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Instagram Services

Instagram is now one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. It has become an everyday part of people’s lives, especially for Gen-Z. Audiences use this platform to not just connect with their family and friends but also to market their brands, run businesses and blogs. Owning to its large audience base, a multitude of brands have started to use Instagram as a marketing platform for their emerging business. According to reports, there were 1,478 million monthly active users as of January.

As more and more people are now using Instagram to grow their businesses. But for that to happen efficiently, the users need to cultivate their Instagram presence at first. To assist people in growing their footprint in an organised way, a variety of Instagram service providers have come to the rescue. The available services mostly include assistance in increasing followers, likes and views, besides brand image management. Buy Real Follows are among these service providers. We provide the best Instagram growth service to help brands improve the overall engagement level of their page.

About Instagram Growth Services

Having a strong presence on Instagram has now become essential for brands and businesses alike. They have to keep a track of their engagement levels, accelerating growth accordingly. There are many Instagram growth services like us available on the internet, which people can avail themselves to buy likes, views, and followers. A reliable Instagram growth service provider can help businesses to increase their reach by targeting the audience that would be interested in the type of content they post in general. With Buy Real Follows, you can buy likes, followers, views, or other related services as per request. Mostly Top Instagram growth service, backed by accurate credibility and safety is delivered to you at the same time. As opting for Instagram growth services can work wonders for a business if the interaction gained is real.

Instagram Marketing Services

Marketing is all about gaining attention from as many people as possible. Effective marketing is about turning that attention into leads. For effective Instagram marketing businesses also hire professionals. There are a variety of Instagram marketing services provided by professionals, which includes creating and implementing various marketing campaigns over the platform on your behalf. Using marketing services can help brands elevate their Instagram pages. Read on for further details:

Increases brand awareness

Instagram marketing services help brands to grab the attention of Instagram users. They also help in increasing followers based on effective methods, besides encouraging other Instagram users for profile visits.

Increases engagement

Instagram marketing services also work on increasing the engagement levels of individual pages. They help in content curation and strategy scheduling to maximise the engagement levels of different posts.

Improves brand-wise consistency

They focus on maintaining a brand’s perception and try to maintain consistency, improving its value.

They focus on maintaining a brand’s perception and try to maintain consistency, improving its value.

For people trying to grow their Instagram page, it would’ve been a dream come true if there could be one single way to achieve that. There are many small ways by which a brand can expand its audience. Mixing and matching different tricks is the optimum way to reach as many people on Instagram, as possible. Among a pool of people on Instagram, all coming from different places on earth, it takes a little effort to know and attract the right type of audience. If you don’t wish to choose Instagram promotion services and want to do it on your own, then here are some tips on how to grow your audience:

Create a perfect Instagram account

To establish an Instagram account for a brand or business, the first and foremost thing is to set up an account worth growing. This means optimising your Instagram account. Firstly, keep your bio relevant to your brand idea. Instagram provides an option to add links in bios. You can add the link to your website’s homepage, but it would be better to redirect marketing or product pages related to the specific content on your profile. You can also choose to add a variety of links that will allow users to find relevant links as per their needs. Secondly, and more importantly, keep your username short and catchy. Something users will be able to remember.

Maintain a content calendar

Someone who works on growing an Instagram page has to multitask on a day-to-day basis. Maintaining a content calendar for Instagram pages is a great way to organise everything. It will help you keep track of tasks and complete them on time. It will also make you stay organised. On top of that, having a content calendar can help in scheduling posts in advance. Brands should keep a track of the time frames, in which they receive the most engagement and try posting regularly during those hours to catch as many eyes as possible.

Interact with your target audience

First, define your target audience. To grow your audience, you need to increase the overall engagement levels. Also, in that case, interaction is the key. It can be replying to comments, resharing stories, replying to DMs, etc. Don’t just limit yourself to your own audience but reach out and interact with your competitor’s audiences as well. This way you will be gaining new followers.

Follower centric content

Try to post content revolving around your followers. Try less thinking about what you want to post and more thinking about what your audience expects you to post. This will help in retaining followers, keeping them engaged and spreading the word about your page. Research and find out what type of content gets the most engagement, what your target audience likes or dislikes. Do they prefer video content? Do they prefer descriptive captions? Be creative and experiment a little to find out what works the best.

Mix different types of content

According to the 2020 Sprout Social Index, consumers want to engage with 68% of visual content, 50% of video content, 30% text-based posts and 26% stories. Try having a good mix of different types of content on your Instagram page to expand your audience. Additionally, Instagram reels which were introduced in 2020, has now become the latest way to reach out to new people.

Use hashtags and geotags in your posts

Hashtags are one of the most effective ways to get your posts in front of a new audience. Once you add a hashtag to a post, your post shows up on the page for that hashtag. Conduct thorough research on hashtags relevant to your industry and use them as per need.

Similarly geotags can also be used to increase reach on Instagram. Posts tagged with geolocation show up on its page. People often visit location pages before visiting the location itself. This tip is especially beneficial for businesses serving industries like travel or food.

Get partners and brand advocates associated with your page

Getting on Instagram pages of influencers or people with a large following, in general, can be great for a brand’s growth. Try to collaborate with other pages for marketing purposes.

Start earning money from Instagram with Real Buy Follows

Instagram can be used to earn money, by brands as well as influencers. The higher your follower, likes and views count is, the more money you’re likely to make off the platform. As organic ways are kind of time-consuming paid service providers like us are of great help. We are here to provide people with the best Instagram growth service across different niches.

If you’re looking to increase your reach, then we can help you with our Instagram followers services. We provide cost-effective services starting from $5. Our plans, in general, starts from 500 and go up to 1,00,000 followers.

To increase engagement, we also provide Instagram likes services. You can buy Instagram likes from us to improve your post’s performance and make them reach a whole new audience set. Our services for likes start from only $5.

We also provide Instagram views services for our customers. By availing of this service, you can get your video content viral and start making money. Starting from only $2, we can help your Instagram views reach a new height.

Upon specific requests, we also provide custom services as long as the quantity requested is higher than the minimum amount mentioned on our website, for each service type. We also provide other Instagram related or PR related services as per your ever changing needs.

Instagram reels and Hashtags 2022

As mentioned above reels and hashtags have proven themselves to be very effective in terms of driving growth to Instagram pages of businesses and influencers alike.

Reels are designed in a way to capture the attention of the audience on Instagram. Reels often get more visibility than other Instagram posts. For businesses/influencers, reels in the form of Instagram posts helps with better content curation, driving accurate growth. Also, there’s an array of options available on Instagram that businesses/influencers can use to make their reels stand out from the rest. They can use AR effects, audios, control speed, timer, and countdown. Some great 2022 Instagram reel trends for business-related Instagram pages are:

  • Show your workspace: This type of content can be promotional as well as inspirational. It will give your followers a detailed insight into your business, offering a sense of involvement.
  • Meet our team: You can use this trend to introduce the helping hands who are working behind the product they receive. Thus, adding a human touch that brings trust.
  • “Making of” reels: Users on Instagram that follow brand pages often like to get a look at what the production process of a product looks like. Add unedited shots of a scheduled ad shoot
  • “Behind the scenes” videos: Whether it’s movies, shows or music videos, people always like to have a look at the “behind the scenes” content. Brands can use this to their advantage to create reels with a better connectivity profile.
  • “Q & A” reels: Reels that include answering a question received on previously posted reels are now trending on Instagram. Participating in this trend will allow business pages/influencers to gain traffic as well as clear out rumours if any.

Hashtags can also increase reach, tremendously. There are various ways in which this works. People often choose to follow hashtags of their interests. So, whenever a post is made using that hashtag, it shows up on their feed even if they’re not following the page itself. Business pages can also create hashtags of their own and ask their followers to use them accordingly. This also leads to brand awareness enhancement in real-time. However, it is never a good idea to use too many hashtags. For optimum use, keep the number of hashtags under 10. Also, try to mix famous and specific hashtags to derive great results. Various types of famous hashtags can work well for pages on Instagram:

  • Product or service hashtags: These can be basic keywords describing the type of product and services offered by a business. For example, #handbags, #furniture, etc.
  • Location hashtags: In addition to adding location to a post, pages can also add location in a hashtag. For example, #Delhieats, #Jaipurdiaries, etc.
  • Daily hashtags: For daily posts, brands can use hashtags such as #Sundayfunday, #throwbackthursday, etc.
  • Community hashtags: Businesses can also use industry-specific hashtags such as #paintersofinstagram, #gardnersofinstagram, etc.
  • Niche hashtags: These hashtags help in showing where a brand fit in the context of its industry. For example, #travelblogger, #foodvlogger, etc.
  • General hashtags: There are some hashtags on Instagram with a large number of posts. Businesses/influencers can use them to grab the attention of the potential audience base. For example, #instagood, #photooftheday, etc.