Instagram Ads Management: How to Advertise on Instagram in 2023

Advertising on Instagram is the talk of the town right now. with more than 1 billion active users monthly, it provides a great pool of opportunities for marketers to get close to their target audience. If you are scorching new advertising platforms to reach out to your audience,  then Instagram ads can be one of the most profitable ways.

In this article, we have discussed how you can use insta ads to get more visibility and showcase your products or services to the right audience.  

Why is Advertising on Instagram important?

Instagram marketing is getting famous day by day and users pay attention to more video content, influencers are using their creative content to advertise their products through video content and getting more views on reels. Advertising on Instagram allows you to control where your ads will appear and which type of audience is going to watch those Instagram ads. As compared to paid influencer marketing or collaborations,  your ads are published from your account under your supervision. You just need to decide how much you want to spend on those Instagram ads and which people they should target. 

If you are wondering how you can use Instagram hashtags to grow your audience then click here

Some of the major benefits of Instagram ads are ;

  • It is easy to target a large number of customized audiences through Instagram ads management.
  • Instagram has a higher engagement ratio than other social media platforms with an average rate of 1.22% for influencer marketing and a 0.9% rate for brand advertisement. 
  • You can customize your ads campaign according to your budget 
  • Instagram ads are specially designed for mobile apps, according to a survey 40% of users take action on native ad display rather than traditional ads, which is quite an eye-opening stat for those who are interested in Instagram advertising.

Cost of Advertising on Instagram

A lot of new business owners who want to start advertising their products through Instagram ads want to know the exact amount of advertising campaigns. The cost of advertising on Instagram varies depending on other factors such as niche, target audience, objectives of the campaign, and placement of the ad. Below we have mentioned a general estimate of the cost of advertising on instgram according to different niches.

  • Cpc for tech niche ranges from $1 to $2.50.
  • The average CPC rate for the health niche is around $0.50 to $1.00.
  • The average cost of cps for the food industry is around $0.50 to $0.80.
  • Cpc for the travel niche ranges from $0.80 to $1.50.
  • The cost per click for the fashion industry is around $0.70 to $1.00.

Please note that these price ranges are general estimates and they differ from time to time as the amount of competition grows in one niche.

Types of Instagram Ads

There are  5 types of Instagram ads – 

  • Video ads 
  • Image ads 
  • Story ads 
  • Carousel ads 
  • Collection ads 

Video ads 

Now you can make a 60-second long video on Instagram rather than 15 seconds limit with a video shot in landscape and square feet. This way you can create great visual ads for your campaigns.

Image ads 

Instagram allows you to share single-image ads with better visuals to showcase your services and products to your audience. These ads appear on users’ feeds, stories, and explorer pages. 

Story ads 

These ads usually come up when you are watching stories on your feed and during swiping left the story ads appears, they can be in the form of image or videos, but it’s a great way to target a large number of the audience because every 4 out of 5 users watch stories on their feed, so why not use different filter, stickers, and filters to create eye-catching story ads.

Carousel ads 

It is a type of ad in which you can share multiple types of images and videos in a single ad to show your products or service features. users can easily swipe through carousels and watch images and video ads.

Collection ads

A collection ad on an Instagram feed is made up of a cover image and video ad followed by 2 or 3 other images of the product. When someone taps on the collection ads they experience a full landing page opening up in front of them which gives them detailed info with great visuals, which ultimately drives engagement and action.

How to Advertise Your Business on Instagram

As you have basic knowledge of Instagram ads now you just have to follow these simple steps, to begin your advertising journey on Instagram.

Creating a business account 

Start with creating your business accounts because you can only start your advertising on Instagram when you have a professional or business account on Instagram and also connect your Facebook business page. 

Selecting the right tool 

The first and most easy way is by clicking on the boost option showing up on the right-down corner of your post. There are also other different tools offered by Facebook for your ads management like power editor, ads manager, and Facebook marketing API.

Select the Ads objectives 

That’s the main part of the advertisement, decide the objective of your campaign and create an ad that directly meets your objective’s needs like what kind of output you want from this campaign .some common business objectives are ; 

  • Lead generation 
  • More clicks on the website link
  • More traffic to the page 
  • More engagement in content 
  • Increased views 
  • Brand awareness 

Method 1 – Using Instagram Boost Option 

This is the easiest way to boost up your existing post  and get more likes is through your Instagram business account .all you need to do is 

  • Click on any of your existing posts with the good engagement rate 
  • After opening it, you will see the boost option in a right down corner of your post 
  • Click on that option and a new form will appear 
  • You will have to fill out that information (selecting objective, audience, timeline, and budget) 
  • After providing all the information you just need to click It’s done and your little ad campaign on Insta will start .and you will be able to track its performance through the promotion option on your Instagram profile.

Just make sure to connect your Facebook page to Instagram.

Method 2 – Facebook Ad Manager 

Second, the most used method is Facebook ads manager because it’s easy and widely known for its better result (remember Meta’s own Instagram). Although this process is a bit lengthy but more effective in terms of bringing results, so let’s begin.

Step 1 – 

Open the Facebook page and go to the ads manager section and click on Create new ad campaigns.

Step 2 – 

Choose your objective for the campaign. You can also pair this up with an existing Instagram campaign or you can start a new one.

There are total 6 campaign objectives offered for Instagram ads ; 

  1. Awareness campaigns 
  2. App Promotion 
  3. Traffic 
  4. Leads 
  5. Sales
  6. More engagement 

Choose any objective which matches best to your need and click continue.

Step 3 

After selecting the objective  You will be asked to name your campaign. Please make sure to give a name that matches best with your campaign’s objectives Because it will help you to keep tracking the results. After choosing the name click next. 

 Step 4

After you clear what your ads are going to look like you will be asked to provide budget details And the timeline for your ad campaign. you will be provided with two options for your ad campaign budget 

  1. Daily budget; In this, you will have to set an amount for daily spending, best for ads. 
  2. Lifetime budget; in this, you will provide money for your whole campaign at once, and it will have a clear end date, it can be 6 months or a year, depending on your needs.

In the ads section, you will have options to select the time for your ads to run, it can be daily or at a specific time of the day, week, or month.

Try to set your ad in the middle of the green range. 

Step 5 

You will have to choose your audience, and for that, you are going to choose from different options. You can select your audience based on age, gender, area, behavior, and language.

Step 6 

Now you will choose the placement for your Instagram ads, in this, you can choose from below 2 options 

  1. Auto placement; your ads will appear on Instagram where it suits better automatically 
  1. Manual placements; in this, you can choose where it will appear on Instagram. if you want to choose only Instagram for your ads and not Facebook you can change that from this manual option.

Step 7 

Now you will be able to customize your ad, you can add any video, image, headlines, and CTA of your choice. Also, add any parameters for tracking that ad. If you want to specially track the conversion on this you should choose Facebook pixel from the options. 

Step 8 

Once you are done with all the process and form filling, you can finally click on the publish option, and your ad will be live it will run on the estimated budget, and time, and on the specific user’s screen which you have chosen in the audience sections. Please make sure to track the ad campaign performance by visiting the analytics section on the Instagram app.


Advertising on Instagram has become massively famous and marketers and new brands need to start using the Instagram ads platform for their is vital to produce engaging ad campaigns with HD pictures and videos with engaging music or sounds because most viewers take more interest in ads that come with an interesting storyline or music. By following the above-mentioned steps you can create an effective campaign that will surely drive engagement, sales, and awareness about your brand.


Are Instagram Ads worth it?

Instagram ads give varieties. You can choose from arousal ads, image ads, video ads , or sponsored ads. All of these can significantly affect the image of your brand and drive more traffic toward your page.

Can I run multiple ads on Instagram?

Yes, multiple ads are possible. For this purpose, you have to add the ads in a singular set or multiple ads can be added into a single campaign. 

What are the three types of Instagram ads?

Picture ads, video ads and story ads are the most used ads on Instagram. They are simple and easy. Audience response is much quicker to such ads because they look effortless.

Which Instagram ads are more effective?

Single image ads are said to be the most effective ads out of all kinds of ads on instagram. They might look basic among other fancy types of ads but they catch the audience’s attention quickly and there is more possibility of getting a speedy reaction.

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