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Buy Instagram Likes

From influencers to large businesses, Instagram has proven itself as a major and efficient interactive platform for everyone. More than a decade after its launch, Instagram is one of the most important places to promote businesses. It’s a great place for brands and businesses to reach their target audience and interact with them directly. This helps tremendously to provide the customers with exactly what they need.

The platform has several features to help people grow their online presence. Among these, Instagram likes is a vital one. It’s one of the most helpful features on the app to keep track of the page’s reach. As the number of Instagram likes increases, the rate of traffic also increases. Despite its importance, many people don’t know how to increase Instagram likes. Increasing Instagram likes organically can sometimes be a slow process. That’s where we, Buy Real Follows, help people, brands, and businesses. We help them buy Instagram likes to achieve a faster rate of traffic.

Buy Instagram Likes with Instant Delivery

Instagram these days is used by people to build their brands, run their small businesses, increase their online presence and also by already existing large organisations for marketing purposes. One goal that all of these people have in common is to get more likes on Instagram. To save time, people can also choose to buy likes on Instagram and be more efficient. We, at Buy Real Follows, provide our customers with a wide range of plans according to their business needs. With instant Instagram likes delivery, we help them achieve their targets ethically for the most secure results. It’s also important to approach safe sites to get quality Instagram likes. It is becoming more and more common for people to reach out to services like ours to buyreal Instagram likes.

Instagram Likes and their importance

Millions of people use Instagram every day and interact with people from all over the world. Likes on Instagram is in a way a display of a fraction of the audience reached by every post. There are many reasons why likes are so important on the platform. For businesses, Instagram likes increase also means a rise in the audience. More number of likes means a wider reach of an individual post. Further, likes also to play a key role in Instagram’s algorithm, which impacts the engagement of businesses and brands. The more likely people are to ‘like’ a post on Instagram, the higher up it shows on their feed. Hence, likes on Instagram help brands to keep engaging with their already existing audience.

More number of real Instagram likes means more engagement for the post. This is important because engaging posts are more likely to show up on the explore page of an Instagram account holder with related interests. Therefore, brands looking to increase their audience need to get Instagram likes for better reach.

With increasing competition on the internet every day, it is important to keep the number of likes high to stay ahead. Having more likes help businesses to keep improving their brand image. It also helps brands to differentiate from the rest of the market. Having more likes increases online presence which helps in promoting the products and services of the business. It can also help to build leads and conversation which can turn into potential sales in future.

Instagram has released various new interactive features, but we can safely say that ‘likes’ remains a key feature and an important one for growth on the platform.

How to increase post likes on Instagram organically?

It is much more cost-effective to increase post likes organically rather than buying Instagram likes. By investing the right amount of time and effort, people can create quality posts that will get more users engaged. There’s no specific and direct way to substantially increase free Instagram likes but there are many little tricks that can eventually do the work. There is a sizable number of small businesses and influencers on the platform with low budgets. These pages often use such tricks to attract traffic. People also go for an organic approach instead of opting for the Instagram likes buy option to retain active people on their accounts. Following are the top best ways to help you increase your post likes organically:

Using the right hashtags

Hashtags on Instagram remain one of the best ways to attract the right type of audience to a post. Using the top relevant hashtags will get the post to appear on the pages for those hashtags. It’s important to mention how essential it is to not spam tag posts with many hashtags. It’s always best to keep the number of hashtags under 11. It’s best to be selective and use only brand and industry-specific hashtags. It is better to use a specific app or read up on hashtag strategies to optimise their use.

Research on other brands and industries

Coming up with fresh ideas is essential to keep followers engaged. This can be done by conducting frequent research on inspirational accounts, brands with similar tastes or related industries with similar target audiences. This also helps businesses to curate content in accordance with what the target audience is already liking.

Create contests that are Like-based

Running contests is a great way to get people excited on Instagram. Many brands use contests to increase the engagement level of their posts. Like-based contests are those in which it is a requirement to like the post and participate. Generally, the other two requirements in such competitions are following the account and tagging a friend. Such competitions can help in increasing the number of likes dramatically.

Tag relevant accounts

Tagging other relevant accounts that might have contributed to the post is a way of giving credit where it’s due. For example, tagging collaborators or products used in a post. It shows how much you value them, and it can increase your brand value. Sometimes bands even like or comment on posts they are tagged in and this brings attention.

Add in location tags

It’s very common for people on Instagram to search geotags of locations to check out places in advance. Once a location is tagged in a post, it shows up on the geotag’s page. This is a great opportunity for people looking to enhance their post impressions and likes. Especially for travel brands, food bloggers, retail brands, and brands with brick and mortar locations, tagging a location ensures catching the right pair of eyes. Also, tagging location is a great way to increase likes organically.

Add captivating captions

Captions on Instagram are the perfect way to capture your audience. A great caption has the potential to increase the quality of a post multifold. It is important to note that captivating captions require the right tone and voice. It is never a good idea to add unnecessary captions. Keep your captions relevant to your post which will help give your post some context. A good caption can increase the engagement level of an individual post. Thus, enhancing the number of likes.

Posting at the right time

Instagram’s algorithm favours the “recency” of posts. This doesn’t mean that all posts are shown chronologically but that the most recent posts are likely to show up on top of the rest. To increase likes organically, it is important to catch as many pairs of eyes as possible. This can be done by finding out the time frame when the target audience of a brand is most active and scheduling the posts accordingly. According to experiments, peak time differs depending on the day of the week, ranging between 7 AM to 9 PM in general.

Why is Instagram Marketing important for brands?

The sole purpose of marketing is to increase the reach of a brand to as many people as possible and what better way is there to achieve this than Instagram? There are over 1 billion active monthly users on this platform from all over the world. With people from a diverse range of communities, cultures, needs and likes, it’s a great platform to find your target audience. According to a 2019 research done by Facebook (now known as Meta), the parent company of Instagram, 65% of people interviewed, visited a brand’s website after coming across it on Instagram and 46% of them made a purchase. Whether it’s a personal brand, small business, or a large corporation, adding Instagram to marketing strategy has become essential. Following are the arguments to emphasise the importance of Instagram marketing:

Audience Growth Opportunity

Over the past, Instagram has tuned the platform towards the various marketing needs of individual businesses. Instagram Ads Manager lets brands define their target audience via its audience targeting metrics. Also, defining a target audience is necessary for effective marketing. This can be done by pinpointing the audience according to demographic data, the behaviour of users, interests, etc. Instagram ads manager allows brands to target and retarget leads from other channels as well. Instagram analytics let brands track their campaign spending, purchases, cost per purchase, conversions, etc. besides measuring ad performances.

Strengthening of brands

Brand awareness is an essential part of marketing and Instagram does wonders in this area. 83% of social media users find useful products and services on such platforms. With Instagram being one of the mainstream social media platforms, it’s the best place to strengthen the brands. Brands with official Instagram accounts are considered relevant and more reliable.

Increase in engagement

Social media is the best way to interact and engage with customers directly. Research shows that a photo on Instagram gets 23% more engagement than on Facebook. Instagram also enables genuine feedback from the audience in the form of likes, comments, and story features such as polls, reactions, etc.

Increase in sales

Instagram is emerging as a new platform for people to start small businesses. Due to this, Instagram users are receiving more and more sales directly from the platform itself. Additionally, Instagram offers a set of tools that assist customers in shopping seamlessly through the app.

Benefits of using Real Buy Follows for Instagram likes

As mentioned above, it is efficient to buy IG likes to save time which allows you to focus on your other brand-related needs. We, at Buy Real Follows, are here to do just that. We provide a heap of services for everyone, including people with low budgets wanting to buy Instagram likes cheap or for people looking for a large number of likes. To provide more details and relevant information, go through the list elaborated below:

Help to credibly increase likes

For sustained growth on Instagram, it is important to buy likes on Instagram that are real. We, at Buy Real Follows, provide our customers with a larger real audience base to help them achieve steady growth in the long term.


With our wide range of plans available, we provide cheap Instagram likes starting from $5 for people on a budget. Brands have options to choose a plan according to their business requirements.

Ensures Safety

We, at Buy Real Follows, value our customer’s safety. With our strong coding and safeguarded website with 256-bit encryption, your privacy and security are our priority.

Fast Service

Depending on the number of likes bought, the time frame of complete delivery can depend. But we ensure fast delivery within 24 to 74 hours of purchase time. The delivery of likes begins shortly after completing the payment.

Availability of custom orders

We also provide custom orders upon requests. We can help you get a higher quantity of likes mentioned on our website as per your requirement.