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Buy Spotify Plays

From small artists to listeners, Spotify has become one of the first music platforms people reach out to. In 2022, the platform served the most streamed weekly tracks worldwide and by connecting us with talent from all over the world, it has captured our hearts. Spotify is available in most countries. From artists’ perspective, it provides them with tremendous opportunities to showcase their talent, whether it’s someone just starting with music or a world-famous pop star.

Spotify Plays is a key feature in determining an artist’s growth on the platform. It’s simply the number of times a track has been played for 30 or more seconds. Whether it’s songs or podcasts, the more beneficial it is for the artists. Spotify audio plays are among the most famous metrics on the platform. Streams are not just the representation of how good a track is but also the hard work you’ve put into marketing it. It’s important to reach out to people and let them know about your music. However, generating free Spotify plays can be a hard task indeed. It requires a lot of patience and time on the artist’s part. That’s where services like ours, Buy Real Follows, come into the picture. We assist our customers in buying Spotify plays to increase their listeners, i.e plays indeed.

Buy Spotify Plays with Instant Delivery

Whether you’re on the platform to generate revenue or to get your music out in the world, the “Spotify plays” algorithm plays a huge part in your journey. When starting on the platform, one question you should always keep working on, is: how to increase Spotify plays? You can do marketing, promote your music over social media, ask family and friends. But at times it can still be difficult to get the streams shot up. One effective solution to this problem is to buy Spotify plays from service providers like us. It can be the push you always needed, turning out to be the pivotal point in your career as an artist. One step closer to your goals. In that case, Buy Real Follows is an ideal destination for you to buy real Spotify plays. We’ve been helping our customers with their Spotify needs for a few years now. We provide efficient service with instant Spotify plays delivery. If your focus right now is to increase your streams, we are happy to help.

Spotify plays and business analytics

Nowadays, buying music is a thing of the past and online streaming is the new trend. Due to this culture change, streaming services, such as Spotify, have suddenly risen to prominence. Every streaming platform, including Spotify, uses data to improve its algorithms, enhance its services and create a better user experience. Spotify gains data through user interaction and puts it to use to target the audience for ads and improve their business approaches. But what is the data that’s used? There’s not just one answer to this question. Real Spotify plays are not the only data but it’s a major part of it. The data of plays on Spotify is used by the platform to understand the music taste of individual users. The algorithm connects users with their interests and shears them towards fresh genres, songs, and artists.

Spotify uses “Spotify plays” to provide its users with personalised content. Spotify’s “discovery” feature is the main result of this. Customers are provided with unique playlists curated to their interests. It’s a unique playlist for every user. You must have also heard about the “Spotify Wrapped” option. This feature uses real Spotify plays to provide the listeners as well as artists a round-up of their whole year.

Spotify also uses the “number of streams” to make predictions and forecasts. By doing this the platform tries to scale the popularity of particular music. The data of Spotify audio plays are also used to target the right audience for ads. How is this all relevant to you as an artist? The answer is simple: more plays will lead to your music showing up in recommendations and a discovery mix of listeners with the same area of interest as your genre of music.

Spotify royalty calculator updated 2022

Some artists join Spotify to start earning revenue. For such people, it is really important to learn about Spotify calculators. The royalty calculator allows you to discover, how much you can earn with a specific amount of streams. Learning about the royalty calculator of Spotify to get Spotify plays is just one step towards making the most of your talents. Platforms don’t generally reveal how they calculate the amount paid to artists and have a royalty calculator to make it simple. You can find the royalty calculator on Spotify’s website. The reason behind having a royalty calculator is to incentivise artists to bring new listeners which is beneficial for both artists and the platform. It’s a win-win feature.

The amount of royalty paid can be different for each platform. For Spotify, the payout is generally $0.04 for 10 streams. This means 1000 streams earn $4. This number can be even lower depending on other factors. For example, if a song was played many times but was not heard fully then, even with a Spotify plays increase, the payout will be less. To earn a decent wage from Spotify, you need at least 300,000 streams.

In most cases, the payment goes directly to the artist. However, for some situations, a portion of the payout can also go to songwriters. If someone hires a publisher to publish the song, then a portion of the payment is sent to the latter. So, in the end, the singer/artist of the song may not receive the full amount generated from the platform. Hence, it is important for artists who wish to earn from the platform to work as hard as possible and get more plays on Spotify.

If we look further into the matter, then we’ll find that several factors play a major role in the Spotify royalty calculator. These are as follows:

  • There are two types of music platforms: interactive and non-interactive. The interactive platforms allow listeners to choose what music they want to listen to whereas with non-interactive platforms listeners don’t have a say of their own. For example, a radio. The type of platform, it is can influence how the royalty calculator works.
  • Another important factor that plays a key role, is the number of streams a track has. The more the number of listeners, the more is the payout.
  • Another factor is the duration that the song was played for. You get paid for only what was heard by listeners. If the listener only heard half of the song, then you’ll only get paid for that half.

How is Spotify different from other competitors?

With its interesting features different from the competitors, this Swedish originated company has become a market leader 14 years after its launch in 2008. Spotify has managed to get on top of the industry list, with the most streamed weekly tracks. According to Statista, Spotify had about 406 million users worldwide and 180 million subscribers in the last quarter of 2021. Thus, building a bargaining power in the market.

Spotify offers a social aspect to its users by allowing them to connect with other users of the app. They also allow users to connect with their Facebook accounts, making it easier to share the songs and playlists that they like. In this way, unlike its competitors, Spotify leveraged the network economy to increase its value to users as well as to advertisers. Spotify also gave people an option against illegal downloading. It has built its reputation as a free streaming service where you don’t need to pay anything to listen to music.

One important factor that also makes Spotify stand out from the rest is its constant ability to change. The platform has improved every year in terms of mobile app design, user experience, streaming quality, and music share capabilities. The major competitors of Spotify are TIDAL, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, and YouTube music. These services have also managed to capture large audiences, but Spotify is still ahead in the game. This is because Spotify has everything to offer that they have and more. Spotify’s algorithm generates millions of playlists for its users and the platform also allows users to create public/ private playlists. On Spotify, in addition to musical content, users will find video content, artist wise specially created content and podcasts. Spotify has made a notable investment in the podcast industry, and it is now proving to be useful. The Spotify strategy is to become a one-stop-shop for all music-related needs and wants of its users, and this has been proving successful for the platform.

Spotify has created a niche for itself by offering personalised content, using data related to its users. This has been successful to grab and retain users on the platform. By using machine learning, AI, and data shifting tech, Spotify analyses the listening habits of users and then creates customised recommendations. For example, Spotify’s ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist is immensely popular. This playlist is updated every Monday with 30 new songs. These new songs are most likely to be one that the user has never heard before but will most likely love. This helps small artists on the platform to reach larger audiences.

Another great feature released by Spotify that’s different from its competitors is ‘Spotify Wrapped’. This feature was introduced over the platform in 2015 and has gained popularity in the last few years. Released every year in December and increases platform engagement. It provides users insight into what they’ve been listening to all year.

Buy Spotify Plays with Buy Real Follows

It’s really simple to understand the importance of “Spotify plays” but complicated to get this number high. Once you have a good number of streams, you’ll start gaining plays much faster, but you have to get there first. We, at Buy Real Follows, are here to help you out accordingly. You can reach out to us to buy plays on Spotify. There are various reasons as to why you should choose us:


We have been working for a couple of years in this industry. We bring credibility to our services. You may be able to buy Spotify plays cheap from some other website but there are chances of faulty services. We provide our customers with real plays and not bots.


We, at Buy Real Follows, prioritise our customers’ safety. If you’re opting for the Spotify plays buy option, then you should be careful about your safety. Your security and privacy are first and foremost to us. We don’t ask for any sensitive information such as username or password while delivering our services. The code on our website is also safeguarded under 256-bit encryption for your privacy.

Fast delivery

If you’ve chosen to buy Spotify plays from us, then you can expect fast and efficient delivery from our part. We generally complete delivery within 24 to 74 hours of payment. However, the time frame can depend on the quantity of Spotify plays bought.


Our services are very cost-effective. People on a strict/small budget can buy cheap Spotify plays from us. Our services start from only $2.90 for 1,000 plays.