A Detail Guide About Marketing on Instagram: Tips That Only Work In 2023

If we look at social media marketing, Instagram has been the star of the show for the past 5 to 6 years. Like other social media platforms, Instagram quickly adapted new features (stories, reels)  over the past years, which made it more convenient for merchants and influencers to target their desirable audience.70% of the Genz population uses Instagram and buys almost everything from there. They tend to follow new trends and styles that are advertised by marketers and mostly by influencers on Instagram.

Most of the influencers and business owners who are doing marketing on Instagram are most likely to go for paid followers for better influencer marketing because it gives their profile a boost in their initial stage of marketing.

Promoting your business, services, and products through social media marketing is in trend, and platforms like Instagram market are ruling right now. Every influencer on Instagram is either promoting their brand or others. They create creative content for promotion like reels and this makes an increase in engagement ratio which means more conversion and sales. Making reels for brand and product promotion is very common now, people go for paid insta reel views so their content gets seen by as many as possible.

To make it more easy for you we are going to cover up some main factors which are necessary for your marketing on Instagram.

How to set up your  Instagram account for marketing?

Setting up an Instagram account for marketing is quite simple, for that, you need to follow the below-mentioned process step by step 

Make Your Business Account 

You can create a new account or you can simply change your normal or private account into a business account

  • Step 1 

Got to profile, tap the three-bar icon at the top right corner 

  • Step2

Scroll down and there will be the option of switching to a professional account/business account .tap on that option and then click on continue. 

  • Step 3 

Then you will have an option of selecting your category, choosing according to your business, and tapping yes. 

  • Step 4 

They will ask for contact details, provide the business contact details, and tap done. Your Instagram account for business is ready.

  • Step 5 

Instagram will give you an option of linking your Instagram business account to your Facebook business page. If you want that you can tap continue and follow the steps.

Setting Instagram Account for Marketing 

After creating your business account, you must create an ad campaign for marketing on Instagram. Following the below-mentioned steps will help you to create an effective marketing campaign for your business 

  • Step 6 

You can boost your business account’s post by simply clicking on the boost post option which is mentioned at the right-down corner of the post. 

  • Step 7 

After clicking on the boost option follow the steps and fill out the information asked by Instagram. You can customize your audience through the boost option and create a very effective ad campaign for marketing on Instagram.

Tips for a Winning Marketing on Instagram Strategy

Following are some tips for you to create an effective and successful Instagram marketing campaign for your business;

  • Optimizing Instagram profile
  • Make your Instagram content strategy
  • Use hashtags
  • Make Instagram Stories
  • Add Instagram Stories to highlights
  • Create  an Instagram shop
  • Instagram contest
  • Instagram Automation
  •  Instagram Reels for Creating Content
  • Collaborate with Instagram influencers
  • Create Instagram ads

Optimizing Instagram profile

To get started with your journey of marketing on Instagram, you need to set up your profile and add info related to your brand or business. Optimizing your Instagram accounts includes following the steps 

  • Create your logo for identification 
  • Add bio related to your services 
  • Dont forget to add emojis 
  • Use the keyword in your description 
  • Add the official number and email address in the contacts section
  • Add your personal shop link to your bio like Linktree.com etc 
  • Use relevant hashtags in your bio description 

Here is an example of rare beauty Instagram page which has followed all these optimizing points.

Make your Instagram Content Strategy

Creating a content strategy that performs well for your business is very important.it is important to analyze your audience like what type of content they like the most on your Instagram page. Do they like stories, reels, or general posts? collecting your previous demographic data you can create a content strategy that aligns well with your marketing goals. Here are some major points that you should consider while creating your content strategy.

  •  Create images with light tones rather than going for darker shades 
  • More background in the pictures and reel looks more catchy 
  • Create content in the same category so people know what your niche 
  • Use relevant and creative Instagram captions for your posts 
  • Images with contrasting textures tend to perform well than non-contrast images because these images attract viewers and create an emotional response which results in liking, commenting, and sharing the content 

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags on any social media platform is effective just. Instagram hashtags are vital for optimizing your content and for that, you need to care of the following points while using hashtags 

  • Should be relevant to the content 
  • Short and precise 
  • Must be trending hashtags 
  • Should be more than 500 posts  under one hashtag 
  • Create your hashtags 
  • Use relevant hashtags in your bio
  • The number of hashtags on one post should be from 8 to 11 (source)

You can also read this about Best Trending Hashtags On Instagram To Get More Likes 2023

Make Instagram Stories

Instagram stories were introduced to share short videos, and pics with your followers. On average an Instagram story of a brand or any famous influencer has an 86% rate of completion which is a great number by any standard.

Now Instagram stories are a great way to market your products because simple stories are led to Instagram ads or shops and then you can also add them to your highlights which stories are forever. make sure to checkmark the following points while creating your stories for marketing purposes

  • Post stories daily 
  • Create a polling game on stories 
  • You can use the ask me anything feature on Instagram to interact with your insta followers 
  • Share your shop link in stories 

Add Instagram Stories to highlights

As we said stories are forever, so it’s better to make good use of them. follow these steps to add stories highlights to your profile 

  • Post stories 
  • Go to your profile and click the add highlight options showing on your Instagram account profile
  • Click on that option, and select posts from your previous stories 
  • Make  creative stories highlights by creating different batches for every event and category 
  • Use the same theme cover photos on your story highlights 
  • Assign different titles to your stories highlights 

Create an Instagram shop

From adding your Instagram shop link to your bio, you can also add shop links to your post by tagging shop links on every product.it is easy for business accounts to set up a complete Instagram shop with details like business information and transaction support.

Using product tags and stickers on products in your stories and images allows users to easily click and visit your shop.

Another major perk of creating an Instagram shop is that you can also sell Shopify items on instgram shop. You just need to simply link your Shopify store to the Instagram shop for that follow these steps 

  • Create a Facebook channel on your Shopify store 
  • Create an Instagram business account 
  • Click on the setting option in the Instagram app
  •  Go to the business tab
  • Click on the sign-up for Instagram shop option 
  • Fill out the information and wait for three days to get a confirmation email 
  • After getting confirmation, link your Instagram to your Facebook page and now you can add products from your Shopify store to your Instagram account.

Collaborate with Instagram influencers

To get better results from your marketing on Instagram you need to collaborate with influencers who are famous on Instagram and have organic engagement on their profiles.

To collaborate with influencers you need to follow these steps 

  • Approach influencers with a great engagement ratio through emails 
  • Provide your budget details and ask for their payment rate 
  • You can also send them free PR so they can receive your products or services on their Instagram stories or reels.

Approach your influencers according to your need, there are 5 major tiers of influencers according to their follower list and you pick which one suits better to your marketing campaign. 

According to a study, it is stated that you can earn 4.87$ on average if you are paying 1$ to an influencer for promotion, which you can earn more than your investment through influencer marketing. (source)

  Instagram analytical tools for marketing on Instagram 

Tracking your growth in any marketing strategy is very important, luckily Instagram provides analytical tools and options through which you can analyze which content is ranking and which is not.

To access your analytics on Instagram, just go to your business profile and tap on the graph icon in the top right corner. 

In your insights corner, you will be able to see 

  • No profile visits in the past day 
  • Gender demographic 
  • No websites click 
  • Views on your story
  • Engagement on every post including views, likes, share and save 

These kinds of insights give you a clear direction in your marketing campaign and you become more focused on creating quality content which is bringing you more engagement and sales. 


Marketing on any social media platform requires time and effort, sales and conversion don’t happen overnight. If you are running your business on the Instagram market you need to keep tracking your content’s performance with different tools and insights and Instagram is one of the best social media marketing platforms to use for your sales and promotions.

Just follow the proper instructions we have mentioned above like posting engaging content, regular story posts, and engaging with your followers and you will see how fast your Instagram business account will grow organically.


How effective is Instagram marketing?

According to Statista, 79% of marketers use Instagram. This level of preference from the marketers shows the effective value of the platform for marketing. Instagram is widely used as a marketing platform by entrepreneurs, businesses, and creators. It provides various tools to ease the process of marketing for marketers which has highly affected the marketing of brands.

How to use Instagram in marketing strategy?

Instagram can widen your reach by building an audience that cares about your niche. On Instagram, you can set what demographic, country or gender you want to reach which can help in setting an audience that will buy from your brand. Additionally, you can check analytics about your sales and regarding who has bought from you the most.

What are the limitations of Instagram marketing?

Instagram marketing is undoubtedly effective. However, there are some limits when it comes to marketing. Firstly, the limit of words in captions. You have to be precise with your promotional content. While precision is good, some people’s level of talking about their work requires more words. Secondly, developing an audience takes time and you need to be very patient with Instagram business accounts.

Why is Instagram marketing so important?

Instagram marketing is important because it provides one on one features that can help one build a genuine connection with their customers. One can use dms, videos, stories and especially reels for promotions. Moreover, it helps develop connections with other creators. This is great for collaborations and earning money as well.

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