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Buy Facebook Services

Facebook was one of the first social media platforms to emerge in the early 21st century. Since
then, it has become the top player in the game. According to Statista, Facebook had 2.91 billion
active users in the fourth quarter of 2021. It’s used by people of all ages to connect and interact
with their family and friends. Businesses use Facebook for marketing purposes and celebrities
use it for publicity. Almost two decades after its launch, Facebook has become part of the daily
lives of millions of people around the world. The social media platform provides a huge potential
for marketers to reach a large audience from every corner of the world.

For brands/people using Facebook to increase their reach, it’s essential to keep their page
growing. They have to create a presence on Facebook that helps them get effective results.
That’s when a Facebook Service provider like Buy Real Follows enters the picture. We help our
customers to strengthen their online presence on Facebook. People in general hire these
services for assistance in gaining followers and fan page likes on their Facebook pages. Who
knows, these Facebook promotion services might give you the push that you always needed!

About Facebook Growth Services

For businesses using Facebook as a marketing tool, it’s important to grow their profile. Growing
a profile essentially means increasing its engagement level. Engagement on Facebook is
influenced by how many likes, views, and comments a page is receiving. It can often be difficult
to achieve this task on your own. Increasing engagement strategically requires resources and
time. If you’re also struggling to grow your Facebook page, then hiring a Facebook growth
service provider might be the answer for you. Buy Real Follows can help you capture your
target audience on Facebook. We can assist you in increasing your follower and fan page likes
count tremendously. With us, you can credibly enhance your online presence and realise

Facebook Marketing Services

With its popularity, Facebook has become an essential part of brands’ marketing strategies for a
while now. The platform provides a huge potential for businesses to get their products to reach
millions of people. Businesses can find a tremendously valuable customer base on Facebook.
They can generate leads that will potentially turn into sales and thus increase revenue.
Facebook marketing also helps businesses to connect with their target audience and collect

To optimise results from marketing on Facebook, brands often choose to hire professionals.
Paid Facebook marketing services have all the resources to achieve effective results. They use
their expertise to deploy effective strategies, depending on what the brand is about. With their
experience, they know exactly what tactics to use to market your brand. These marketing
services run marketing and advertising campaigns on Facebook. They help you single out your
audience on Facebook and focus on them adequately. With their set of tools, they keep
analysing the costs of the campaigns and also track the performance of maximum results.

By using marketing services on Facebook, companies can increase their brand awareness and
catch the right pair of eyes. Increase the overall engagement of the brand’s Facebook page.
Last but not least, create and maintain a positive perception of the brand in the audience.

The rising importance of Facebook Marketplace

With more and more people using social media, Facebook has been slowly building its ecommerce tools for businesses. In 2016, Facebook launched Marketplace for users to efficiently
sell and buy products on the platform. Here people can conveniently sell and purchase
products. It’s an extension of Facebook from social networking and an important one at that.
Since 2016, the Facebook Marketplace has been growing. Initially, it began as a peer-to-peer
shopping marketplace but now it has also expanded to merchant selling. In 2019, it was
available across 90 countries with over 800 million users. The Facebook Marketplace adds a
social touch to online shopping. Sellers get to reach a large number of buyers and are much
easier as well.

Initially, the Facebook Marketplace started for small businesses and local sales. But with time,
Facebook has invested in long-distance shipping tools. There are 10 categories in which sellers
can list their products: classifieds, clothing & accessories, deals, electronics, entertainment,
family, hobbies, home & garden, housing, and vehicles. Facebook Marketplace has partnered
up with e-commerce platforms such as BigCommerce, Quip, Zentail, CommerceHub, Shopify,
ShipStation and ChannelAdvisor. The platform has made it easier for small businesses, which
use Facebook for marketing, to generate sales and revenue through Facebook Marketplace.

Since the pandemic, the importance of Facebook Marketplace has risen tremendously. One of
the reasons could be a large number of middle-aged people using Facebook more than any
other social media platform. Furthermore, as the pandemic unfolded, people logged on to social
media more frequently. Hence, we can say that Marketplace’s growth could be due to the
commerce boom induced by the pandemic. According to eMarketer, in 2020, e-commerce sales
grew at 27.6% worldwide which stood at 20.2% in 2019. This fueled the growth of Facebook
Marketplace. According to a Forrester survey, about 12% of respondents had made a purchase
from Facebook Marketplace in 2020 as opposed to 6% in 2019. In 2021, the CEO of Facebook,
Mark Zuckerberg, announced that the Facebook Marketplace had over 1 billion visitors in Q1.
He also announced that there were over a million shops on the platform with over 250 million
users interacting with them. The company also generated over $26 billion in revenue with a 48%
increase from last year.

Over the years, Facebook has started to prioritise e-commerce. The platform keeps adding
digital sales tools to meet various demands. For example, with an increase in car sales,
Marketplace enabled verified VIN (vehicle identification number) numbers. In 2020, the platform
also integrated live shopping to keep up with the popularity of live videos. In 2019, more third party e-commerce partnerships were added with Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace might be
a minor player in comparison to big marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay. However, with its
2.9 billion user bases, there’s a huge potential for the platform. Additionally, the Marketplace
has continuously been showing posting growth year by year.

Start earning money from Facebook with Buy Real Follows

If you’ve decided to hire a service provider for Facebook views services, followers services or
likes services then Buy Real Follows is the right destination for you. We will help you boost your
Facebook profile, enabling businesses to generate more leads and more revenue over time.

To increase your reach, you can avail our Facebook followers services. By doing so, your
Facebook page will receive a surge in its followers count. This will induce further growth of your
page. In general, our followers’ services plans start from $9 for 500 followers.

If you’re looking to increase engagement on your fan page, then our Facebook likes services are just for you. With an increase in likes, your page will receive increased engagement. This
will help you improve your fan page’s search result ranking for sure. On our website, you can
easily find plans starting from $5 for 500 fan page likes.

Buy Real Follows is a top Facebook growth service provider. With our services, there’s a vast
variety of benefits that our customers enjoy. With years of experience, we bring credibility to our
services. In this age of the internet, it is important to safeguard your online privacy. On our
website, we have 256-bit encryption which puts your security above everything. You’re not
required to submit any sensitive information to avail of our services. This may not be true for
most service providers out there.

We also take pride in our fast and efficient services. We leave our customers happy with fast
delivery. Depending on the quantity that you request, we can complete deliveries within 24 to 72
hours of payment. We also provide custom made services. If you don’t find what you’re looking
for on our website, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us. As long as your requirement is higher
than the lowest quantity mentioned on our website. With our wide range of plans and an array of
benefits, we are the best Facebook growth service provider for you.

Recent updates on Facebook 2022

Facebook undergoes frequent updates to keep up with ongoing trends and to keep improving
itself. The updates are generally aimed towards enhancing the user experience over the
platform. New updates generally come with several perks that help users boost their online

To stay ahead in the e-commerce game and keep growing your Facebook page as per
convenience, it is important to keep up with the platform’s updates from time to time. It can help
you optimise your performance accordingly. Here’s a list of all the recent updates to keep in
mind in 2022, before you start with Facebook:

February 2022 updates

  • Initially, Reels on Facebook were launched in 2021. Since then, their popularity has
    been increasing. Now, Reels will be made available by Facebook globally, across both
    Android and iOS devices.
  • Previously Facebook had allowed its users to have videos as their profile pictures. In
    February, Facebook removed this feature from the platform. Now users can only use still
    images as their profile pictures.
  • Facebook, now known as Meta, announced designing content-based controls to let
    advertisers have more power over where their ads are placed and make changes

January 2022 updates

  • Facebook has made a variety of changes to its social commerce toolkit to provide its
    user with a safer shopping experience. All people selling on Facebook will have to
    adhere to these e-commerce policies and act alike.
  • Facebook launched subscriptions in 2020 and there have been some recent updates on
    it. They include letting creators create and use personalised links to promote
    subscriptions. In future, creators will also have access to new metrics shedding light on
    their estimated earnings and related information.

December 2021 updates

  • To deal with trolls and spammers, Facebook introduced comments moderation
    (including live chats) for creators. This will allow creators to block users and any new
    accounts they create and also hide unwanted comments on their posts.
  • Facebook also expanded eligibility for Cryptocurrency Brands to Run Ads. The platform
    has always regulated ads related to Cryptocurrency. Currently, Facebook is looking at
    27 different licenses to determine eligibility.
  • Facebook announced that ads aiming to sell a product or service will not be categorised
    as social issues ads anymore.
  • The platform also started exploring ways for businesses and users to have more control
    over their newsfeed.

November 2021 updates

  • There was a major update with Facebook back in November 2021. The company
    rebranded from Facebook to “Meta”. The social media platform Facebook is still named
    the same, but the parent company changed their corporate name to Meta.
  • Facebook also announced the shutting down of facial recognition. This update was
    introduced due to the privacy concerns that individual users had to face. This included
    deleting individual templates of over a billion users who used the feature since 2010.
  • There were a plethora of updates for Facebook Group admins. These included the ability
    to customise the look of groups, create unique group culture, enable presets,
    customised welcome messages, and pin announcements.