How Much Time Do People Spend on Social Media in 2023?

Social media consumes a major part of our lives. Regardless of age, the internet and social media have altered human lives in both positive and negative ways. If you look around, someone would be using one of the top social media apps (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) no matter where you are. It is because most of our conversations, marketing, and socializing are done via these apps.

In today’s fast-paced world, social media is utilized for countless tasks all at once whether you are a student, business person, creator, etc. That is why its impact is undeniable. Since most of our connections work due to these apps then how much time do people spend on social media?

To answer this, we will look into the statistics of the major social media apps with the biggest influence on people. Furthermore, we will examine the reasons for the time spent on the app with the most statistics. In this article, we will analyze, step by step, how much time is used on social media apps by people.

  • The Significance of Social Media in the Modern World
  • Excessive Usage of Social Media Has Deprived Us of Human to Human Connection
  • How Much of Our Time is Consumed by Social Media Apps in 2023
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    • Facebook
    • Youtube
    • Tiktok
    • Spotify
  • Conclusion

The Significance of Social Media in the Modern World

Social media is widely used in the modern world. In the year 2023, it is stated that 4.76 billion people utilize social media. In 2022, the data was 4.62 billion thus the number of users have significantly increased. Among all the social media users, India and China users have taken the lead as the most users. 

When it comes to social media apps, it is estimated that people use 50.1% time on these apps while using their mobile phones. The reason for such big numbers is simple; digital media has taken over education, health care, social services, awareness projects etc. 

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Small businesses have received a great help due to the presence of social media as it has opened many doors for advertising and marketing. Opening a store online is not now a far fetched dream. Instagram, a famous social media app, lets you create business accounts to sell your original products to your followers. You can promote your business on youtube channels or on Facebook as well. 


Have you noticed that the medium of a child’s education has shifted from books to mobile phones or any other digital devices? It is because social media has made access to education easier. Schools have made their own social media pages where they update students about their schedules, upcoming events and fee deposits etc. Additionally, promotion of many educational competitions and scholarships occur on social media which has made education accessible for students. In one of the studies, 70.8 % participants stated that they increased use of social media in a pandemic. 

In covid-era, education was shifted to the internet entirely. Social media also played a great role here where students and teachers followed each other and carried conversations in live chat etc. 

Voice for Voiceless

Due to social media, underprivileged people or marginalized individuals can spread their voice for justice. Law and justice in the real world is not accessible to everyone but due to social media, people can post about their experiences.

These experiences can later be shared on different social media platforms. Sharing can become huge and gain great interaction as social media is not restricted to one country or religion. Hence, an international acceptance of the issue presented can be deemed as important and solved with less complexity than usual.

Excessive Usage of Social Media Has Deprived Us of Human to Human Connection

Social Media apps have many positive and negative impacts on our lives. It is one step away from education, entertainment, and knowledge but at the same time it can prove to be as destructive as much as it is beneficial. The excessive use of social media has taken socializing and human connection to another level where the digital presence is more important than physical one. 

Social Isolation

Children maintain friendships on social media apps and refrain from having an outdoor life which can lead to lack of communication skills later on. Additionally, excessive usage of social media has forced people to be on their phone even in gatherings or at events. The real human to human connection and conversation are vanishing with time. A study done in 2017 on the relationship between Social Media and Social Isolation showed that “young adults who used social media excessively suffered from social isolation”. 


The excessive usage of social media also leads to anxiety and loneliness. When a user spends most of his time consuming social media they lose connection with the real world. Their satisfaction and happiness evaporates when they lose internet connection and suddenly the real world looks burdensome. Teenagers suffer from loneliness a lot due to social media apps consuming their lives. Consider the fact that a teen’s daily screen time increases from “7 hours and 22 minutes to 8 hours and 39 minutes”.

How Much of Our Time is Consumed by Social Media Apps in 2023

Social media apps are part of our daily lives but how much time do people spend on social media and why is it increasing day by day? When it comes to gender, men give 10 hours and 58 minutes on social media. On the other hand, women give 12 hours and 11 minutes on social media apps. Social media has opened many doors of opportunities for people that is why the use of these apps is increasing day by day.

Additionally, these apps are a major source of entertainment. Videos go viral on these platforms reaching international audiences. 2 hours and 31 minutes per day is spent on social media by an average user. People have built careers on social media. The amount of likes on these social media apps determine their level of success and recognition. This is why an internet user spends lots of time on social media.

Since 2020, there has been a 5% increase in the usage of social media by people. Moreover, in the past few years, due to COVID-19 many people who have never utilized social media have become addicted to it. 81% of people have admitted that due to covid they now use social media apps more. 


Instagram is one of the most leading apps among social media platforms. Not only is it a platform for entertainment but many businesses have built instagram accounts as well. It has greatly influenced sales because many customers buy via seeing posts on instagram and their Instagram likes. It has changed the game for social media businesses and has also surpassed Facebook. In 2018, Instagram crossed one billion users and the numbers have reached 1.5 billion as of 2023.

For instance, in 2023, reels are a viral feature for instagram that the app has dedicated a separate section for it. These reels are used to promote businesses so they can end up on instagram’s explore page. This is not true for only small businesses but also giant businesses have developed instagram presences such as Gucci, Dior etc. pic…

Top instagram influencers follow these trends and make reels to maintain their high profiles on this social media app. Following these influencers, normal instagram users also follow these new trends. Due to Instagram’s stunning updates and features, its use among people increases year by year. It ranks at number 4th as the most used social media app with 12 hours spent on it per month. On average people spend 29 minutes on this platform everyday. 


Facebook has always been in the game and it is still to date widely used by all the age groups. People use Facebook to post photos, gain likes on their posts and increase interaction. Facebook can be considered one of the first most popular social media apps. Even with the rise of apps such as Instagram and Snapchat this app has stood the test of time. 

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Many people use it to interact with their families and update their friends about their regular lifestyle. There are 10 million accounts on phones that are active because 98.5 % of total facebook users access it through social media apps on phones. According to Data Reportal, 19 hours and 43 minutes of time in total is spent on Facebook App per month by an android user. On average, 33 minutes per day are spent on Facebook App by a normal user. 


The necessity and popularity of Youtube does not need any explanation. It is simply the most utilized social media platform. Youtube does not only provide entertainment to its users but it is also a giant hub of careers for content creators. It has launched many careers and still to this date, it plays a significant role in maintaining those careers. People use Youtube for video streaming, education, health information, entertainment, travel videos etc. Since it has such a wide use, it is estimated that an average user spends 41.9 minutes on Youtube each day including phone App and tv.

70% of youtube views come via social media App. 79% of Youtube users also have their own youtube accounts. These accounts are used to make quality content which is then ranked on Youtube. A great quality content with good number of likes and subscribers makes a youtuber not only famous but rich as well. This is why a lot of people use this app almost everyday. According to 2023 Datareportal, an average android user uses Youtube Mobile App for 23 hours approximately in one month.


TikTok is the most famous app in the modern era. Its impact and influence has crossed regions, continents etc. If the content on this app gets a great number of likes, views and followers it can launch one as a top TikTOk influencer. TikTok influencers are like celebrities and get the privileges like normal celebrities which is why people have been spending a lot of time on this app building their profiles by increasing the number of likes on TikTok

TikTok has approximately 1 billion monthly active users on its platform. It is estimated that a daily android user spends 23 hours 28 minutes every month on TikTok Mobile App. 


Spotify is the most famous and leading music streaming app. It has 515 million active users. 210 million out of these numbers have premium subscriptions. Out of these 44 percent people open Spotify everyday. 

Spotify has changed the game for music creators as its streaming numbers have a great influence on music charts. The good number of plays and streaming on Spotify determine the success of the music created by the creators. It is estimated that on average, a user spends 48 hours on the Spotify app listening to music or organizing their library. It is not shocking considering people use music while exercising, doing home chores, while playing with kids or just for any basic entertainment purpose. 

Music is listened to by people from any age group. 25-34 ages access Spotify the most. 45-54 ages are the least ones interested in opening Spotify.


In this article, we have emphasized on how important social media is and how much time do people spend on social media. We have explained how much social media apps have shaped the modern day internet and its users. We have highlighted the day to day use of these apps and how much time they consume for an average user. Additionally, we have ensured mentioning the usage in terms of gender and age group as well so you can get a proper analysis. We hope this article will prove to be informative and useful.

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