How To Get More Comments On Instagram? -Questions That Will Help You Get Comments

Technology is advancing and so is Instagram. With every update, Instagram users get brand-new tools or outstandingly new features that end up setting applaudable trends. Due to these upcoming trends, and the constantly changing algorithm of Instagram, users have to devise engaging strategies. One of these strategies is asking questions in captions to invite followers to respond.

If your post has intriguing questions it can even psychologically impact nonfollowers to respond which can positively alleviate your post’s engagement. In this article, we will discuss how to get comments on instagram to increase your overall engagement.

Understanding and Adjusting With the Ever Changing Algorithm of Instagram

Understanding Algorithm is a way of ranking your content among innumerable posts from all over the world based on the analytics and performance of your post. It has a major influence on how your content is perceived and how much engagement it will receive.

Working to get comments on one of your random posts is not enough, you need to understand the change in algorithm to maximize your engagement. There are multiple factors in the Instagram algorithm but they change according to new trends. 

For instance, in 2022, Instagram’s prime focus was Videos and not photos (Reels were not trendy yet). Hence, it aimed to rank the videos with most likes, comments and overall engagement. Users who made content with the target of achieving a bigger audience through views and comments on videos received more interactions. 

Fast forward to 2023, reels have become the giant magnet to gain likes and comment which is why the present algorithm prioritizes quality reel content. Creators are now working towards gaining more likes and comments on their reels in order to make them viral.

In the present day, if a content’s creator strategy only focuses on photos and videos it is likely that their content won’t receive good interaction. Due to this less interaction (likes, comments, views) their content would barely show up on the explore page causing a low rate of engagement overall. This is why understanding the present algorithm is important in order to understand how to get more comments on instagram.

2023 Algorithm of Instagram 

Conversational Content

To gain more interactions, popularity and engagement on your Instagram you have to comply with Instagram’s present Algorithm. The current algorithm of Instagram has a dominant focus on the comments section. 

For some time, people have been showing interest in trends and platforms that promote conversations. It’s a new wave where it is not only about posting and waiting for interactions rather living it in real time for e.g, BeReal.

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It seems like instagram also wants to pay attention to conversational interactions as noticed in a reel posted by Mosseri (CEO of Instagram)  in December 2022. One of the main points he stated is that Instagram Algorithm is focused on “sparking conversation between people”.

Content that will flow between creator and users on instagram will get the best of Instagram’s Algorithm. When a user and creator have conversation via comments that is the most original interaction. A study by Tailwind stated that by replying to comments the engagement rate increases by 15%. Hence, comments are the best to keep people engaged in real time about real conversations. 

This is not only restricted to posts/reels but can be applied to stories and reels as well. For 2023, Instagram’s focus is not only the number of increasing likes but also comments that will spark conversions. Hence, it will favor the content that will keep the conversations going. 

Focus on Photos

In addition to this, in 2023 Instagram Algorithm is bringing the focus back on photos as it was originally a Photo App. This is the result of criticism instagram has received for ignoring photos and prioritizing videos on the platform. As stated earlier, comments are the cardinal focus.

So, if creators want a lot of comments they can also post high quality photos with engaging captions.Sometime users tend to comments on a post which is popular and got more likes than other post.Increasing likes on your photos is an easy way to get more comments , for that you can buy instagram likes for your content to get more and more engagement. 

Instagram Reels

Viral Reels are money making machines in today’s social media. If you want to attract followers that would leave comments on your account then ensure asking interesting and friendly questions in your reels. As many people will interact with your reels, they will leave comments leading to increasing engagement on your account.

If your reels get enough interaction via comments you can go to the Explore page ensuring great traffic from all over the world. Having a lot of views attract more audience and more audience means more comments. If you want more views on your reels you can simply buy Instagram views to get a high amount of authentic views which will eventually get you a lot of comments in the coming time. 

Questions That Will Get You More Comments on Instagram

To produce an effective post with gripping captions is a way to have successful engagement that can lead to an increased number of followers or simply you can buy Instagram followers to attract more audience to get more comments on your post. Asking questions on Instagram whether it is on a post or a story is a great instagram marketing strategy because it gives you an insight into your followers and their activities related to your account.

Understanding their likes and dislikes at a psychological level can help you gain their favor and in return love your content. Below, we will discuss the types and nature of questions that will amplify interactions on your account. 

  • Post Questions
  • Story Questions
  • Live Videos Questions

Post Questions

As mentioned earlier, conversational captions are a way to go if you want to follow 2023’s algorithm of Instagram. A genuine conversation will only occur if you show good interest in the user’s preferences. When your questions show curiosity and care for your followers it will develop a trust between the creator and users and they consider never leaving your account. There are different types of questions that you can ask in your captions in order to initiate a conversation.

Current Affairs

One of the most effective questions that invite replies from users are current affairs. Social media is the prime source of awareness of any kind of current activity happening in the world. Instagram stories and posts are used by major influencers and celebrities to invite people to start discussions about important issues. 

For instance, George Floyd’s death at the hands of white police officers sparked the conversation about racial injustice and the flawed criminal system of America. In order to ensure all Black voices can be heard, celebrities posted about this ongoing topic and comments underneath continued the conversation. 


  • Covid life has transferred me to digital media more than ever. In what ways your post covid life is different from Covid life?
  • Do you often think about the after effects of Climate Change and how you can help it?
  • Please join me in helping victims of * flood. Will you help us in making a change?

Regular Life Questions

Asking your audience regular life questions will undoubtedly get responses. It all depends on your timing. For example, near weekends you can ask questions related to off days.

  • Weather is calm and serene for a walk on the weekend. What are your plans?
  • My week was exhausting. I will be eating at a cafe with my friends this Saturday. How have you planned to spend your weekend this time?
  • I am helping Breakfast Club to launch this weekend? Will you join me?
  • I recently bought this dress at * shop. There is 50 % sale in * stores this weekend. Will you be visiting?

These questions have both a tone of warmth and care but also present a great opportunity to promote your/other brands. Furthermore, they are quick to read and easy to answer which is why there are more chances your followers will reply in no time. 

Story Questions

2023 Instagram’s Algorithm for stories has a huge dependency of how much a user has interacted with questions on your stories. For instance, one of your followers finds your questions amusing and replies to most of them. Instagram will prioritize your story on their page the most.

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This is why it is important to know what your followers are expecting and plan according to that. There are three prominent ways of questioning on Instagram Stories. 


Go to Your Instagram Story. Click on a Sticker like icon on the top. It will open a list of features including polls, questions and quizzes. Polls are not questions but they do ask your followers to rate a certain thing resulting in interaction. For example, if you are a clothing brand on instagram, you can ask which kind of summer design your followers would love the most? Whether they would like unstitched or stitched clothes more? etc. 

The reason why polls are popular among creators is because they are a quick way of interaction. Users just need to click on yes or no and it will submit their interaction. Some important questions you can ask on your instagram polls:

  • Which flavor/color do you like the most?    Left/Right
  • Should I consider stocking blue gloss or white gloss?    Blue/White
  • Is our customer service satisfactory?      Yes/No


This second type of questioning is where roles reverse and users ask you questions this time. How can that be helpful in gaining interaction? Well, it is helpful because this particular feature can make your followers curious about your life. Instagram algorithm is all about prioritizing the content based on the interest of the user. Hence, if you can develop the curiosity about yourself as a creator you have then won this game of interaction. 


Quizzes is another feature present in Instagram stories. In this, as a creator, you give multiple choice from which the user chooses based on their likes. This is a great way to understand the preferences of the audience you are entertaining on your account. 


  • Which foundation do I prefer the most?     Haus Labs / Two Faced
  • Where should my next book premier take place? 

All of these types of questioning ways are important because they will help you set the tone of your account. It gives your followers confidence that they can trust you. When you ask them questions it also gives them the idea of the creator as “friendly”. Knowing what your followers want is a skill that will aid you in planning strategies to get the most likes from users on instagram. 

Live Video Questions

Beside questions on post and on stories, questions asked amidst live videos matter as well. Many influencers and celebrities use this strategy to increase their time of live videos by involving fans in their question answer sessions. 

84% users/customers buy products if they watch video rather than other social media posts. As a creator, you can ask your audience about their preferences on new items you have in your mind, new ideas for your business or page and even discussions about ongoing social/political issues. 

It is not necessary that only your followers join your live stream. For instance, if you ask people about which team will win the next match while the world cup is a hot topic, they will comment on different answers according to their choices. Other people will join for fun interactions which will lead to increasing views hence your live video will get exceptional engagement. 


In this article, we have conversed about the importance of instagram’s algorithm and what is the 2023 algorithm of instagram. It is essential to understand the algorithm of Instagram in order to understand how to get more comments on Instagram. This is why we have focused mainly on the present algorithm the most. 

Furthermore, we have discussed the type of questions that can open a conversation between a creator and users to increase engagement rate. Additionally, we have explained how good questions asked at great times via using instagram features can get you more comments on your account resulting in exceptional growth. 

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