How to Increase Youtube Views? -Tips to Get More Views 

As we know our whole wide world is getting dominated by videos, and every social media platform has given an option for uploading videos. YouTube gets more than 14 billion visits every month, more than any platform out there. Our top tips include keeping a check on YouTube basics, using Metadata so your video can get a chance to get recommended after a popular video, making a catchy title, and making videos no one else is making. In this article, we are going to discuss how to increase youtube views by implementing different tips and techniques.

What counts as a view on youtube? 

When someone intentionally plays a video and watches it for 30 seconds, it counts as a view. If the same viewer watched the video again or more than once, each time it will be counted as a view. If you watch your own video, it will be counted as a view as well. But if you watch your video again and again, it will be detected by YouTube. If you have uploaded a link to other platforms and are embedded link, any views you’re getting from there will be counted by YouTube. The real question is How to increase youtube views?, because without youtube views your channel won’t get much fame. Let’s explore some YouTube video ideas as well as tips to get views.

15 Tips on How to increase youtube views?

Make sure your YouTube basics are up to date

When we workout it is recommended to warm up at first. Same goes with your YouTube account, you have to check out if all of the checkboxes are ticked. You need to figure out a consistent identity for your account. The about section of your channel should be well explained and informative, also your contact information should be updated so your customers or future brand partners can contact you easily. 

Select your goals wisely that should be niche specific 

To be successful on any social media platform or in life you need to set ruthlessly achievable goals. Now that you have a YouTube channel and you’ve thought about the type of content you want to post you need to get shooting. While shooting keep in mind that you’re not creating content for the whole world, you’re making it for your audience. Always listen to your audience. 

Research and improve your channels search ranking 

YouTube is a social media platform as well as a search engine. So, if you want to know how to increase youtube views. Then you’ll have to make sure your videos show up at the top of the search. For that you have to optimise your YouTube videos and your channel as well. 

To rank well you need a tool that can help you find keywords that has the most volume. By using this you can make content that people want, track the progress and find keywords. 

Use metadata

If you made a YouTube account and started uploading videos,and don’t know how to increase youtube views. Take a look at your competitors’ videos. See the pattern they are using. It is YouTube’s top priority to keep it’s audience on the app as long as they can, this is why the algorithm feeds one video after another to the viewers. 

Algorithm takes help from keywords, when a person watches a video with specific keywords algorithm brings in other videos using the same keywords as “play next”. Don’t just copy paste your competitors metadata to your video, make sure you think of every aspect. The audience wouldn’t want to watch the same video again, so now you should make a more in depth video about the topic. 

The title should be perfect 

Titles are the most important part of any video. This determines if someone will click and watch your videos or scroll past it. Using keywords in the title will help you get ranked by the YouTube algorithm. To write a great title keep these tips in mind. 

  • It should be between 60 to 70 characters 
  • Represents the content accurately
  • Should include a number 
  • Add parentheses 
  • Spark curiosity 

An example title, worked out every day for a month, here’s what changed, rather than how-to videos. YouTube is up to the brim with how-to videos.

Write a detailed description 

While writing a description for your video keep in mind to use keywords. Keywords are very important especially in the title and description of your videos. Make sure you take your time to make a keyword rich start. Because the first few phrases of YouTube video description serve as the preview for your videos and are read by humans. So, when you’re writing the description make sure you’re writing for humans and not bots. 

Use the tags

To understand what your video is about YouTube looks at its tags, so do not neglect this part. You can add tags in the video details section. Use keywords and alternate words that you think people might search. If you’re a fitness trainer yiu can add “workout” “exercise” but if you go in depth you can add “cardio” “HIIT” “fitness journey” “entertainment”. 

Make compelling thumbnails 

Make your own thumbnails, it is easy to make some really cool thumbnails but they should be accurate. There are people who go over the edge for making them enticing and clickbait. But for the long run, your thumbnails should accurately represent your video. To stand out make sure you have a picture from the video with a good expression and write in a big font with colors like red, black, and white. 

Think of new ideas, make videos that no one else is making 

As we have discussed before, how-to videos have already been made and have high search volume and views. Recreating a famous video that has 1-2 million views is not wise, you will be wasting your time. Instead make a video that has a new ting in it, that will add value to your brand. 

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Interact with your viewers to know them better 

Engaging with the audience is another word for building YouTube relationships. The goal is to get realistic sustainable views you can also buy youtube views for your YouTube channel. Interaction with the viewers that leave a comment on your video will make sure they will remember you and your politeness. They will care more about you and subscribe and watch other videos. 

  1. Promote your YouTube videos on other social media platforms 

There are a few do’s and don’ts in this area. If you give a direct link from your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Social media platforms want to keep their audience on their platform. When you post a link and tell them to follow the algorithm will automatically stop favouring that content. Also do not upload you entire video on Instagram Tiktok or Facebook, if you do this you will not get as much views on your YouTube channel. Instead, upload a glimpse on your social media and add a direct link to the video. 

Enable embedded links

By enabling embedded links your fans will be able to promote your work for you. The more people uploading the more people will watch your videos. There is a default option on YouTube that allows all domains, but if you had restricted it in the past you can reverse it by making a few changes. 

Transcribe your YouTube videos 

Studies have shown that 85% of the videos are watched with sound off (source). So, adding captions to your videos will help you achieve more views as well as help hearing-impaired people. Also having a transcript of your video will make translation easier, it will open your account to an international audience. So stop wondering how to increase youtube views, just follow these simple tips.

Post at the right time

Now that you have followed all the steps about how to increase youtube view and you’re ready to post the video you’ll need to check one last thing. The appropriate time to upload a video? It totally depends on your audience, you need to upload your video when most of your audience is live. To check that you can use an analytics tool. 

Keep a close eye on the analytics 

Keeping a close look on analytics can tell you a lot about your audience. It can be very useful, when you see your audience statistics going diwn you will know what kind of content your audience does not like. At this moment you can throw in a video card so your audience can keep on watching your video instead of leaving your page altogether. 

What makes more views on YouTube?

IThere are different factors that contribute to more views on YouTube. Engaging and high-quality content, people tend to watch those videos that are clear and of good quality, so use a good camera to film videos. Other factors include a title encourages to click, a good thumbnail, video description containing keywords. 

How do I engage more views on YouTube?

To get more views, create content that resonates with your target audience. To get better results about your query of how to increase youtube views , it is better to do a little research about their preference and interests so you can make videos according to that. Engage with your audience, reply to their comments politely, answer any questions they have. Having more likes and views on your content make your audience to engage more on your account, but getting quick likes on youtube is a long process , instead of this most of influencers are more inclined to buy youtube likes in their initial stages of the youtube vlogging journey.

Does YouTube recommend videos with more views?

When YouTube recommends videos, the algorithm takes into account of different factors, including views, engagement metrics, watch time, comments, shares. Algorithms suggest videos that keep the user on the platform for a long time. (source)

More views do not automatically translate to more visibility in YouTube’s recommendations.

Should we buy YouTube views?

Even though buying YouTube views is generally not recommended. However, buying YouTube views can increase the view count on your videos which can be helpful. 

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