How many people use Instagram? Latest Statistics 2023

Instagram is one of the most successful and popular social media apps. It accumulates populations belonging to different backgrounds, demographics, ages etc. Instagram’s popularity has never faded entirely since its release year 2010 despite many newer apps entering the scene. With developing technology and new digital media inventions, Instagram also has not held it back.

The updates of Instagram on phones have introduced features that are viral and the most utilized digital media features nowadays. In this article, we will discuss how many people use Instagram. We will also look into the facts and statistics of the most successful and leading Instagram app in the modern era. 

Instagram Users Statistics

Monthly Instagram Active Users

1.628 billion users are now monthly using Instagram as reported by data portal for August 2023. The popularity of this app has no boundaries even when it is in competition with newer apps such as TikTok. Instagram is used globally and has garnered impressive statistics to prove that. The world currently has a 7.9/8 billion population and 17.54 percent people use Instagram out of this percentage. If we combine the total population of Europe and North America combined we get the total of Instagram’s monthly user base.

Daily Instagram Active Users

Instagram has in total 500 million active users who use it on a daily basis. Instagram’s new features and exciting updates keep the app interesting and trendy. For example, the feature of reels has its own fanbase. It is one of the most used features to promote brands, creators, businesses etc. People earn a lot by posting great content on Instagram. One needs an increasing number of followers to make money and gain good interaction.

  Most viral content on the internet can be seen in the shape of reels. This feature has an astonishing growth rate of 1.9% on Instagram. Approximately, 20.3% users use Instagram daily for entertainment, news, and education purposes.

Demographics of Instagram Users

When it comes to the website of Instagram, it is the 5th most used website in 2023 according to SproutSocial. According to new updates, there are 4.18 million active mobile users and 11.96 % out of this number use Instagram on their phones. Most of Instagram’s audience comes from India(180 million users) followed by the United States (170 million) and Brazil (110 million users). Below are the names of countries with the most active users on Instagram. This graph can help us examine which countries people use Instagram the most.

When it comes to users by region:

  • Northern America has 187.2 million users.
  • In Central America, there are 57.1 million users. 
  • In the Caribbean 9.7 million users. 
  • In Southern America 224.5 million people use Instagram. 
  • Western Europe has 85.2 million users
  • In Northern Europe, there are 53.5 million users.
  • Southern Europe has 76.1 million users
  • In Eastern Europe, there are 46.3 million users
  • Northern Africa has 45.4 million users
  • In Middle Africa, 2.4 million users
  • Western Africa has 17.6 million users
  • Eastern Africa 11.1 million users
  • Southern Africa has 7.4 million users
  • In Oceania, 16.9 million people use Instagram.
  • Southeastern Asia has 1183.2 million users
  • In Eastern Asia, 98.8 million people use Instagram.

How Many Users on Instagram Exist in 2023?

Instagram comes in the top 4 most used social media apps on the Internet. This platform has proven to be the best apps for advertisements. It is highly used by celebrities and famous influencers. Most of the interaction also comes from verified accounts on Instagram. In 2023 April, it was stated that the number of users that marketers can contact , accelerated by approximately 310 million. In the year 2023, according to Statista, 1.35 billion users will use Instagram. Below we have made a graph to see how many people use Instagram in 2023, before the current year and after.

Ages of Instagram’s Users in 2023

Above, we talked about how many people use Instagram now we will move on to age and gender. Instagram is used by people of all ages. There is content for almost everyone on this app. With growing technology and better Instagram updates, more and more people are joining Instagram to use the unique features on this platform. Instagram creators cater to entertainment and news for all users. There are reels and stories that promote businesses from small to a large scale and people of all ages are interested in content made using these features. 

Instagram does not provide specific data on the average age of Instagram users. However, the data collected has shown that 18 to 24 is the average age of users on Instagram. The chart below will show the ages of Instagram users:

Gender of Instagram’s Users in 2023

When it comes to gender, the difference between the percentage of male and females is very small. There are more males who use Instagram on both daily and monthly basis while female percentage is behind. On average

  • Male users (globally) 50.6%
  • Female users (globally) 49.4%

Average Time Spent on Instagram

In total 30 minutes are spent on Instagram per day by users. Instagram is one of those famous and top apps that are open every day and users love to spend their time exploring content on it. The variation of features on Instagram has made it interesting over the passing years. 11.7 hours are spent per month on Instagram by users.

How Many People Use Instagram Features

  • Stories

Instagram’s features are popular among influencers. The efficiency and functionality of Instagram’s features have impacted marketing and businesses. Many of these features including Stories are heavily used by big/ small businesses for marketing campaigns. 500 million people utilize the feature of stories each day in 2023. This is great data considering Instagram is now in competition with platforms such as Tiktok yet its hype has not vanished. This number tells us about the growing popularity of Instagram Stories. They also help increase engagement and growth which is why people also consider buying story views for Instagram.


Videos on Instagram, in recent years, have garnered more views and visibility than photos. It has also sparked criticism in the past years with users arguing that Instagram was a picture app initially thus they should be revived. Many people prefer watching funny videos, informational content, makeup content, gaming content etc via video features. According to Earthweb, approximately 90 million videos are added everyday on Instagram. The engagement rate is also two times more on videos than other types of posts on Instagram. Moreover, businesses also love making video content. About 73% of businesses post a video every week.

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  • Photos

Instagram’s popularity started from Photos. Since its release day, Instagram has gone through many changes and has introduced multiple features. However, the craze for Instagram photos with captions has not died down.  95 million photos are posted on Instagram everyday by users.

People earn a lot from the photos content on this platform and it all depends on the number of likes, engagement rate and popularity of the content creator. Buying Instant real Instagram likes has also assisted creators in uplifting their accounts among the best accounts on instagram.

  • Reels

Instagram’s newest and most in fashion features, reels, have taken over the world fast. This feature now has a separate section on Instagram where it only shows the most famous reels ranked by Instagram’s algorithm. Moreover, reels go viral almost everyday if the content is entertaining and interesting. The engagement rate on reels is also interesting. Here are some 2023 statistics about Instagram Reels.

  • About 30% of the time is consumed by reels when a user logs into Instagram.
  • Reels receive 22% more interaction than other videos on Instagram.
  • 2 billion people spend time interacting with reel content.

How Fast is Instagram Growing in 2023

When it comes to Instagram’s popularity, it has impressively increased over time. In the present times, Instagram has interesting competition with new apps such as TikTok but it is not easy to take Instagram down. From 2021, there has been an annual increase of 5.79% in Instagram’s growth. In 2023, it is assumed that there will be a slight change in Instagram’s growth. The growth rate might slow to 5;74% in 2023 according to Social Pilot.


In this article, we have explored the most important and updated statistics of the lead social media pp, Instagram. We have found the interesting facts about this app regarding engagement and growth. The statistics for Instagram’s famous features have also been shared above highlighting the influence these features have on the modern era. Most importantly, we have discussed the demographics. We have broken down how many people use Instagram and from which regions the traffic comes on this app the most and least. 

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