How to Update Instagram on an iPhone or Android? – 5 Steps Get Valuable Insights

Instagram is one of the most famous and leading apps in the present world of social media.  With technology advancing at the speed of light, Instagram introduces new features and updates its system. These updates are important as they align with leading trends and help users utilize Instagram to its full potential. Updating your Instagram can save you from system bugs, ensure security and also introduce new tools. Android and iPhone have different ways to install new updates. In this article, we will discuss how to update Instagram both on Android and iPhone.

1.138 people in total are Instagram users and have made this app a worldwide phenomenon. These users are age 13 and above and they are actively involved in using this app for educational, social, and entertainment purposes. Updating Instagram is useful because it gives one a chance to fully experience the app and the new tools it introduces for the future world and these new updates help you create more engaging content resulting in getting more likes and followers.

Why Should You Update Instagram

Bug Fixes

Updating Instagram can fix bug issues that your app is experiencing. There are times when our Instagram app glitches. It opens and shuts down by itself which can make one lose their progress if they are amidst posting, writing captions, searching, or just reading a piece of important news, etc. It’s frustrating that is why many people wish to get rid of such glitches in the quickest and easiest way possible. 

If you are experiencing such an issue then you must update your Instagram to the latest version. The update will automatically take care of glitches and any minor bug problems. Instagram Help Centre itself recommends updating in order to fix such issues.

Security Issues

Is is important to know that how to update Instagram because its updates can also help you with security threats. One of the most applauding things about Instagram updates is the new addition of security checks. This is of great importance because users on Instagram get frustrated with unwanted requests and behaviors on the app. For instance, in 2022, Instagram’s update made good progress by ensuring the safety of its users in a unique and better way than before. pic

This particular update was targeted for users who can cause potential harm to other users via their offensive comments or posts so it is beneficial to know how to update Instagram. Of Course, there is a block button but the same person who is a threat can make a separate account and harass victims again. In this case, Instagram came up with an update that allowed users to block such accounts but with one click it blocked any other accounts the same user had. Moreover, it also promised any other new account that users would make in the future. In conclusion, this security update promised to protect users on a higher level. 

Introduction of New Tools/ Save You From Scams

If you know how to update Instagram then you probably know that its updates also introduce new tools and the latest improvements in the system of Instagram. These improvements and tools amplify the quality of your content which will increase your engagement and eventually help in gaining more followers. If you want to take advantage of them then you need to keep your app updated on your phone. New Tools can prove to be beneficial for many businesses, creators, and influencers because they can help accelerate their security or aid in marketing strategies for instagram.

For instance, many Instagram users have dealt with unwanted and abusive DMS that contain scammy messages. These messages have been destructive to businesses and creators since a lot of fraud happens on social media sites. In 2021, FDC (Federal Trade Commission) noticed that 25 percent of fraud happens on social media. The same year the latest Instagram updates tackled this situation by introducing filtering messages in the DMS section. 

How to Update Instagram on iPhone

There are certain steps that you may follow and that can lead to a fully updated and better-working Instagram. There are two ways to go through this process:

  • Updating Via Play Store
  • Automated Updates

Updating Via Play Store

In order to know how to update instagram on your iphone, you need to go to the Apple Store app. 

  • Firstly, tap on your name that appears on the right upper side of the page. This is your Apple Account that has all the information about your apps and their new updates.
  • A list will appear as shown in the picture. 
  • Select Instagram from the list if you can see “Update” written in front of it. Click on the update and it will install the new version of Instagram on your iPhone.

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  • If you don’t see Updates written in front of the app and instead there is “open” then it means your Instagram is up to date. 

The second way to update via Apple Store is by searching the app on the search bar. Search Instagram and find the app in the list shown. If “Updates” is shown right next to it then you must click it in order to start the process and if not it means you are good to go. 

Automated Updates 

Instagram updates their system often in order to introduce new features. Every time an update comes you have to do the steps described above in the first section in order to keep your app up to date. It can be somewhat frustrating but if you have automated updates on it changes the whole game. Automatic updates automatically update your instagram as soon as the update hits the market. 

  • For this purpose, go to settings on your phone. 
  • In settings, tap on the App Store where you will find the option of Automatic App Updates.
  • You can choose to turn it on or off according to your liking.

Yes, certain people do not want to update Instagram that often, and they have their reasons. Sometimes, people like older versions of Instagram. It deprives them of the new features born from new technology but they make a choice to stay with the older version.

Additionally, for some, older versions work better as it fixes bugs and gives appropriate security. There can also be a lack of storage issue for the delay. Hence, that is why not everyone needs automatic updates and they can use the first step anytime they want to.

How to Update Instagram on Android

  • Update Via Play Store
  • Automatic Updates

Update Via Play Store

Updating Instagram on Android is different from Iphone. 

  • Go to the Play Store App on your phone.
  • On the top right corner, click on your profile photo. A list will show up where you have to click on Manage Apps and Device. 
  • In the section of Overview, you can check Updates. This will list all the apps on your phone. 
  • If Instagram has a new update, “Update” button will appear right next to its name. Click it to install updates. 
  • The second way to do this is to go to the Play Store. 
  • On the Play Store, type Instagram in the search bar.
  • If the “Update” button shows up next to Instagram, it means your app needs an update or new updates are available to install whenever. 
  • On the other hand, the option that shows up is “Open”; it means you are already set to go.

Automatic Updates

Automatic updates for apps on Android are quite different from iPhone. 

  • On Android, for automatic updates, you have to go to the Play Store. 
  • Click on your profile picture at the top right corner. 
  • Click settings and then choose Network Preference.
  • Now, select auto-update apps.
  • A box will ask you your preference if you want to install/update Instagram on wifi or mobile data as shown in the picture. 
  • Don’t forget to click on Done and save it after you have completed the process.

Auto Update Specific Apps Only on Android

This step can be useful for people who want to know how to update Instagram only as stated earlier that not everyone wants to update their apps. 

  • For this, you have to go to the Play Store. 
  • Search for an Instagram app and click on the three dots in the right upper corner. 
  • Here, you have to click “Enable Auto Update”.


Updates are important because without them we can’t enjoy a better working system and new tools. Further, new updates fix old issues like bug issues and security problems, etc. Updating Instagram is simple if you follow the steps we have mentioned in this article. It is different for Android and Iphone devices which is why we have separately discussed methods for both systems. We hope with our explanation we will be able to make the process of updating easier for you.


What iOS update do you need for Instagram?

To access the features of Instagram fully you need to update your IOS tob14.0 or later. 

How do you update Instagram on your iPhone?

Open the app store on your iPhone, in the search bar search for Instagram and tap update. 

Is the new Instagram update only for iPhones?

In most cases, new Instagram features first show up on IOS devices and then om Android devices. 

How should I update my Instagram?

Open you Instagram and then tap on your profile picture in the bottom right. Now that you’re in your profile, tap on the top right, now go to settings and privacy. Tap About and then tap App updates. 

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