million views and likes. 

Franek Bielak “Lips Drawing” 

TikTok doesn’t only promote dances and lip-sync videos. It also promotes real talent. This art piece took over 24 hours to complete and Franek Bielak documented it all. It turned out to be an amazing piece. His video has over 51 million likes. 

Can we buyTikTok likes?

Yes, you can buy real TikTok views, different sites sell TikTok views. Many people have bought TikTok views. Many celebrities and top influencers on social media have also bought views to help them get brand deals and more exposure. 


If you want to boost your TikTok Views then you must apply a combination of creative content and strategic techniques. TikTok gives opportunities to users to earn recognition and money through the platform and to do that you need to follow and understand the dynamics of this platform. Keyword research, content optimization, following trends with a hint of your personality, and communicative captions are the way to success. 

TikTok SEO will help you get recognized and you will receive encouraging user interactions on your page. Gaining a high number of views shows that people are interested in your content, if this is not the case then you need to alter your strategies to receive more views. 

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