How Can I See Who Views My Instagram Videos and Gain Valuable Insights?

Views on Instagram only refer to the number of times your story or video post is played or seen by other users. Instagram views algorithm works differently for different content like photos, videos, stories, etc. Views on Instagram videos indicate its popularity among other users and you can easily check the number of views on any Instagram video or reel.

 An increased number of views means more users will watch your video because Instagram’s algorithm works in a way that if your video got some 100 organic views then this video will surely appear on other user explorer pages without any advertisement. When marketers or influencers post any video on Instagram they usually ask that “Can I see who views my Instagram videos”, the simple answer is that, there is no such feature on Instagram that allows you to check the profiles of users who watched your video/reel.

The views on your Instagram reels or videos count whenever someone clicks on the videos and watches them for 3 seconds.  Contrary to any other social media platform Instagram counts the view when the video starts playing even if the user taps back or scrolls and dont watch the whole video.

 It is very important to note that you can see who viewed your videos or reels but you can see who likes and comments on your videos along with several views. with the new feature of reels which was introduced by Instagram on August 5, 2020, it became a trend to showcase your skills or art through reels.

To check your post’s popularity you just need to gather all the data and insights from your business account by clicking on the insights option that appears on your profile, or you can check the number of views or likes on your videos and check if it’s trending on Instagram explorer page or not, that’s an easy way to boost profile views by uploading more relatable content that is getting more views or likes.

How can i check who views my Instagram videos?

If you are wondering “can I see who views my Instagram videos” then the answer is no. You can not check who viewed your Instagram video but you can surely check the number of views and likes on your video. By clicking the insights option on your post you can check how many accounts it has reached and other details.

How can I check plays /views on my Instagram reels?

Yes, you can see the number of plays on your Instagram reels by simply following these  steps 

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone and go to your profile 
  • Click the reels option below the bio section 
  • You will see the number of plays on that reel along with the play icon.

Instagram only allows you to check the number of plays on the reel, it can not show who played your video. you can also check the list of people who liked your video in the like section at the bottom of the reel. 

To get more insights into the reel performance you can go to the insights option which is available at the bottom of the reel and it will give you detailed information related to the number of views, likes, comments on video posts and how many times your video is being shared or saved. 

 Nowadays after Instagram’s several updates, Instagram videos are now converted into reels. as per the Instagram survey video content receives 2 times the normal engagement rate and reels take up to 32% time of the users spend on any social media (source). This is why influencers and brands are more focused on making video content and they are more concerned about the status of their like how many likes and views it got.

 As per a study in June 2022, Instagram reels had a much higher user reach than posts on the social app. Instagram accounts with 500 followers had a positive reach of up to 90%, and image posts received an engagement reach of up to 77%. profiles on Instagram with more than 500 and 100 followers received the reach through insta reels up to 152% and compared to reels on Insta, images got reached up to 27 % which is very low.  source 

Can i check who viewed my Instagram Images? 

Unlike reels, Instagram doesn’t have a view count feature for image posts, you can only check several likes, comments, share and save. through these, you can measure the performance of your image posts on your accounts.

Can I see who views my Instagram videos on the story? 

Views for insta story works by counting the number of times other users viewed your story. when you post a story on Instagram, and Instagram only counts unique views for the story. like if you have to watch someone’s story it will be counted as one unique view, viewing it again and again from the same account will not be counted as multiple views. The story option appears on top of your follower’s feed, and each time a new person views your story it counts as a view.

To enhance the reach of your story you need to make your profile public .you will get limited views on your story when your account is private because in that case only your limited will be able to view your story.

if your query is ” Can I see who views my Instagram videos on the story? Then yes , the Instagram story has insight features as you can just swipe up your story and see in the activity area who viewed your story and who liked it. story likes are a new feature in Instagram, now you can also like the story of another person. the main point here to consider is that the Instagram algorithm makes your story pop up first in those accounts which are already engaging with your content. This means you need to be more creative to get more followers on your account.

If you are new to Instagram and wondering “can i see who views my Instagram videos on the story then you have to follow these steps 

 step 1

 Share something in your story like a post or video 

step 2

Then wait for some time and click on the story icon showing on top of your screen, open your story 

step 3

You will see the activity icon at the bottom down of the screen when you are viewing your own insta story 

Click on the activity icon, and there you will get different insights about your story. There are names of the viewers, who viewed your story, and also there is a heart icon that allows you to check who liked your story as well.

Stories are a great way to increase your followers on Instagram accounts because the average Instagram user spends almost 28 minutes of the day watching Instagram stories (source). Stories work wonders for the brands who promote their product through stories also, it increases their sale by 15 to 25% (source)

How can I check video views in Instagram Direct Messages?

To check views on your video in the Instagram direct message  follow these simple steps 

step 1

you need to open your app and go to your direct message section through the paper plane or messenger icon at the top corner of your screen. 

Step 2 

 Open the conversation in the message section in which you have shared your video.

Step  3

Click on the video and you will see the number of views /plays at the bottom, which will show how many times this video is being played or viewed by the other users in the message. 

How to check who Viewed My Instagram Profile?

Instagram doesn’t provide a feature to check your profile visitors, it can only show the number of views like, comments, and shares on your post. So if any third party claims that they can provide you with a feature that allows you to check who viewed your profile then these apps and software are not authorized and can harm your account’s privacy. 

If you have a business account you can check the number of profile views according to gender and age in the profile insights section.

Why views on Instagram videos are important? 

For marketers and influencers because it shows how much your content is being liked by other users. The level of interest in your content can be measured through the number of views you are getting on your Instagram videos that’s why most commonly asked question is “Can I see who views my Instagram videos

Producing more good video content can benefit you in several ways if you are a brand or influencer, good video content always helps accounts to reach maximum followers and engagement.

 An interesting facts about analyzing the views on your video is that you can create your own custom audience by tracking a number of views and insights of a video that you have posted on your instagram account through this you can attract a large number of authentic likes and followers on your Instagram account. Insights option on instagram gives you a detailed engagement ratio along with the gender percentage like  how many females have interacted on your video and how many males have interacted on your video.

 Insights also gives you age range which you can use while creating the reel ads for your targeted audience.

  • For that you just need to login in to your facebook ad manager 
  • Second you need to click on the creat an ad option .
  • In thirdr step click on custom audience 
  • After selecting your audience you will go for the video option as your source of targeting the specific audience 

 Can i see who viewed my Instagram videos through different tools?

Well if you search on the internet “can i see who views my Instagram videos” then many third-party tools and apps will appear in your search results which will claim that they can provide you the list of users who viewed your profile.

But before installing any app like this please keep in mind that Instagram does not allow any third-party app to access this sensitive information, so any app claiming this is the biggest threat to your Instagram account because they ask you to provide your username and password, which could be used for other harmful purposes. So it is important to secure your Instagram accounts’ privacy in the first place.


We see that with the increasing popularity of insta reels and trends, users want to know more about their account’s insights but there are limitations on the insights that users can have. As you know Instagram only provides features to check views, likes, comments, shares, and the number of saves you have got on your video.

Instagram strictly does not allow any other third-party app to access this type of information. Therefore it is generally suggested to not use these tools and third-party app as it has many security risks, your account’s privacy might get compromised and may result in hacking your info and data. It is important to prioritize the privacy of your account and try not to use any other spammy tools which violate Instagram privacy terms. 


How do Instagram videos get views?

Instagram videos essentially get more views and recognition when one uses hashtags. Relevant and used hashtags attract the most attention and followers on your videos. Additionally, good editing and also accurate captions suiting the videos help as well.

Can you see who viewed your Instagram video?

No, one cannot see who has viewed their Instagram video. One can count the number of views that the particular video has acquired, however, Instagram does not show the profiles who have watched your Instagram video. On the other hand, Instagram stories do show who has viewed one’s Instagram’s video on stories.

How much does Instagram pay for 1,000 views?

The average pay rate for Instagram videos getting 1000 views is $0.10 to $0.50. This is not a fixed value and can be changed depending on influencers. Some influencers have stated that they have earned $5 as well for a video with 1000 views.

How to get 1k views on Instagram?

To get 1k views on an Instagram video, choose one niche and create content revolving around that particular niche. This is important to capture the attention of a specific audience. When you get successful in developing an audience you can easily get views above 1k on your videos. 

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