How To Get More Facebook Page Likes? 7 Tips To Get Facebook Likes

Gaining likes on Facebook can tremendously affect the online image of your brand. It accelerates the engagement rate and expedites the overall growth of your account. People tend to incline toward the accounts with the most likes and views because they act as social proof and get you a great number of real followers on FB. An accelerated number of likes build a powerful image of the Facebook account among other famous creators on the platform. 

This leads to increasing interactions with brands and sponsorship deals fall right into your lap. Most importantly, an increased number of likes can uplift many online businesses and provide a decent sum of money. In this article, we will show how to get more Facebook page likes with smart hacks.

Importance of Facebook Likes

Facebook likes hold the utmost importance when it comes to attracting users on Facebook. An accelerating number of likes on your post and an increased number of Facebook followers serve as a magnet that invites people to your page and successfully amplifies your engagement rate. People are psychologically attracted to the accounts or pages with the most likes because they convey a sense of truthfulness and social proof.

People will believe the accounts with the most likes whether it comes to selling products or spreading important news. 


Increasing Facebook likes on your Facebook page can build the audience’s trust. It is more likely that people would be inclined towards your content than the account with fewer likes discussing the same subject. If the page or content has likes, people think the content must have been spectacular to receive this much engagement. Hence, they also like and share such content. 


A good number of likes on your Facebook page presents a positive and successful image for your brand. It becomes proof that people listen to your voice and believe in what you put out on this platform. This mentality increases the views and likes on other content on the particular page as well. Let’s take an example of Dior’s Facebook page. 

The page has 18,796,645 likes which is a great number. When users visit a Facebook page they can’t ignore the number of likes which are directly written on the left side as shown below: 


Facebook algorithm is defined as a set of rules that ranks the content across the platform based on how the interaction it has received. This interaction mainly includes the number of likes gained by the content. 

The posts which have gained the most interactions and engagement appear on top which can eventually get a creator big deals and opportunities to earn money. The very first algorithm was based on likes only and even in present times, the number of likes can help you rank to the top. 


If you have an immense number of likes, your brand will achieve a higher status. When the buyer would see more likes on your content in comparison to another page displaying the same product, he/she is likely to buy from your brand. Likes are a powerful weapon to attract a buyer to your content. It is important to consider that about 78% of users say that they discover a product by looking at it on Facebook. This means that if you succeed in getting likes on your content and it appears on the newsfeed then there is a great chance for your sales to skyrocket.

7 Tips on How to Get More Facebook Page Likes

There are many smart hacks and tricks that can assure a quick and easy entry of your Facebook page into the community of famous creators. Sometimes these hacks include creative techniques that attract audiences. Sometimes amusing questions can catch the interest of the desired audience and sometimes it’s the correct use of Facebook analytics that can ensure your success on the platform of Facebook. Below, we will discuss the best tips so you can understand how to get more Facebook page likes. These likes can help you get recognized on Facebook.

1- Bring the Value to Your Page 

Be Creative

In order to gain the attention of your desired audience, it is important to comprehend the psyche behind liking your content. As a creator, you must understand that you have to create content that was lacking in your niche and find a perfect gap that will fill in the space. This will become the prime reason why your audience would want to like your videos and posts. Most of the top social media influencers reveal that they keep track of their audience’s likes and dislikes which helps them to create content that brings more engagement and reach in the future.

For instance, you have to set your niche to be around books and literature. Your aim should be to find what other content creators are working on and then produce a video similar to the popular style but with a hint of your own personality. You can review new books with the help of animation videos or you can add music to make it sound authentic. This is how a creator can bring value to their page. 

Prioritize Posts more than Videos

Also, while making content, try to post more photos than videos on Facebook. According to Kissmetrics, a photo gets more engagement than a video. Photos get 53% more likes and increase the engagement rate as well. Hence, if you can post a creative and meaningful picture it will get more likes.

This is because when a user scrolls through Facebook it is more likely they would like a picture than stop for video. Hence, there are more chances of gaining likes and interactions through creative pictures.

Avoid False Content

Another way to develop trust among your audience is by creating authentic content. For instance, if your niche on Facebook is around news and spreading information then collect genuine data and display it for your followers. This is necessary because crossing Facebook guidelines can lead to your content being flagged. The removal of your content will create a negative image of your account thus fewer likes will be received. 

2- Optimize Your Facebook Page

Optimization of your Facebook page with the right aim in mind can work wonders for your account. Setting your page will not only make it look appealing on the exterior but it can also help you get maximum engagement on your content. Below are the few steps you can take to optimize your page and increase your likes simultaneously. 

  1. Work on your Url
  2. Update Personal Information
  3. Keywords in the Description


Make sure to use a good username that will reflect directly on your business or your name as the creator. Your name will become your foremost identity on the platform. Moreover, the name is also of significance as it appears in your URL hence it is important for SEO. 

URLs are assigned to you when you sign up for your Facebook account. You can change these URLs to custom ones which are called Vanity URLs. There are many brands or pages that do not change their initial urls however it is smart to alter it to something that is relevant to your brand.

As a creator or a business person who wants to gain as much likes and interaction as possible, it is important that you attach a keyword with your name so it appears in your URL. This will help you rank and get recognized. Let’s take an example, “the way we wore” is a fashion page on Facebook. Look at the picture below and notice that their URL contains the keyword which indicates their page. 

Update Your Information

Writing your information, uploading a perfect cover photo, and adding details is not enough if you are not updating it from time to time. Firstly, make sure to add details to your business such as an address, phone number, and email so you can look reachable. Additionally, add website links and ratings because it will help you gain likes from users who will visit your page. For instance, check out this Charlotte Tilbury About section which highlights all the necessary details of the seller.

Keywords In Description

Keywords are crucial when it comes to SEO. When you place the right keywords there will be more chances of your content getting recognised. This will lead to more likes on your videos/posts as well. In your About and Description section, make sure to use keywords that can summarize your brand. For example, a known keyword for a skincare brand can be “Face moisturizer”, “glowing skin” etc. However, these are just general examples. In order to search for the right keywords, you can use some analytical tools. 

Wordstream is a keyword finder tool that can help you find relevant keywords. It will suggest you 25 relevant keywords that are popular regarding your brand or niche. You can pick your favorite by analyzing its performance and using it in your description. One vital point to notice is to not overdo it. Keywords can help with great optimisation but your aim is also to look natural to the audience. Hence, try your level best to write a seamless description on your page. 

4- Buy Facebook Likes

Another swift and easiest way to increase the number of likes is by buying it from a genuine site. Buyrealfollows ensures that the likes bought from their site are authentic and that they will assist in increasing the engagement rate of your Facebook page. Get more Facebook page likes from buyrealfollows to enhance the visibility rate of your page and attract a loyal audience to your content. Buyrealfollows services are not only restricted to likes.

5- Schedule Your Posts In Accordance With Traffic

One of the most working and smooth hacks that works every time is knowing the correct time to post. There is a period when most of your followers gather and become available to view content. According to Statusbrew, the best time to post on Facebook is 9 am and the peak traffic is between 1 pm to 3 pm.

If you are busy and have difficulty maintaining consistency, you can then schedule your posts. This will launch your post at the desired time automatically thus you will gain higher visibility which will lead to more likes. 

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  1. Go to the Facebook app and write in the box labeled “Create Post”.
  2. There is a drop-down area where Share is written. Click it and choose Schedule.
  3. You will be given options of time and date to choose from.
  4. Click schedule and you will be done.
  5. In the publishing tools buttons, you can also see your scheduled or automated posts.

According to a 2023 websiteraiting report for Facebook statistics, it showed that the best time to post on Facebook is “Monday through Friday at 3 am, Tuesday at 10 am and noon”. 

6- Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are small ads that appear on the newsfeed of Facebook and they catch the attention of your desired audience. This method works best for gaining likes on Facebook because it can target the people who have visited your page the most and showed interest in your content. Moreover, you can choose your audience based on multiple demographics such as gender and age.

This can be beneficial for many creators. For instance, if only the female gym page wants to target an audience that will cater to only women and of specific pages then this would be of great help.

  1. Load your Meta Account by clicking on Ads Manager on the left sidebar of the page.
  1. Start a Campaign where you choose an objective. For instance, if you choose Engagement as your objective, the app will ask you the type of engagement and list options such as page likes and post engagement. 
  1. This will lead to further steps and you will succeed in making an ad smoothly.

7- Pinning Popular Post Strategy

This is one of the most guaranteed smart hacks that can get you the most likes in a small amount of time. Pinning the post on your page becomes your introduction, a summary of your content, and shows how well you perform on the platform. You can easily play with the psyche of your audience by pinning your most popular and creative posts on the top.

This will significantly build an image for the audience that will visit your page for the first time. Additionally, you can also promote your best products if you are running a business on Facebook by pinning it to the top. 


Facebook likes are an essential social media magnet that can take you to the top of the algorithm on the platform. This is why, in this article, we have emphasized the easiest and most efficient hacks that can give solutions to how to get more likes on Facebook. We hope that our detailed discussions regarding SEO, algorithm and the importance of Facebook likes can assist you in gaining more likes on your page. 

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