15 Youtube Video Ideas That Will Bring You More Youtube Views!

Sometimes we get ideas when we are not even thinking about them, other times we spend hours and hours and nothing comes to mind. YouTube video ideas can be tricky to think about, as content creators we have all been there. YouTube has an audience of billions, every day and it gets 122 million visits. There is a lot of potential in YouTube for everyone as long as you’re putting in the right content. We will be discussing what are the best ideas to make videos on that will also bring views for you.

Giving your audience what they want is probably the best way to gain subscribers, views, and likes. Here we will list the video ideas that are most watched these days.

Why Should You Be Interested in YouTube?

YouTube is a free video-uploading platform, you can create videos without spending tons of money, more quickly, and with minimal equipment. It is a great teaching platform that has thousands of niches and in-depth videos and it has the potential to acquire thousands more. The real problem starts when you can’t think of youtube video ideas, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Creating content on YouTube has its own benefits, engaging your audience with content that is unique and wanted is the best way to gain views. Your YouTube channel is a creative outlet where you can build a personal and closer relationship with your audience, your YouTube channel can bring extra traffic to other social media and affiliate programs. Once your channel is monetized you will have another source of income, having at least two sources of income these days is essential for everyone. 

15 Great Youtube Video Ideas

People around the world spend 1 billion hours watching YouTube content each day. YouTube has so much potential if you choose the right strategy and ideas to showcase your interests and talents. 80% of marketers consider YouTube to advertise their products. People watch YouTube live through the experience of others, our world hasn’t given the same opportunities to all of us.

By watching YouTube videos we can live through those experiences which we might not ever get to do. People also watch videos to educate themselves. YouTube is a family-friendly application and is safe to use and watch. Here are our top youtube video ideas for you. 

  • Behind the scene and Bloopers
  • Explainer Videos 
  • Product Tutorial 
  • AMA Sessions 
  • Travel Content 
  • Interesting Story Times/ Case Studies 
  • Unboxing Videos 
  • Comedy Skits 
  • Talk to your Audience 
  • Start a Vlog
  • Day in the Life 
  • Interviews and Podcasts 
  • Break Down the Science behind Stuff 
  • Exposing Myths 
  • Collaborate with other Creators 

Behind the Scenes and Bloopers 

When you film videos it has many bloopers. Not a lot of people can film videos in one take. The funny conversation you’re having with other people or if you made a mistake and everyone started laughing, you can show these in your videos. You can show the effort you put in before filming a video. For example, if you have a cooking channel and you film yourself cooking, you can also film your trip to the grocery store and show how you choose the perfect ingredients for your recipes. 

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are the ones where you explain how a product/device or service works. In these videos, you can take the product and show where the problem lies and fix it. For example, some phones android or IOS have issues and not everyone is a technical person so they coke to YouTube to look for a solution. Now if you were facing a problem regarding it and you know how to fix it, share it with the world and don’t keep it to yourself. This is one of the top-used youtube video ideas.

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Product Tutorial 

A product tutorial is a video that explains the different features of a service or product. You can also compare different services and products and list the top ones. In product tutorials, you will have to explore every feature and deeply examine its function so you can answer any question that comes your way. For example, you want to invest in software that can help you track the progress of your employees that are working from home.

So to find the best one you’ll have to compare different features like time tracking, location, working hours and other features. When you find the best one, make a video proving your points. 

AMA Sessions

Ask me anything sessions can be recorded and uploaded or you can live stream as well. People who watch you will join and ask questions. You can also put stories on other social media platforms by writing “AMA session on YouTube leave your questions in the box”. This way you’ll have more questions to answer and the video will be long. 

Travel Content

If you’re into traveling or you have been traveling to different cities and countries for work or any other reason. Start filming your shopping hauls, hotel tours, food experience, and such. If you have a drone or a GoPro or simply just your smartphone, please start filming. To post videos on YouTube you need to have content and you can only get that by filming. If you don’t travel much you can show what your town is like the famous places there and the places you should avoid. 

Interesting Story Times/ Case Studies

Story times are videos in which people narrate their experiences with different kinds of things. You can share your life story, any crime story, or any shady accidents that happened to you or your family/friends. It is a diverse niche and can become a series on your YouTube channel. 


We all order ridiculous amounts of stuff online, these items can vary from essential to oh this looks cool. Most of the time we get stuff that we don’t really need and that’s exactly what the internet wants. They want to see what you got, be it a useful gadget to a Harry Potter pencil. You can film random shopping sprees and do a try-on haul for your audience. Unbox packages and list their qualities you can also provide affiliate links for your purchases. 

Comedy skits

Can you make people laugh? Do you think your friends and family find you hilarious? If yes then you can probably write a funny skit and film it. You can also do parodies of famous serious moments give them a little bit of your touch and I’m sure people will be rolling on the floor laughing. 

Talk to Your Audience

When we’re looking for youtube video ideas for our YouTube channel it is for our audiences, to keep them entertained. The goal of gaining views and subscribers on every video can be achieved when you have a loyal audience, you can also buy Youtube views.

A loyal audience is made when you talk and engage with the audience. Make videos on their suggestions, and give shoutouts to their social media or YouTube channels. You can also send gifts to your 100th or 1000th viewer this way your audience knows that you’re active and will answer their questions. 

Start a Vlog

Daily vlogs are getting more views, it is a great way to give an inside view of your life to your audience. You can film any events happening or just. Simple busy Monday of your life. What struggles are you facing and how are you tackling those situations? If you’re buying a new car or moving out of your old house to a new one, redecorating your room, or going on a trip you’ve been planning for a long time. 

A Day in the Life

The Day in the Life video shows what your everyday routine looks like. What tike you wake up, have breakfast or skip it, get ready for school/work or just house chores, lunch, coffee, drinks, party, basically all that happens in your life on a daily basis, showing your routine to people. You can make videos with titles of my morning routine, my skincare routine, my workout routine, my bedtime routine, and my nighttime skincare routine. 

Interviews and podcasts 

We get acquainted with people who are making videos similar to our niche. We get to know how they struggled and made it to the top. But the world doesn’t know their story, you can ask them if they would like to come to an interview you’re hosting and ask them questions, this way people who are interested in your guest’s life will come to your channel and watch the video. 

Break Down the Science behind Stuff

Science can be difficult, most of us dread it because we didn’t get to learn it in the right way. If you have a knack for these types of research you should make videos for people to learn in a fun positive way. You can go in-depth and make videos about Artificial Intelligence, Human psychology, Space-time relativity, and human evolution. These topics are very interesting and people have many questions about them. Be the one who can answer these questions. 

Exposing Myths

Film videos on different types of myths people believe back them up with research. There are myths in every aspect of life, be it fitness, medical, historical, or psychological. You can explore and expose these one by one. For example, the majority of people believe if women lift weights they’ll get bulky, but the truth is that when women lift weights they burn more calories, lose fat, and look leaner. It will also improve the flexibility of your body. 

Collaborate with other creators

Look at something other than the same niche content creators as the competition, look at them like you’re a team. Do not try to bring them down. You can share your audience with them. Collaboration is a fun way to share your audience with each other. Text them if you have their contact info or on their social media platforms, share your youtube video ideas with them, and ask if they would want to collaborate with you. 

Why it is important to research your niche before making youtube videos

You can not cover all different niches at once, making a diverse niche YouTube channel can make you overwhelmed, choose the niche you love and enjoy working on. It can be related to fashion, makeup, fitness, food, or any other niche. To increase the reach on your youtube content you can go for the option of buying youtube likes and views because these numbers really impact the user or audience .The YouTube algorithm pushes your content toward an audience who is interested in your niche and audience. Having a niche is important due so your content can get more views, likes, and subscribers. 


How can I start a YouTube channel? 

To start a YouTube channel you need to sign in on a mobile device or computer. Upload a profile picture, you’ll be asked if you want to create a YouTube channel, press yes. Fill in and check all the details and confirm to create a channel. 

What is the age requirements for creating a YouTube channel? 

A child must be 13 years old to use the services of YouTube. However, there are parents or legal guardians who operate the channel for their kids. 

Do kid YouTubers get paid?

Yes, if the kid YouTubers have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time and reach a $100 threshold. They will get paid through AdSense. 

Does YouTube pay monthly? 

Yes, once you’ve reach the threshold of $100, Google pays YouTubers through AdSense on 21st and 26th of each month. 

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