Tips on How to Increase Subscribers on Youtube-Unbelievable Hacks!

Social media platforms have become an indisputable way to earn a luxurious livelihood. In the present age of evolving technology and social media era, people have rushed towards earning money via Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, etc. For every social media platform, a creator has to apply distinct and various strategies in order to gain the best interaction. Youtube is the second most popular and largest search engine on the Internet. In the year 2022, it was found out that in the United States alone, 210 million people are Youtube viewers. These big numbers display that there is a powerful competition on Youtube and gaining subscribers for organic interaction can be difficult. 

On Youtube, increasing the number of subscribers is the prime goal as it can open doors to many opportunities and success eventually. This is why creators are inclined towards buying YouTube likes or getting paid subscribers so their engagement can increase instantly. Despite the competition, there are certain hacks that will ensure your smooth entry into the list of top creators on YouTube. Below, we will discuss easy and smart hacks regarding how to increase subscribers on youtube

Optimization of Your Channel

If your aim is to amplify the number of subscribers on your channel, you must understand the importance of optimizing your channel. No matter how good your content is, it is of no use if it fails to rank and appear in front of youtube users. Below, we will discuss four important parts which, if optimized, can help you rank efficiently on Youtube.  


The title of your Youtube video is the first thing that attracts the interest of the user on Youtube. It has to be appealing enough for users to click on it but most importantly it should appear in people’s searches. In order to get the answer to how to increase subscribers on youtube, one must be cognisant of using appropriate keywords that are related to your niche and can help you gain interaction. Make sure to use a relevant keyword in your title that defines your video. Finding keywords is important which is why you need to conduct research. 

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  • Youtube Search Bar
  • Google Keyword Planner Tool
  • Tube Ranker

Youtube Search Bar

Youtube Search Bar is significant considering it is one of the largest search engines on the internet. Here, you can look into what people are most interested in and which niches or words attract the interest of the users. Simply type the word related to your video to find the most used keyword. For instance, your video is related to nursery rhymes then you will see a list of the most searched keywords as shown below:

From here, you can pick one of the most popular and relevant keywords and use it in your title. So, when the user searches for ‘nursery rhymes for toddlers’, your video appears in the list as well. 

Google Keyword Planner Tool

Google Keyword Planner Tool can help you search good keywords that are relevant to your ideas. Click on “Discover new keywords” and the tool will show you a list. This tool will show you average monthly searches and the level of competition as well. If you like a keyword but it has less competition, you can still work with it. It means that you can find a gap and make videos in the particular niches. If successful, you will create your own popularity and name in the particular niche. It will increase the chances of your fame thus helping you in increasing subscribers on youtube in no time. 

Youtube Ranker

Youtube Ranker is another tool that can help you with finding relevant keywords for your channel on Youtube. You have to add your word and check the performance in the results the tool will provide. Keyword SEO for your youtube videos is important as it can lead you to make a coherent plan with those ranking keywords. It will result in accelerated subscribers on Youtube. Moreover, you can also go back and optimize your previous videos on Youtube. Use RankerTrackerTool to help you in comparing the performance of your videos. 


Description is a short written introduction of your content that gives an overview of your subject being discussed in the content. If rightfully optimized, the description can result in ranking your videos to the top of search results. Youtube gives the limit of 5000 characters for description. It depends on how smartly you can use this space.

One of the hacks that will ensure a good traffic on your videos is the use of keywords in the description. The keyword research you would do with the tools mentioned above will be beneficial for you in many ways. By adding one of the selected keywords in description, youtube will rank your videos. 

Secondly, be creative and make the description short, concise and easy for youtube users to read. You can break your description in headings or pointers so that your point can come across easily. Additionally, you can link the starting time of every topic in the description which is of great help if your videos are longer. 

Let’s take this for an example:

  • TimeStamps: The creator has used timestamps to guide her subscribers. It gives them a plan and consistent idea about the creator’s video. Further, it saves time for the user as they can click on their favorite part. 
  • References: Secondly, the creator has given references from which she has been inspired. This is a good anti plagiarism practice which will save you from disregarding youtube’s community guidelines. 
  • Copyright Claim: Thirdly, she has linked the music used in the video. If you do not link the music to its original creator, Youtube will give a copyright claim. Your video will be taken down. Youtube gives 3 warnings called “strikes” and on the third one Youtube terminates the channel. Hence, make sure to do proper linking so your account growth does not get affected.
  • Hashtags: Fourth, you can use hashtags. You can use 15 hashtags in the description of the video. These hashtags can help you get recognised in no time. We will discuss Hashtags in detail in the latter part of the article.


Just like the description and title, thumbnails are also at the forefront. It has to be attractive, easy and entertaining enough to get clicked. In order to understand the performance of your thumbnails, you have to check what users or your subscribers like the most. This is only possible through experimentation. You have to keep making a lot of content and analyze the results. 

Youtube recommends your videos to people with a bunch of videos. When it appears on the page of a user it is called impression and whenever your video is clicked, it is tracked as the Click. The total number of clicks in contrast to the number of impressions is defined as CLICK-THROUGH RATE. 

Click Through Rate

Click through rate shows if your video is being clicked and considered by youtube for ranking. It compares your video to your competition and sees if you are gaining interactions In order to check it, 

  1. Click on your profile photo.
  2. Click on Youtube Studio and select Analytics. 
  3. Go to Reach and you will see a page indicating the performance of your channel.
  4. Find Impressions on the page. It is the section where you can see the total number of impressions on your channel.
  5. Next step is to see Impression Click Through Rate.
  6. A list of your videos will pop up. 

Your aim is to make sure that your Click through rate goes higher. So, analyze the thumbnails of the videos with the most click-through rate. See the quality, animation, and font. Experiment it on your next video. This is how you can come across what your audience loves and what you should be producing next. 


When it comes to quality, it won’t be wrong to state that high quality videos ensure people are buzzing around one’s content. For instance, if your channel is about education, you must ensure producing videos with good graphics and neat fonts. This is necessary because Youtube is all about competition and people are eager to rank on top. This is why you must level up your game to be considered by youtube users. All these 4 above-mentioned techniques can efficiently help you in understanding how to increase subscribers on youtube in no time.

Thematic Strategy

One of the most important hacks that can help accelerate your subscribers on the platform is by deciding on a theme for your channel. The chances of a user subscribing to a channel depend on its outward appearance foremost. Consistent and a fully managed channel can help you get subscribers. Additionally, when you add your link to your description it will lead directly to your channel. Hence, this will be your very first impression of your channel.

You must ensure keeping a theme. For instance, if your niche is Kids, then your videos should be around their education, playing habits, nursery rhymes, eating habits etc. Moreover, when you add hashtags, then people who are interested in knowing about kids’ activities will find you easily thus it will increase your subscribers rate.

Buying Youtube Subscribers

Another way to amplify the number of subscribers on your Youtube channel is by buying organic and real youtube subscribers. Buy YouTube subscribers offer from Buyrealfollows is one of the best services in the market and it instantly increases subscribers. The most applaudable feature of services from buyrealfollows is that they bring authenticity and credibility to your content. In addition to this, buyrealfollows promises to deliver more than purchased items. This site also offers buying youtube services that can authentically assist your channel to rank higher. 

Add Subtitles

Adding captions is one of the smartest strategies to invite more subscribers to your channel and more views to your videos. Captions/Subtitles display a positive image of your channel on Youtube. It helps you reach across continents, regions etc.

There are more chances that your audience will widen if you add captions. This is because of the language gap. Your language can be understood by everyone hence adding captions can be of great help. A study done by Verizon and Publicis Media states that 80 percent of people prefer subtitles on videos. 

For example, your niche is skin products and a lot of the audience speaking another language is viewing your content. When you add captions for their understanding, they express gratitude in comments and spread the word about your content on youtube to others as well. This is why many creators give the option of translation.

Hashtags Strategy

In the first section of our article, we briefly mentioned hashtags. Let’s take a deeper look now at how and what kind of hashtags can help in increasing subscribers on Youtube. There are three kinds of hashtags that can ensure authentic recognition and visibility on the platform:

  1. Brand
  2. Location
  3. Popular/Famous Tags


Your brand hashtags are your personal tags. These are important and have worked excellently for many creators. You have to pick one hashtag that will represent you for all your future videos as well. For instance, if someone has a brand named Daring then they will keep using the tag named “Daring”. This way, old and upcoming subscribers can find you easily on the platform. Additionally, it will also help you create your own identity on Youtube. You can add these hashtags in title and in the description as well.


Location tags are one of the easiest ways to increase interaction on your channel. These are best for creators who record videos in certain locations to show to their viewers. For instance, a travel blogger would benefit a lot more than any other creator when they use location hashtags.

For instance, a woman blogger in Iceland will gain a lot of subscribers and views on her upcoming videos because she has specified her location. Hence, people who love to see travel videos will be able to find her content through location tags. 

Famous Tags

Famous tags are important because they will cluster your videos with the niche you are working in. You will enter into competition by adding these hashtags and most significantly you will become more visible. The power of a hashtag is undeniable.

For instance, if your video is about fashion, you can keep in mind the current events happening at that time. If Met Gala or an award show is the top topic at the moment then you must consider adding those tags. 


In this article, we have shed light on the smartest hacks that one can easily use to increase subscribers on Youtube. Youtube is a platform where creators are competing with one another. Creators who produce the best quality content, and know how to use youtube analytics and other good tools to enhance their performance can gain youtube subscribers in a small period of time.  

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