How to Get More Story Views on Instagram? 6 Tips To Increase More Engagement

Our life is filled with tiny moments happening all the time around us. It gets so tough to choose which moment can make its way to our  gram feed and which can not. Luckily the Instagram feature to add stories pretty much resolves this issue. 

This lets you keep your followers updated with what is going on in your life. The best thing about posting instagram stories is that we can have a check on how many people have viewed our story, a feature which is not available when we post a picture on feed.

At one point this feature is fascinating but on the other hand it builds the pressure when our story view count is lower than usual or you want to know how to get more story views on instagram. Well, if this is your concern then stay on this article, as I unwind all the possible ways from how to stay consistent with your instagram stories, to which hashtags you should use to get a great number of views on your instagram story.

But first let’s know how instagram story views are important and why do we need to increase them?

  • Effect on Algorithm: You might have heard this word somewhere? Well Algorithm is what makes your content stand out from others. Instagram Algorithms considers various metrics including the story views.The large number of views on stories tells the algorithm that the content is of great value therefore it needs to be either on the trending page or reach maximum audience in one way or another. 
  • Business Partnerships: When brands approach you they ask for different insights to collaborate with you and number of story views is one of them. Therefore if you have a large number of instagram story views more bigger names will be willing to work with you.
  • Feedback and insights: if more people view your stories, you have a better chance to engage with them through polls, quizzes & questionnaires, and other interactive features, thereby enhancing your NPS Metric. You can ask about feedback on your content and optimise it accordingly for better results overall.

Reasons you are not getting enough Instagram story views:

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Before we move onto tips on how to get more story views on instagram, let’s check out the reasons why your stories are unable to get enough views?

You are not posting engaging content: 

One reason that you do not have enough instagram story views is that your content is not up to the mark, you are not posting what your audience is interested in or maybe you are not trying something new with your content on stories that can lead a conversation or an engagement between you and your audience. You can interact with your followers and ask them what they would like to watch on your stories and plan accordingly.

You don’t have a posting schedule:

 Make sure that you post stories when you know your engagement rate is high and when maximum followers and users will watch your content. If you post on times when your followers are most inactive they can lose your story and you lose a view on it.

You are not an active user: 

Using instagram only when you feel like, and expecting surprising results is indeed a very unrealistic expectation. You have to make sure that you are a consistent user and post your life updates very often or daily on stories to get more instagram story views.

Your account is private:

 Make sure that your account is not private, because on a private account your stories can only be seen by your followers, no matter who you tag or whatever hashtag you use. No effort will work until you have a public account.

You are not using latest story features: 

One reason that you do not have enough instagram story views is because you do not use all  new and trendy features on stories such as music, captions, stickers and so on. 

Your hashtags are not optimised: 

You might think just using hashtags will be enough, but that is not the case you will have to use hashtags that work for you, are related to your content and are affecting your views on stories.

You are not following instagram community guidelines: 

Sometimes users post content that instagram does not support or promote such content that can be harmful, triggering for the viewers or is explicit. In such situations the user does not get enough views and the reach is banned.

Tips on How to Get More Story Views on Instagram

Below are few amazing tip for you to get more instagram story views:

Post Consistently and Strategically :

 You do not have to tick a certain number of instagram story views for once instead you have to keep your followers curious consistently so they get back to your stories again and again. This is only possible if you post stories regularly and not just once in a blue moon. 

When you upload your every day snippets on a daily basis people build a connection with you, at many points they feel relatable and share your story within their circle of friends and family hence whoever comes to see your instagram stories adds a view count on it.

For brands it can be hard to decide what to post everyday that is interesting as well as increases the story views. Well they must plan a content strategy for instagram stories, they can analyse what their audience is interested in and post accordingly. 

For instance, A skincare brand often shares great skincare tips and discount codes on stories therefore they tend to have more story views than a brand that merely posts promotional content. 

Research says that an average brand uploads a story 10 times a month which is a less consistent number than the top brands which post at least 16 times in a month. Whereas 36% of brands use stories to promote their businesses. As a brand, it is very important to have a proper check on their Instagram stories insights and schedule your stories according to what works best for your brand.

Use Hashtags and Location Tags:

Being an Instagram user, i am pretty sure you must have heard of hashtags and used them at least once under your post. But Instagram hashtags are not anymore limited to the posts instead you can use them on your stories and attract followers. This happens when a user searches for a hashtag your story will also appear under that section which gives you a better reach and amazing content can lead to better engagement as well.

I do get that some of the users are very particular about their instagram aesthetics either while making a post or uploading a story. Sometimes a hashtag might not look appealing to eyes but you can easily hide it by pinching it to make it smaller or simply add a sticker on it. And no this  trick will not stop the spell of a hashtag .

Use Instagram Ads:

 Do you know an interesting fact that 58% of instagram users tend to get more interested in a product or a brand after looking at their instagram stories. To simplify the process you can even buy IG story views and get maximum leads to your website or brand page.

Also, according to another research, 50% of instagram users get interested in a brand when they see their ads, therefore one of the great workable ways to increase your instagram story views is by attracting more and more people to your account. This can be done by using instagram story ads which appear in between the stories of followers. 

Make sure that you post your best and most interesting posts as a story ad. If you are running a brand account then this tactic will not only increase your story views but also lead to better sales and leads to your website.

Engage with Your Audience: 

This is one of the best ways of how to get more story views on Instagram. make sure that you build a bond with your audience by engaging with them. Make sure you respond to them when they reply to your stories. The more your audience responds to you the more they are interested in your content. You can run different quizzes or a Question/Answer session on instagram. This feature allows your story viewer to ask you questions, build a bond with you and become your permanent follower.

Another tip is to make a story about your recents posts every time, so your audience views your stories to make sure you have not posted anything new. 

Collaborate with Other Accounts: 

Just staying within your circle of followers will not give you more instagram story views. You have to make sure that you step out of your zone and collaborate with other instagram accounts over stories the same way users do on posts. You can work with a brand as a collaboration and tag them. The brand will reshare your story on their page and you can attract their followers on your stories. 

For instance, A famous influencer Molly-mae launched a collection of her own name under a partnership with brand BeautyWorks. She promoted the products on feed as well as stories which increased the view count on both influencer and brand’s posts and stories, giving a mutual benefit.

Similarly being an instagram user wanting for more story views, you can collaborate with influencers who have a high number of followers, engage them on stories by tagging them on relatable posts, build a bond with them that will help you get their followers on your stories. But make sure that whoever you are collaborating with either a brand or influencer, aligns with your values. 

Use Auto-generated Caption Feature:  

Many of the instagram users post stories on instagram in which they talk about their day or any event/happening to their followers. Most of the followers drop out after a few stories because either they can not hear anything at that moment or they are somewhere too busy or rushed to clearly understand what is being said in a story. Research says that 75% of users watch videos with sound on mute such users can get uninterested in your story and skip it. 

But the auto-generated caption feature on stories writes down everything as you speak. The feature is available in 17 languages. Using this feature helps retain story views as words can captivate attention instantly and for a longer time. 


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms these days, and everyone is trying to become the king of it. Instagram considers your story views insights in order to increase your reach. Therefore this metric is the one that we can not ignoreand it is important to know how to get more story views on Instagram. Instagram stories are one of the best ways to build the most loyal audience. As it gives you the chance to update the audience with live moments as well as chit chat with them to build a stronger bond. So make sure you use all the above steps to have better instagram story views.

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