How to Increase Views On Instagram -Hacks Revealed!

Instagram views determine the level of success of an Instagram account. Just like the increasing Instagram likes on the post tell us about the engagement rate of an account, views on videos reflect the popularity and growth rate. One needs to grow their account by increasing Instagram followers in order to collect an audience around their content. When one posts a video, it won’t receive thousands of likes at once. 

You need a loyal audience, hashtags and many other strategies to make it work. Attracting views on your content is not an easy task but with the correct and applicable hacks it is possible. In this article, we will discuss how much importance is given to views by Instagram Algorithm 2023. Additionally, we will discuss hacks to increase views on Instagram posts, videos and lg tvs. 

Algorithm 2023: Instagram Views on Posts, Stories, Reels

Instagram has an algorithm that changes with time and newer trends. The purpose of the algorithm is to ensure that this app appears pleasing and according to the taste of the user. It is due to this algorithm that we see the content based on what we have liked, viewed and shared. This algorithm ranks posts, videos, and igtv based on the performance of one’s account. For a creator attempting to attract engagement such as a great number of views, it is important to understand Algorithm, especially for 2023. 

The Instagram algorithm will look at content that has been viewed the most to rank it. This is why it is important to increase views of Instagram as much as one can. The 2023 Instagram algorithm has new factors upon which it would consider the content worthy enough to be ranked. If a con 

  • If you want to increase views on Instagram’s reels, IGTVs, Stories, etc, then you must make your content as original and creative as possible. Instagram’s CEO announced that the 2023 Algorithm will rank the most creative ideas in front. If you succeed in this, your content will appear on the Explore page.
  • Try your best to generate content that does not respect any community guidelines given by Instagram.
  • Your main focus for 2023 should be on reels. Reels, nowadays, go viral and have helped many influencers, and brands reach bigger audiences.

If you can keep up with Instagram 2023 Algorihm’s preferences then it will be easier for you to receive many reviews on your content. However, besides that you need to know about some of the best hacks as well which are explained below.

Hacks to Increase Views on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have been successfully promoting businesses and content of creators since this feature first came out. Instagram users love viewing stories considering how many different and fun features it offers. While it is different for every user, most Instagram users get more engagement via their stories than their posts. This is why brands, businesses, creators, and celebrities post stories most often. According to Hootsuite, the best and the most active brands post 17 stories each month

This much effort goes into stories because people view stories and it can lead to increasing sales. According to Lyfe Marketing, it was found that US marketers allocate almost 31 percent of their budget to making ads for the stories. Additionally, 86.6 % of people on Instagram post stories every day while this is not the same case for posts, reels, and live videos.If you are a brand owner or a business owner, the views on your profile matter as they tell about how many people have searched for your account or content. The first thing you can do is to buy Instagram views the quickest way possible.

If one can gather a great number of views on their stories while they are promoting their content etc. then it can also lead to increasing followers hence an overall successful growth rate can be noticed. Below, we will discuss some hacks that can increase views on Instagram stories:

Quick Engagement Tools

One of the most efficient hacks that can increase the number of clicks hence on Instagram is using quick engagement tools. These tools are new features in Stories for instance polls, rating stickers, etc. They are quick and easy to use. When a user clicks on your story and sees such a fun thing, they would likely spend a second and invest their time in engaging with your content. If you are a brand owner or a creator who often posts such stories, this strategy may work for you to gather many views. 

When your audience gets used to such quick stories they will wait and click on your stories each time. Additionally, if these engagement stickers are utilized in the right way that it prioritizes the choices of the audience then this hack can also help in creating a great creator-audience relationship.

Make Use of Hashtags

Using hashtags is a trick as old as Instagram itself however using them on stories has recently gotten popular. Hashtags in stories increase engagement of your posts and you receive exceptional views. The key is to add hashtags that are relevant to your content and the ones that can ensure the attraction of your targeted audience. 

The use of hashtags not only gathers views on stories for you but it also opens a portal for great interaction with the influencers that are relevant to you. Most importantly, the hack of using appropriate hashtags will bring users outside of your follower list. It provides a great opportunity to capture their attention so you must post your best and most fun content on Instagram stories with relevant hashtags.

Keep in mind, Instagram allows total hashtags in your story so you have to be creative and productive with this restriction. For a more accurate strategy, you can check the top 50 hashtags on Instagram that have attracted the most traffic. Search trending Instagram hashtags of your niche in the list and consider using them with an engaging story on your profile. 

Post Original and Exclusive Content

As a brand owner or a creator, you can utilize the feature of stories to introduce exclusive deals. When you do, the audience psychologically gets attracted to what you post on your stories. For instance, one time, you post about discount codes on summer products etc and you do it two to three times then this will mentally inform the viewer that you post about discounts on stories. Hence, they will await your content that you will post on accounts and like it as well.

You can use this trick to post about your best content once, let’s say two times in a row, and on the third time post an exclusive deal. In this way, the viewer who has become habitual to viewing your stories has to see your brand’s other products too sometimes which can increase your story views and later generate sales.

Hacks to Increase Views on Instagram Videos and Reels

Instagram’s Algorithm decides which type of content is shown on the Explore page and feeds of users. It ranks content based on a good number of views, likes, and engagement rate. Instagram started as a Photo app, but video content took the upper hand with time. In 2023, Instagram reels, which are long forms of videos, made their name through viral trends. It is important to note that Insta reels receive 67% more engagement than insta videos. 

The views on these kinds of videos have helped people launch careers and uplift their Instagram accounts. This is why the focus of people has shifted to Instagram Reels to gain views and increase their overall growth rate. Another quickest way to increase views on your story and reels is to get paid views on Instagram, these are easy to get and mostly people like influencers and marketers use it to give a little boost to their insta accounts.  

Insert Popular Audios

If you want your reels to top on Instagram, use audios that are popular in the present day. The hack of using popular audio in your videos works efficiently. When audio gets popular, various influencers and celebrities jump on the hype train and make videos that later lead to top trends. Moreover, Instagram users then search for the specific videos that have used the popular audio which leads to increasing views. 

Due to the increasing popularity of Reels, Instagram now has dedicated a separate section to Reels. It lists the most popular Instagram reels. If you want your content to be ranked there, you need a great number of views. Using popular audio can be beneficial in this regard. On the right corner, down, below, one can see a disc-like icon. By clicking this icon, you will see the audio that is being used. There will be a list of popular videos that you can see for inspiration as well. 

Short and Attention Capturing Content

The primary purpose of the reels is quick entertainment. If you plan to use reels for longer videos and content to educate people then it would hardly work. This does not mean that one can’t educate using reels but doing so in a fun or interesting way will do wonders.

The most popular Instagram reels are ones that are short, original, and have an interesting subject. For instance, Khaby, an Instagram influencer keeps his reels short and they have a humorous element. This is why he is one of the best content creators on the platform. 

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  •  Capture the audience’s attention by adding humor, sarcasm, etc.
  •  Make it short and easy.
  •  You can ask questions, challenge a game etc to promote engagement. This way a viewer would stay and pay extra attention to your content as well.

Post Reels at a Good Time

Posting your content at the time when your audience is most active is a great strategy. When you post at the right time when most of your followers are active, your post will pop up on their feed, thus it won’t be ignored. Imagine you have fun content and ideas for your reels and you have a good number of followers yet your views are low. To avoid such disappointment, manage your time. 

According to Hoootsuite, if you have a B2B business account, the best time for you to post is between 9 am to 2pm. For B2C, the best time is 12 pm. According to Later, the best time is between 9 and 11 am. In 2023, Later believes the best time to post on Instagram is 4am. 

Hacks to Increase Views on Instagram Profile

In a day, many people visit one’s profile and not necessarily interact in the form of likes and leaving comments. However, there is still some sort of interaction as they come to your account and view your profile. These views are important because they can determine the success of your account. In addition to this, below are a few hacks to increase Instagram profile views.

Creative Bio

In order to attract more views to your profile you have to be creative when writing your bio. Bio is a small section dedicated to your introduction on the top front of your account. It is also the second thing one looks at after the username of an account. To attract more people on your account consider using hashtags. 

Be smart and creative while choosing hashtags as it will let your account appear in the relevant searches. For instance, if your account is a skincare, you must check and search top hashtags. After reviewing the best hashtags, filter out the shortest and most effective one. Add them in your bio. Your profile will appear when someone will search for relevant hashtags. 

Use Links in Your Bio

It was a great fuss that instagram allowed only one link in bio. If users had anything to promote from time to time, they had to link their products again and again in their profile for promotion. This issue has been solved because now you can use one link where links to multiple sites can be added.

 For instance, linktree, Taplink allows you to share links. If you are an influencer or a creator, you can add links to multiple social media sites. The most important thing about adding such links is that they count visits on your profile. You can utilize linktree tap link ec to keep a check on how many people have visited your account and how many will. 


Mentioning accounts with great engagement is one of the oldest and efficient tricks. It drives a great engagement rate if done properly. Instead of targeting mega influencers, keep your eyes on smaller ones with excellent engagement. FOr instance, if you have a creative poetry page where you post your content everyday. Consider mentioning one or two most popular accounts and three to four accounts that you have good engagement. If the person behind these accounts interacts with you by reposting your story or leaving comments, there is a chance that will attract more views.

Hacks to Increase Views on IGTVs

IGTVs are not reels. These videos are longer which is a great feature for users who would want to educate, spread awareness, deliver news, display talent etc. There is a separate section dedicated to IGTVs on your profile page. 

Engaging Content

If you want views on your IGTVs you have to be smart in building up an audience that has an attention span for your videos. Your followers need to get comfortable with the kind of content you will post. Since IGTVs offer a good span of time, you can be as creative and engaging as possible. For this purpose, you can pick and choose topics that are relevant to your niche. Do a poll on your story. Let the audience choose the topic they want to hear about. 

Additionally, put a timer on the story. Treat your IGTVs as special events. When you put a timer on, it will psychologically instill curiosity in the mind of followers. Promote your IGTV beforehand. 

  • Come up with a creative and attention capturing title. Short and concise.
  • To be creative, make a poster. 
  • Plan ahead, ask questions and ensure to engage the audience as well. 

Promotion of IGTVs

If IGTVs are promoted in the right way they can gain a great number of views and likes which can lead to exceptional growth rate of your account overall. 

  1. Make the best use of Stories. After posting your IGTVs, promote them not only on your stories but stories of your friend on Instagram too. The sharing feature helps spread the content. 
  2. There is a toggle button on IGTVs. By pressing it, you can get a snippet of your long IGTV videos. It will serve as an intro to your video. This can be quite beneficial. Your followers and other users need a reason to sit through your long IGTV videos. It is your duty to be creative, simple, short and drive engagement at the right pace.


In this article, we have discussed the influence Instagram Algorithm has on the content that a user of Instagram posts. We have extensively explained why views matter and what to do to increase views on instagram posts, videos, IGTVs. We have presented the best and efficient hacks that have helped many businesses and the creators in the past in accomplishing their goals regarding account’s growth. We hope our explanation of these hacks will benefit you as well. 

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