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What Benefits Will I See If I Buy Spotify Followers?

  • Brings credibility and recognition to your profile
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Why You Should Buy Spotify Followers?

Making a Spotify profile is no big deal but bringing followers and plays is. Posting your songs on Spotify gives you a chance of getting recognized. The real struggle starts when you can't hit you monthly mark. In order to grow you need followers and plays, and there is on other best way to get these without buying them. When you buy followers and play the algorithm detects activity and process that, this particular song is being liked by people. So, it pushes it towards more audience.  When a user follows you then they'll get a notification every time you publish new music. Soon enough you will have a little community of people who enjoy your musical talents. 

However, it's not simple to grow followers on the platform. New artists on Spotify often struggle with a stagnating number of Spotify plays and a low number of followers and they usually buy spotify plays. If you're also facing similar problems, then there's no need to be discouraged. As there are other alternatives available. The best is to buy Spotify  playlitst followers online. There are service providers who assist people to buy followers on Spotify. We, at Buy Real Follows, are among the top providers to ensure you get real followers for spotify and also you can buy Spotify playlist followers.

Buy Spotify Followers With Buy Real Follows

Some people, with big budgets, choose to gain more followers by hiring professionals. However, for small artists, it's much more cost-effective to buy Spotify service providers. We have been helping our customers with their social media needs for a couple of years now. With our experience, we bring credibility to our services. If you're opting to buy real Spotify followers to see real results in the future, then we are happy to help.

It is also important to avoid scams and protect your online security in this era of the internet. You don't want to go to a service provider that compromises your privacy and safety, just to buy Spotify followers cheap. At Buy Real Follows, customer safety is our top priority. We've safeguarded our website with 256-bit encryption and don't ask for any sensitive information such as username or password.

Our services are efficient and fast. You're ensured to receive the delivery within 24 to 74 hours of payment, this depends on the quantity you have orderd. We have a wide range of plans to suit diffrent needs. People on a small budget can choose to get cheap Spotify followers by requesting a smaller quantity. Our plans start from just $8.90 for 1,000 followers.

If you're looking for a quantity that isn't listed on our website we can arrange it for you we provide customer service on demand, if the quantity requested is higher than the minimum quantity mentioned on our website. With all these benefits and many more, we are always here to help you with your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you cannot find an answer here, send us an email/contact us:

To get started, you must first click the “REGISTER” button at the top right corner, or click “Premium Services” from the toolbar along the top if you are purchasing bulk services such as Followers, Likes, Views and Comments. You are then required to Log into and Register in our BuyRealFollows Members Area. To do this you simply enter your Instagram Username, Email address, and create a password. Then click on the “Create Account” button. Shortly after you will be sent a verification email to your email address. Simply open and verify the email. You may choose our Free Plans which allow you to activate every 12 hours, or our Paid Plans that require you to simply set it up once and you are done. Please Note: We do not obtain your login information or have ANY access to your Instagram account. You are NOT required to provide any password you use for your Instagram account. You ARE required to keep your account Public in order to use our services though.

Of Course! We are a safe and trusted service client all over the world, and growing. Your privacy and security is our #1 priority, which is why we have developed very strong coding and safe guarded the website using 256-bit encryption. We can’t say the same for other websites. It is very important you purchase these services from a reputable provider. We have been providing these services since 2018 and we are experts in the Industry. Remember, many times you get what you paid for, so if you see services that are so cheap you are likely going to get something that isn’t safe for your profile. We DO NOT require your Instagram Password, and do not have any access to your Instagram account.

ABSOLUTELY NOT! When you sign up for our service we do not ask for your Instagram, YouTube, Spotify password, or require any of your login information. We simply need your username to identify where to send the services to. Nothing more! We DO NOT have any control over your account. We CANNOT make your account Follow, Like or Comment on any other profiles.

When you purchase our monthly subscription plans you will be automatically billed on the same day of each month. Hence, charges happen automatically. If at some point you no longer need your BuyRealFollows subscription, you can cancel it by logging into our Members Area and clicking on the Settings section where you will be able to cancel your payment. If you are having any difficulties simply send us a quick email and we can also complete your request.

All orders will be delivered within 24-72 hours of your purchase time. Usually, your order will begin shortly after you have completed payment, but depending on the quantity of the services you ordered, it may be spread out over the 24-72 hour time frame to ensure full delivery.

Absolutely not! We provide Social Marketing services in the utmost safest manner that constantly changes with updates made by the Social Media Network. We can’t say the same for other websites. It is very important you purchase these services from a reputable provider. We have been providing these services since 2018 and we are experts in the Industry. Remember, many times you get what you paid for, so if you see services that are so cheap you are likely going to get something that isn’t safe for your profile.

Definitely! Refill is 100% guaranteed. If your bought followers unfollow you, that isn’t under our control. But we will make sure that doesn’t happen. Even if that happens, we will make sure to send you a refill super fast.

Almost all subscription based orders are activated immediately upon checkout. Please note your order will stay at ‘processing’ until all your posts are used up or until your order is fully delivered. Upon completion the order status will change to ‘completed’. For real services including REAL auto likes & REAL comments, please note that these cannot be delivered instantly as these are not bot based services.

Yes, we do custom orders. However, we cannot do custom orders for quantities lower than those mentioned on our site. For each service, the lowest quantity that you see on our site is what we can technically do. Lower than those is not possible. For a higher quantity order, in most cases, we can help with those. And for everything else related to social media and PR – we would love to hear your requirements.

No. Our subscriptions do not renew automatically as these are not monthly subscriptions and instead based on posts. Whenever your order is exhausted or expired, you will get an automated email from our site informing you of the same. At such a point you can always buy the service again from our site.

Our subscriptions do not require monthly renewal. Orders last for as long as your posts are remaining in the plan or until 180 days, whichever comes first. Once 180 days have crossed from the date of the order for the subscription, the order will automatically be closed and marked as complete. Please note that the 6 month validity applies to all subscriptions and certain subscriptions may have shorter validity as mentioned on service pages.

On our checkout page you will find two payment methods. Primary (default) payment method allows you to checkout using any Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card. Simply fill in the details and place the order. Our secondary payment method named PayOp gives users to choose from dozens of payment options including EPS, Skrill, Union Pay, PayTM and many more. Unfortunately we do not accept American Express and Discover cards at the moment.

When a credit card is declined, our leading recommendation is to contact your bank for further assistance as they may have more insight into what may be causing the issue. All our transactions are 3DS secured, which may require you to verify ownership of card via OTP from your bank. If you have no luck resolving the issue with your banking institution, please contact our friendly support team at

Yes our site supports PayPal. You can also use any Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card on our site. Additionally, you also have the option to checkout with over numerous payment methods including EPS, Union Pay and BitPay among others. In case of orders exceeding $5000 you can also request for bank wire payment method details.

Most refunds take no longer than 2-3 business days. However, the speed of refunds depend a lot on your bank delays. In case a refund is not received within a maximum of 5 business days you can always contact us for further assistance via

No, no one can see if you have bought followers on spotify, as there is no option to see who follows or listens to your playlists, only the number of followers is shown.

Spotify stats update once a day in diffrent time zones, at 3 pm est and 8 pm UTC.

Spotify followers are important as they indicate your popularity on social media. the more followers you have the more popular you are and you can earn through paid subscriptions for your Spotify playlist.

To easily get Spotify followers you need buyrealfollows services, which are easy and reasonable to get. we have different packages for different numbers of followers. For 1 k followers you will pay 8.90 $.


Great Reasons to Buy Spotify Followers

If you are using Spotify and want to increase your visibility then Buying followers for your Spotify can get you on the top of the charts with other famous creators on Spotify. Getting followers on your Spotify makes you more visible on the streaming platform. With a large following list, people see you as a famous streamer and curator on Spotify and they tend to follow and share your playlist among other users which increases engagement rates on your Spotify profile. If your playlist has a lot of followers on Spotify, it will eventually get famous in a short period. Because increasing followers organically is time-consuming and you have to spend a lot of hours and days to get into even the top list.


BuyRealFollows Is Your Free Solution

There are companies out there that can help relieve some of the pressure of developing your Instagram presence, like us, BuyRealFollows! In fact, we’re seriously helping our clients by offering Instagram followers for free! That’s right–free! With such a great deal you might be thinking, what’s the catch?


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