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Buy YouTube Services

Over time YouTube has emerged as the top video-sharing platform online, with over 2 billion monthly active users, which is a quarter of the world’s total population. YouTube only comes second to Facebook in the rank of social media platforms according to popularity. Millions of people around the world use YouTube every day. Over time, YouTube has mastered the ability to get its users hooked on the platform. Since April 2005, the first-ever video was uploaded on the platform, since then YouTube has hosted millions of videos from all around the world.

People hop on to YouTube for a variety of things. Viewers use it as a source of entertainment, information and news, creators use it with the goal of monetising from it someday and brands use it for their advertisement campaigns. It’s an easy-to-use platform that can do wonders for many. People have built successful careers by starting on YouTube. Whether it’s a brand or creators, everyone needs help once in a while to boost their presence on YouTube. In such situations, people opt for YouTube service providers to nudge them in the right direction. Buy Real Follows is among the top service providers for any of your YouTube-related needs.

About YouTube Growth Services

Whether it’s a company using YouTube for a brand or a creator hoping to monetise someday, you need to build a strong presence on YouTube. For a successful YouTube channel, you need to keep your likes, views and subscribers rising. Sustained growth is the key to optimising your YouTube channel. Creators consistently work on improving these metrics. For newcomers, it can be challenging. Even already established groups often struggle with their channel’s growth. This is where YouTube growth service providers enter the picture. You can hire such services to help you reach larger audiences on the platform. Whether It’s your stagnating likes, views or number of subscribers, Buy Real Follows can assist you with anything. We’re listed among the top YouTube growth service provider to help you realise engagement in no time.

YouTube Marketing Services

It is much easier for brands and companies to reach a younger audience base on social media platforms than in any other way. And what platform is better than YouTube, which captures about a quarter of the world’s population? Over time, marketers have realised the importance of including YouTube in their strategies. There are various YouTube marketing services available out there that can help you achieve your goals.

These services or service providers help you in optimising your channel via several tactics. They have professionals with expertise in social media services. Marketing services help their customers in SEO, leveraging videos to generate revenue, managing, and optimising videos, running marketing campaigns, etc. They implement effective strategies to help you realise growth. This way, YouTube marketing services constantly work towards bringing more traffic to your channel.

These services also help in increasing your channel’s engagement on the platform. This eventually leads to the growth of your channel. They help you create and curate your content in a manner that attracts more and more audiences. It’s very common for channels aiming to acquire a larger audience base to hire marketing services and increase growth.

YouTube growth 2022

With time more and more social media apps such as Instagram and Facebook are integrating videos into their platforms. Despite their efforts, YouTube remains the leading platform in the video-sharing field. YouTube is especially a pioneer in long length videos. In 2021, YouTube was the second most used platform with 2 billion monthly active users. According to the Hootsuite Global State of Digital 2022 report, YouTube gets about 14.3 billion visits per month. According to Statista, in the US alone, 62% of users access the platform daily, 92% access it weekly and 98% access it monthly. Also, an average person spends about 19 minutes on YouTube every day. The platform captures about 51% of the internet using population which means that the ads on YouTube can potentially reach 2.56 billion people. According to Statista, every minute 694,000 hours of videos are streamed on YouTube, which is even more than Netflix.

These statistics support the undeniable fact that YouTube has emerged as one of the most important social media platforms for over a decade now. So, despite who your target audience is, you will surely find them on YouTube. That’s what an effective marketing strategy is about, isn’t it? Finding your audience and capturing their attention. YouTube targets brands and companies to use the platform for marketing. This helps the platform generate revenue. For brands, YouTube marketing helps improve SEO and awareness.

Online marketing trends are constantly changing as the internet grows rapidly. It’s important for marketers on YouTube to stay updated with trends. This helps them in knowing what the audience is interacting with and then implementing effective strategies alike. In 2020, YouTube introduced YouTube shorts. In 2022, YouTube shorts have become an important part of marketing on the platform. YouTube is also likely to launch its live shopping feature soon which will help marketers to link their offline stores to the videos on the platform. Live streaming and how-to videos have also become famous on the platform and so they’ve become an important part of marketing strategies as well.

Start earning money from YouTube with Real Buy Follows

Do you have a YouTube channel you intend to monetize one day? If yes, then YouTube promotion services are the solution to all your problems. If you don’t have enough resources to put into the organic growth of your channel, then Buy Real Follows can come to your aid. We can help you bring up your likes, views, and subscribers accordingly. With our years of experience, we bring credibility to our services. With more likes, views, and subscribers, you will be able to earn more money. We promote organic growth on your channel.

With our YouTube followers services, you can grow the number of subscribers on your channel. With more subscribers, you’ll ultimately gain more views and likes in future. We have a range of plans available on our website starting from $5.

We also offer YouTube likes services. With our help, you can enhance the number of likes on your videos to increase your channel’s engagement. With more likes, you’ll also be able to build a stronger online presence. Our likes plans for YouTube start from $5 for 100 likes.

If you’re struggling with the number of views, then you can avail yourself of our YouTube views services. With more views on your videos, you’ll be able to earn more from advertisements on the platform. We start our plans from $4 for 1,000 views to 2 million views.

We have a wide range of plans available on our website that caters to everyone’s needs. There are also several other benefits that our customers enjoy. First, we prioritise your safety. We have our website safeguarded with 256-bit encryption, that protects your privacy. This may not be true for other service providers. You’re not required to provide any sensitive information while availing of our services for YouTube. Secondly, we are known for our fast and efficient delivery. Depending on the quantity you’ve requested, we can finish your delivery within 24 to 72 hours of payment.

We also offer custom services. In case you don’t find what, you’re looking for on our website then that’s not a problem. As long as your required quantity is higher than the least quantity of that service mentioned on our website. With all these benefits we have, without a doubt, will serve as the best YouTube growth service for you.

Top 8 ways to grow your YouTube channel

It can be a difficult task to grow your YouTube channel. It’s even harder to achieve sustained growth. If you wish to grow your YouTube channel consistently then you need to start strategising from the beginning. You can start doing so by defining your goals and setting realistic, time-bound goals. This will help you get on the right path for your YouTube journey. Here’s a list of 8 great ways for you to grow your channel:

Identify your niche and keywords

When you start thinking about a YouTube channel, you need to decide what it’s going to be about. It’s never a good idea to start a YouTube channel without knowing what type of content you’ll be posting on it. Identify your niche and then start trying to be creative within that niche. Once you know what your channel is about then start identifying the best keyword for your videos. This can be done by using SEO. Using SEO to identify the best keywords relevant to your topic is crucial to driving maximum engagement to your videos.

Track and analyse what works best for you

As you move along your journey as a YouTuber, keep a track of what type of content brings in the most traffic to your channel and what doesn’t work. By doing this you’ll learn more about your strengths and weaknesses. You can also drive inspiration from other similar channels, as this way you will know what your target audiences are expecting from you. Further, this will also help you in creating content as well as in driving traffic.

Quality content

Content is arguably the most important aspect of growth on YouTube. Quality content means two things on YouTube. First, your content should be good enough to keep your audience hooked. This is so because when a video is played for more than 30 seconds, only then does YouTube count it as a view. Second, the visual and audio quality of the posted video should be good because while filtering, YouTube’s algorithm does lookout for videos with great audio quality. Also, viewers prefer such videos over others.

Interaction is the key

YouTube is a social media platform and so it demands social interaction. Users always love to get seen on social media platforms. Thus, engaging with your audience will encourage them to support your channel more. It will also help in building trust between you and your audience. Moreover, YouTube always favours engagement over anything. Replying to comments is a great way to increase engagement as it’s an important metric in YouTube’s algorithm.


For new YouTubers, it’s important to put their channel’s information out there. If you don’t promote your channel, then no one will know about it. Promote your channel’s information across all your social media platforms, update your connections every time you post a new video. You can also ask your family and friends to promote your channel on their social media handles as well.

Post great thumbnails

When users are scrolling through YouTube, they come across thumbnails of the posted videos. They are like the first impression of your videos. The more catchy your thumbnails are, the more likely a viewer is to click on your video. Even the search engine of YouTube ranks videos with catchy thumbnails higher in search results.


Collaborations are one of the most effective ways to grow on YouTube. They allow you to target a whole new audience base. Also, you can collaborate with other YouTubers to make your videos more fun. This will mutually benefit both of you to tap each other’s audiences.

Increase your uploading frequency

One of the best ways to keep your YouTube channel active and drive growth is to increase the uploading frequency. You should try to post at least once a week or maintain a content calendar as per need.