Instagram Story Analytics: How to Measure the Metrics that Matter

It’s always good to know how social media metrics work especially when you are a marketer or influencer because as noInstagramam stories are more famous than Snapchat stories, so many of you want to know how to measure your content’s growth. To track down where your content is ranking, Instagram story analytics is one of the important metrics in analyzing the insights of your posts on your Instagram profile including reels, images, and stories. understanding these metrics can make you increase the number of views on your profile and stories

How can you view Instagram Story analytics?

Instagram stories work best for brand awareness campaigns, according to a survey, 62% of people said that they get more attracted towards a brand after seeing it in an Instagrams story, The easiest and most used way to view your Instagram story analytics, and for that, you must have a business account on instgram. if you have this just follow below mentioned easy steps 

  • Open your Instagram app, go to my profile sections 
  • Click the insights option, which is shown above the story highlights.
  • There will be a list of different contents that you have shared, scroll it down and click on the stories shared option.
  • There you will see all the stories that you have shared, there are different options for time frames that you can choose. select a time frame and click on it.
  • After selecting the period, those stories will appear with metrics that you have posted in the selected period.
  • In each story you will be able to see different metrics offered by Instagram story analytics ; 
  1. Content interactions 
  2. Replies 
  4. Navigation 
  5. Exited 
  6. Forward 
  7. Back
  8. Next story 
  9. Polling result 

Analyzing these metrics can give you an edge on creating or sharing the content which brings more likes to your instgram stories.

Other ways to see Instagram story metrics are by using the Facebook business suite, creator studio, and commerce manager.

Understanding the basics of  Instagram Story metrics that  you should track

Stories on Instagram are a great way to engage with your audience and spread awareness about your brand. here are some basic metrics that you need to learn about and should track to get a better outcome for your marketing campaign on Instagram through stories.

  1. Reach the number of different users who watch your stories.
  2. Impressions: Total number of times someone viewed your stories.
  3. Replies: the number of replies and dm you get through your Instagram stories.
  4. Completion rate: the percentage of viewers who watched your whole story from start to end.
  5. Taps: This means the number of taps you got on your story forward and backward.
  6. Link clicks The number of times viewers swiped up on your Story to visit your website or landing page.
  7. Sticker taps: The number of times viewers tapped on the interactive elements of your Story, such as polls, quizzes, or stickers.

When you measure these metrics, it will become easier for you to point out what kind of content and stories will have the most positive effect for your brand. The results can then lead to a better and improved strategy for your audience. For instance, if you have picked an Instagram poll strategy and it has been receiving positive feedback and great engagement then you can work on it in future as well.

Other Significant Things Beside the Basic Metrics to Measure with Instagram Stories Analytics

Following are the other significant things beside the basic metrics that we have mentioned above. These can help you acquire more insight regarding your audience and give you a better understanding on how to improve your strategies:

  1. Story Interactions: This counts as the total number of clicks (tapping forward, back, and swipe) on your instagram stories. These metrics help you to get an idea about how people are engaging with your content and also why you are losing your followers. 
  1. Increase the number of Followers: stories on Instagram can be the driving force for increasing followers by measuring metrics of your most popular stories, you can create content that attracts more relevant followers. 
  1. Demographics:  Demographic information by insta about your followers, which includes their age, country, and gender. 
  1. Hashtag performance: Using hashtags in your stories can be an effective way to rank your content among the desired and relevant audience., You can track their performance using Instagram analytics. 
  1. Conversion rate: Using insta stories for promoting brands and services is the best way to market them, you can easily track the conversion rate to check how many people are taking action on your stories like making a purchase, filling out a form, etc.
  1. Story mention: When you are mentioned in someone’s story, there are more chances that your brand will receive more recognition. It has positive results when a popular influencer or celebrity mentions your brand in their insta stories 

When you track these metrics mentioned above you comprehend how Instagram stories work and this leads to better formation of your content strategy.


Instagram Metrics are important if you wish to comprehend effective instagram marketing campaigns. When it comes to instagram metrics, story interactions are most important. It is because Instagram users tend to click the circle around your profile when they discover an account. This is why many brands, celebrities and influencers promote via using the stories feature since it’s the fastest way to promote something. When a marketer keeps a check on these kinds of analytics they tend to make better decisions regarding marketing which leads to more followers and interactions. This is why understanding Instagram metrics is significant. 

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