Using Instagram Stories for Business: The Beginning of a New Era for Marketing

When people are using Instagram they are more attracted to the accounts which put more effort into their content, especially the content they post on stories. Influencers who use insta stories to interact and communicate with their audience tend to get more engagement rate than the ones who don’t.

Most Instagram users get interested in the product after watching it on Instagram stories. So using Instagram Stories for business is the best way to promote. There is a quick messaging option that can be used to ask for more details about the product. 58% of people get interested in the brand and product after watching their story. If you’re good at selling your product, then the algorithm will help you in not-so-mysterious ways. If you have more views on your stories then the Instagram algorithm will push your content towards more viewers. You can also buy real Instagram stories views

How to use Instagram stories for business

Instagram stories are full-screen vertical videos or pictures that stay on your account for 24 hours and then move on to the archive story section. Most people post their daily life adventures and moments in these stories. There are different options for making them fun, like adding gifs, stickers, music, and filters. Let’s get back to the question. How to make Instagram stories for business? 

  1. Go into the Instagram app, and click on the blue plus icon on your screen. 
  2. At the bottom of your screen menu choose the story option. 
  3. You can capture live images or videos or you can choose from your phone gallery. 
  4. If you want to take a picture just press the white circle. 
  5. If you want to make a video, press and hold the circle on your screen. 
  6. Now you can edit these images, however you like. You can add different stickers that say, buy now, now available, swipe to see the product. 
  7. Show people the effort you put into your brand, show them what goes on behind the curtain. 
  8. Interact with your followers, use polls, and quizzes, and ask them questions. 
  9. Get your brand promoted by content creators. 
  10. Be creative with your stories, the aesthetics mean a lot these days. Your stories should be aesthetically pleasing. 

Is it possible to earn from Instagram stories? 

Yes, it is possible to earn money from Instagram stories. Instagram gave the story feature in 2016, and it has been a success. People use this feature more often than posting images on Instagram. Instagram stories for businesses are an amazing way of generating more followers and revenue. 

Instagram Influencer marketing has taken over social media. If a person with a good amount of followers reviews your brand or product, then it is most likely that people will visit your store and purchase something. Influencers create sponsored content for businesses and promote it on their Instagram story and tag your brand. This way people get to know about your product. 

According to Hootsuite, there are about 200 million Instagram accounts that visit at least one business profile per day. 

Once you have an average following on your Instagram account, you can try promoting affiliate products. In affiliate marketing, you are given a unique link to a service or a product. When someone purchases that service or product, you get the discussed commission.

Different ways influencers can earn from Instagram stories for business

There are 500,000 Influencers on Instagram that are active and an average Instagram account with a good following makes an average of $100 to $1400 per sponsored post. An influencer starts making money once they have a good following and reach. Instagram doesn’t directly pay the users. These people earn from sponsors and affiliate marketing. Here’s a list of ways influencers earn money. 

Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are a great way of earning money online, most of the income for influencers depends on sponsored posts. A brand reaches out to an influencer to advertise their service or product in a short video or images on an Instagram story or on their grid. In this way, the audience gets more insight into the brand and its products. 

Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is another means of monetizing Instagram stories. To use this service an influencer uses a unique link tracking link or a promo code in the stories, and when someone clicks or buys that product the influencers get a commission.

One of the benefits of promoting an affiliate product is that the influencers only promote the products they genuinely enjoy using and are good purchases. These are also like reviews and more revenue can be generated by affiliate marketing. 

Collaborations with Brands 

Collaborating with brands are of different types ,icluding product launches  and includingve partnerships .Sometimes brands simply apprach the influencers through email or directly approaching through social media and ask for collaborations to promote their products and services. A most common way to promote the product and services of brands is to showcase them through posting stories and making reels on them because these two Instagram features get more views and likes.

When users visit the influencer’s profile the first thing they notice is the number of views on that specific reel about the product, which they want to buy.

Increased number of views and An increase draft users to buy that product or service, in those cases if you are a influencer, yo,u can simply buy instagram views to boost your Instagram reels. 

Tips to follow while posting Instagram stories for business 

Now as we know every other person is using this feature for either personal or professional use. Now the question is, how do we stand out from all these brands? Here are some tips to follow if you want your brand to stand out and be successful. 

Tip 1: Brand Aesthetics 

The aesthetics of the brands helps the individual to keep their brand identity consistent and aligned. Maintaining the color, style, and shape of your brand helps the audience to identify your brand. Make sure the aesthetics of your brands are unique and different from your competitors and depict their true intentions.

Tip 2: Eye-Catching Visuals 

Having good-quality videos and images is an all time must for any brand. Tall-time nail or visual clip should be good enough to stop the thumb scroll. High-quality images capture the imagination and attention of the viewers. When you put out high-quality images, it shows your commitment to your work. The success of a brand is all about if the brand goes the extra mile for the customers or not. 

If you want your content to be ranked and liked by most of the audience make sure it is of good quality, the images of any brand should be of high quality to get the attention of the user while he/she scrolling on Instagram. It’s a fact that high-quality content always captures users’ attention and makes them watch that whole reel or view story again and again resulting in increasing story views and several likes. 

When a brand puts effort and creates good quality content it shows their commitment toitsr audits which is the essay step for the success of any brand. 

Tip 3: Use Interactive Features 

Instagram story allows you to interact with your users effectively. There area lott of new feature through wa lot you can connect with our audience and increase theiyourevel of interest in your content. You can simply start by using features like polls, Q&A sessions, and quiz options. These small activities on your stories will give you a brief idea that how many of your followers are active and how many of them are interested in your content. This will also help you to improve your content and will get you more Instagram likes and views. 

Tip 4: Location Tags and Hashtags 

Posting quality content is one good thing, the other thing you can do for more views and likes is to edit them effectively. Using proper hashtags in your post is an easy and effective way to get more relevant traffic on Instagram.For example, if you’re a brand that sells beauty products you can use #skincare #clearskin, you shouldn’t be using hashtags like #heavybikes. Location tags are also good, if you put location tags, your customers can easily find out your shop or office. You have to put tags that are niche specific.

Tip 5: Use Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram story highlights are very helpful, they let you save and categorize your stories. New and old followers can watch them anytime they want. So, if you posted your professional journey in stories you’ll be able to highlight it and keep it on your account. 

Tip 6: Add Text to Your Stories 

There is a study that most people watch stories and reels on mute. There is a 40% more chance of people watching your stories if you add on text. 

Tip 7: Post at High-activity Timing 

There is an option on Instagram that tells you what is the best time to post on your feed. It generally estimates when most when of your audience is active and has more chance of showing up in their feed. 

Tip 8: Performance Metrics

If you keep a lookout for performance metrics then you can see what your audience likes and wants to see more. Once you’ve figured out what your audience likes, make more content like it and post. 

Tip 9: Be Consistent 

Being consistent in posting on your Instagram is the key to success. The Instagram algorithm picks up accounts and shows them in the feed of people who have liked similar accounts and posts. Being consistent shows that you are active on your account. 


Instagram stories for businesses have become kind of like a necessity for businesses. By using Instagram stories businesses can interact with their audience daily. It is an important part of today’s marketing strategy for businesses and rightfully so. Instagram has free features that can make your stories unique from everyone else. To make the most of these features you should follow all the tips mentioned such as maintaining brand image/aesthetics and good picture quality. Instagram stories have opened new opportunities for small and big business owners around the globe. 

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